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Seed Bug - Ochrimnus mimulus

Seed Bug - Ochrimnus mimulus
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
April 8, 2008
My initial though while shooting this guy was Boxelder even though I have never seen one before.

Any ideas on what it is? Thanks in advance!


Found an upgrade

Moved from Ochrimnus.

Ochrimnus mimulus, i suppose
missed this one -- sorry, man. and thnx for moving pix!

Thanks for helping with these...

Moved from Seed Bugs.

Definitely something in the family Lygaeidae, just not sure which genus or species.

Finally identified this as the genus Ochrimnus using Slater & Baranowski's "How to Know the True Bugs."

Eric comes through again!
Thanks for the follow-up!

Thanks Eric
I will move it to the Lygaeidae family and see what happens from here.

The closest match I could find so far was another unidentified specimen.

I will try to get back to the area where I found this to look for others. Hopefully the wind will not be as bad as it was the other day...