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Fly - Lejops lineatus

Fly - Lejops lineatus
Toronto, High Park, Ontario, Canada
August 3, 2019
Size: ~ 1 cm
Lejops_lineatus? No record for August in Ontario

Lejops lineatus ... female.
Lejops lineatus ... female.
DNA studies suggest that this species is Palearctic and all previous Nearctic records will be changed to Erimyia stipata but at present are still being placed in Lejops lineatus on BugGuide. Lejops lineatus in Europe is placed in Anasimyia lineata. Anasimyia is given full genus status,
Note the grey markings on tergites are widening toward middle of tergite forming a rounded knob and the black on hind femora is also on the dorsal surface.

Moved from Syrphid Flies.

Certainly Lejops; let's see w
Certainly Lejops; let's see what Bill thinks on species.

edit: never mind, I can barely see the protruding oral margin in this photo!