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Millipede - Auturus evides

Millipede - Auturus evides
Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA
September 29, 2019
I've been looking under the bark of an old cherry log from time to time. The bark lifts off like a lid. It's like a box of chocolates under there -- you never know what you're gonna get. On this day, it was a millipede, possibly Euryurus leachii or Auturus evides.

Moved from Millipedes.

Moved mainly based on location, there are no reliable external characteristics to distinguish the two from a dorsal image.
I somewhat dislike providing ID's based on range, but it is what we have to work with for now.

For a positive ID, you would need a clean image of the male gonopods.

Moved from ID Request.

Any chance of learning whether it is Euryurus leachii or Auturus evides (or neither)?

...but you'll need to give the millipede specialists some time to have a look at it. :)

The ID process doesn't stop just because an image is moved.

I wondered about that...
Ken Wolgemuth, thanks for helping me understand the process -- that "moved" doesn't mean the ID process has stopped. :-)