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Where Do I Post It? (Identification)
Image Processing For BugGuide
BugGuide Photography For The Beginner
A Bug Photographer's Guide to Critical Images Needed for Identification
Macro Photography Technique: Overcoming Photo Blur
Contributor's Field Guide to the Frass of North America
Sex Differentiation in Insects: A Few Tips
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Most Frequently Requested IDs
Common household bugs
Potentially Dangerous Arachnids and Insects
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Brown/Gray Moths With Striking Hind Wings
Hymenoptera-like Moths
Color Plates from The Moth Book by W.J. Holland
Spider Eye Arrangements
Ventral images of some Araneidae
Identifying Caterpillars: A List of Useful Features
Identifying easily-identified midges (Chironomidae)
Aphids organized by host plants

Groupings of Similar-looking but Unrelated Bugs:
Lycid mimicry complex in eastern North America [dark wings, orange pronotum]
Moths That Can Be Confused
Similar Looking Spiders in Different Families

Promoting, raising, and collecting bugs:
Introduction to Gardening for Insects
Raising Caterpillars
How To Attract Moths To Your Yard
Tarantulas - About, Care, As Pets, Breeding
How to Start a Proper Insect Collection

List of non-native species of insects and arachnids in North America
List of non-native species of insects and arachnids in North America, Part II (holometabolous insects)
Invasive Species
Insect Overwintering Habits And Ecology
Overwintering Grasshopper Nymphs (Orthoptera; Acrididae, Tetrigidae)
Arthropod Pathogenic Fungi
Goldenrod Gall Fauna
Carnivorous Lepidoptera

Regional Guides and Resources:
Fleahoppers, Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, and Treehoppers of Oklahoma
A Pictorial Guide To The Butterflies Of Southern Illinois
Regional Resources - California

Origins of names (Entomological Etymology)
Bug Latin
Insect Anatomy: Structure & Function
Papilio cresphontes (Giant Swallowtail) vs. Papilio thoas (Thoas Swallowtail)
The Cladistics of Orbiculariae and the Monophyletic Origin of the Orb-Web
The search for Pytho strictus, the lost beetle of Mt. Washington
Hymenoptera mimicry by Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, & Araneae
Arthropod Mimicry
Setting the record straight on the Class Arachnida
The most misunderstood spiders
Roosting male bees and wasps (Hymenoptera)
Nesting habits of potter and mason wasps
Forum/Registry for Tracking New Records of North American Ground Beetles (Geadephaga)

General Discussion Forum Posts That Continue To Accumulate Information and Links:
Plants v. Animals (ICBN v. ICZN) (Plants and other organisms that share Latin names with arthropods)
Tiny Bubbles (Bubble-blowing behavior of flies and other insects)
Thrill-seeking Katydid (Insects and arachnids clinging to cars at high speeds)
Bug Guide firsts list for Latin American Bug Guide project

Hidden resources
I love this gathering and organizing of articles & information, but I can not find any way to come back here.

Looking at the Articles forum, there is not indication someone has done this work and no link to it. Why can't a link be posted at the top of the page?

Just save the link you say, but I've been using BG for 15 years and never seen any reference to this page. The only way I found it is because I complained in the forum and somebody pointed me here. The people that really need to find this is the newbies and for them it isn't available since they haven't been here and saved a link to it.

What is the solution? BG2 have a solution??? When will we discover BG2 so we will know if a lot of these things will be solved?

Thanks for this work, just wish people could find it.

Welcome page
The Welcome page should be useful. Too bad it is buried and out of sight!

Candidate for inclusion above is the ongoing Forum/Registry
for Tracking New Records of North American Ground Beetles (Geadephaga) that is actively followed by BugGuiders here. The site continuously accumulates new state/provincial records to supplement the recent massive North American catalogue by Yves Bousquet (2012). Hopefully the site serves as a model/stimulus for other BugGuiders to engage in similar projects that accumulate post-catalogue records of their favorite insect groups.

I just added it the the "other" section for now. I welcome suggestions for additional categories, as well as suggestions for any other articles I may have missed. I have not been actively monitoring the Articles forum for new additions.

bumping it
up to the top

this back to page one.

Make it "sticky"?
Is there any way to keep this at the top all the time? I think it's called making it sticky. I found the article on markups via this post for the first time... and I've been hanging out here for almost 4 years now!

Anyway, the moderator or some other IT person may be able to do this.

A few more
Carnivorous Lepidoptera
Roosting male bees and wasps
Nesting habits of potter and mason wasps
Probably there are a couple that I missed.
Also, some of them are not "For review" anymore.

I haven't done anything with this in a while. If anyone comes across others that should be added, please let me know; I don't feel motivated to go looking right now.
Taxon-specific articles like these three could/should also be linked in the guide pages (Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Eumeninae), if they aren't already.
I deleted all the "for review, "draft," etc. so I won't have to keep updating those.

Getting lost
It is time to bring this summary to the top.

Don't forget this one:

It is like an index or a article site map.

To page 1.

Moving up again...

Moving to page 1

And again

And again

Well, since Chuck didn't push it up this time, I will.

Lather, rinse, and above all REPEAT!

I think this is all up-to-date again...

Balabans Ventral View of Spiders?
Do you have the Ventral images of some Araneidae seen here? I use that one all the time and it's starting to get buried.

