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Red Stripe Spider - Castianeira crocata

Red Stripe Spider - Castianeira crocata
La Porte, Harris County, Texas, USA
March 18, 2008
Size: Approximately 1"
This guy was crawling around the floor at my work. Our building was sprayed with insecticide last week so I figure that's why he was out and about. The red on its back immediately caught my eye. The picture makes the color look slightly orange but the stripe on its back was brilliant red. Any one know what this guy is? Thanks!!

This spider
Just killed one in my kitchen. Never seen one like it. It had a more orange looking stripe. I live in Southern Indiana. I usually don't kill them, but not being sure of what it was, it's gone. Tried searching for info on it, but there doesn't seem to be much on it. We have Black Widows, so seeing the bright color on black spooked me. Hope to eventually find out more on the little critter, especially if it's poisonous.

You mean venomous. Poisonous
You mean venomous. Poisonous means it's harmful if you eat it. Do you have a picture of it? Was there a web? How was it behaving? Black widows behave much differently from the one for this thread.

I saw one of these spiders at a Boy Scout camp in Bonner Springs, KS. it has an extremely vivid red stripe, but I was very confused as to what it was. I went to the nature lodge at the camp and described it to them but they had no idea. I have looked all over the Internet, but I have not found a description of the spider until now.

Spotted this spider
This spider was spotted in my home around Amarillo, TX. 5/30/12. (in case anyone is keeping tabs on movement).

I'm unsure where it came from, but due to the coloring, and the high chance of black widows around here, it caught our attention quickly. Glad this site helped us to identify.

We really don't keep track of range by comments. Only an image can mark your observation on this site.

Moved from Redspotted Antmimic. We now think this spider is more likely C. crocata. The range & pattern match C. crocata better than the similar looking C. descripta.

Can you elaborate on the rang
Can you elaborate on the range comment and pattern? I see these occasionally and never can decide between these two species. Here is today's observation.

Not an ID
But it looks like Red-spotted Antmimic (Castianeira descripta)

I just found one in my kitche
I just found one in my kitchen. It was circling around with several ants that have also invaded our home. I figured it was an antmimic.

I agree
now in the family Corinnidae,
bright colors common, thought to mimic mutillids...
ant mimicry common in family