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Hover Fly: Toxomerus marginatus  & ??

Hover Fly: Toxomerus marginatus & ??
Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California, USA
June 4, 2019
Like another here I had concluded that this critter was its (unlikely) Asian cousin ... but is there enough detail here to a call it out as Lapposyrphus lapponicus? The angle is not good, and this is the clearest shot . .

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Hover Fly: Toxomerus marginatus  & ?? Hover Fly spp?  - Allograpta exotica

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As these are different indivi
As these are different individuals, I've unlinked the images and placed the two we've ID'd to species (a Toxomerus marginatus and an Allograpta obliqua) in their respective species pages. I will leave these two here.

Fourth Pic
The fourth picture here is a critter 20 feet east that we tentatively identified as Allograpta, possible A. obliqua? But in any case much narrower and longer configuration than image "L" . . Just as point of comparison. Again thank you all for wading into my mystery . . .

Kelsey is right. There are tw
Kelsey is right. There are two different species here. The upper one is Toxomerus marginatus. The lower one looks like Allograpta exotica. Note the hind femora in both specimens, both pale but one with a black ring.
The legs too pale for Fazia and there is that ring to consider too.
I have sent it to Dr. Martin Hauser.

Wild guess...
Maybe Fazia?

Yeah - I was wondering that a
Yeah - I was wondering that as well. I thought I saw diamond markings on the terminal segment... which would argue for Fazia. The bands feel a little different but I admit I haven't looked at a lot of Fazia compared with the more common genera.

Markings are incorrect for La
Markings are incorrect for Lapposyrphus and this fly is also too small (compare it in size to the Toxomerus marginatus to its upper right). Allograpta maybe?

Not a great picture, so hard to tell...
Alas, the critters in the picture are both the same thing; looking at other BugGuide photos, the Toxomorus markings like these fellows... (though slightly less yellow) but other SW United States observations are this yellow. I believe, then that we have a genus, at least . . and we did find Allograpta obliqua (with its distinctive tail striping) later in the summer . . . but the overall body shape is quite different. . . Thank you for the clue . . .

You mean both flies here are
You mean both flies here are the same? In that case it appears to be Toxomerus marginatus (at least the upper one is!).

But they don't look the same to me - the way the yellow curves to the edge of the abdomen is different in these two flies.

I really appreciate the expertise, and the degree of learning that always happens here. (Which is why I try to come here only with the tough ones (for me) and not abuse the generosity.). I have zoomed the images, and indeed the critter on the Right has stripes that are flat on top and curved on the bottom, whereas the one on the Left is just the reverse. SO: Left is still an open question, Right has been solidly ID'd... Excellent and thank you so much.

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