I've generally been leaving off taxon-specific articles and making links to them on the appropriate guide page (as was done with Sam's leafhopper page, for instance). I just added a link to that one on the Araneidae page... feel free to move it somewhere more obvious/convenient, and let me know if you still think it would be useful to add here.

[Edit: well, I guess I have plenty of taxon-specific articles on here. I just added that one. But we should remember to also add links to taxon-specific articles on guide pages.]

some suggestions...

I put a link to the first one on the Saturniidae guide page instead of putting it here.

to the front again...

Let us move this to the front
Also, how about including Lynette's latest article? a very useful one.

that one, along with a few others... let me know if I'm missing anything else.

I think this summary is up to date now, and I'm just making this comment to move it up in the ranks a bit.

Here is one for you to look at
Don't know if you want it. It has to do with cropping and resizing images for BG.

That definitely belongs in the "BugGuide Basics."

Potential addition to Other category?
What about posting Threatened and Endangered species on BugGuide? The US Fish & Wildlife website has a list of threatened and endangered insects.

This is the list of insects as of 3/29/2008:

Inverted Common Name Scientific Name

Beetle, American burying -- Nicrophorus americanus
Beetle, Coffin Cave mold-- Batrisodes texanus
Beetle, Comal Springs dryopid-- Stygoparnus comalensis
Beetle, Comal Springs riffle-- Heterelmis comalensis
Beetle, delta green ground-- Elaphrus viridis
Beetle, Helotes mold-- Batrisodes venyivi
Beetle, Hungerford's crawling water-- Brychius hungerfordi
Beetle, Kretschmarr Cave mold-- Texamaurops reddelli
Beetle, Mount Hermon June-- Polyphylla barbata
Beetle, Tooth Cave ground-- Rhadine persephone
Beetle, valley elderberry longhorn--Desmocerus californicus dimorphus
Butterfly, bay checkerspot-- Euphydryas editha bayensis
Butterfly, Behren's silverspot--Speyeria zerene behrensii
Butterfly, callippe silverspot--Speyeria callippe callippe
Butterfly, El Segundo blue-- Euphilotes battoides allyni
Butterfly, Fender's blue-- Icaricia icarioides fenderi
Butterfly, Karner blue-- Lycaeides melissa samuelis
Butterfly, Lange's metalmark-- Apodemia mormo langei
Butterfly, lotis blue-- Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis
Butterfly, mission blue-- Icaricia icarioides missionensis
Butterfly, Mitchell's satyr-- Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii
Butterfly, Myrtle's silverspot--Speyeria zerene myrtleae
Butterfly, Oregon silverspot-- Speyeria zerene hippolyta
Butterfly, Palos Verdes blue-- Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis
Butterfly, Quino checkerspot-- Euphydryas editha quino Butterfly, Saint Francis' satyr-- Neonympha mitchellii francisci
Butterfly, San Bruno elfin-- Callophrys mossii bayensis
Butterfly, Schaus swallowtail-- Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus
Butterfly, Smith's blue-- Euphilotes enoptes smithi
Butterfly, Uncompahgre fritillary-- Boloria acrocnema
Dragonfly, Hine's emerald-- Somatochlora hineana
Fly, Delhi Sands flower-loving--Rhaphiomidas terminatus abdominalis
Grasshopper, Zayante band-winged-- Trimerotropis infantilis
Ground beetle, [unnamed]-- Rhadine exilis
Ground beetle, [unnamed]-- Rhadine infernalis
Harvestman, Bee Creek Cave-- Texella reddelli
Harvestman, Bone Cave-- Texella reyesi
Harvestman, Cokendolpher Cave-- Texella cokendolpheri
Meshweaver, Braken Bat Cave-- Cicurina venii
Meshweaver, Gov't Canyon Bat Cave-- Cicurina vespera
Meshweaver, Madla's Cave-- Cicurina madla
Meshweaver, Robber Baron Cave-- Cicurina baronia
Moth, Blackburn's sphinx-- Manduca blackburni
Moth, Kern primrose sphinx-- Euproserpinus euterpe
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila aglaia
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila differens
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila hemipeza
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila heteroneura
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila montgomeryi
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila mulli
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila musaphila
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila neoclavisetae
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila obatai
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila ochrobasis
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila substenoptera
Pomace fly, [unnamed]-- Drosophila tarphytrichia
Pseudoscorpion, Tooth Cave-- Tartarocreagris texana
Skipper, Carson wandering-- Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus
Skipper, Laguna Mountains-- Pyrgus ruralis lagunae
Skipper, Pawnee montane-- Hesperia leonardus montana
Spider, Gov't Canyon Bat Cave-- Neoleptoneta microps
Spider, Kauai cave wolf-- Adelocosa anops
Spider, spruce-fir moss-- Microhexura montivaga
Spider, Tooth Cave-- Leptoneta myopica
Tiger beetle, northeastern beach-- Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis
Tiger beetle, Ohlone-- Cicindela ohlone
Tiger beetle, Puritan-- Cicindela puritana
Tiger beetle, Salt Creek-- Cicindela nevadica lincolniana

state endangered/threatened lists
If somebody was really motivated, an article could be put together with links to all the state lists of rare species, in addition to the federally listed ones. I don't know if all states even have such a list, but certainly many of them do.
...But a page with thumbnails of all the federally listed species would be neat. I wonder how many of them are on BugGuide?

This is great.
Good Idea..

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