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Xenorhipis osborni - male

Xenorhipis osborni - Male
11.6 mi W Comstock, Val Verde County, Texas, USA
Size: 5.0 mm
Emerged 8-17.v.2002 from dead branch Acacia rigidula coll. 21.x.2001 by T.C.MacRae (det. T.C.MacRae).

Like other related genera, the males exhibit highly modified (pectinate) antennae, while females do not. Species of Xenorhipis are distinguished from related genera by their abbreviated elytra (entire in Trichinorhipis) and their subparallel metacoxal plates (triangular in Hesperorhipis). Xenorhipis osborni is known from west Texas.

Moved from Buprestinae.