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Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus

Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus
Destrahan, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, USA
April 6, 2008
I know what's for dinner (Eastern Lubber Grasshopper - Romalea microptera). I am just not sure about wasp...

I am highly allergic to wasp. I have only been stung once by wasp in America and ended up in the ER. I got zapped by a yellow jacket and a some kind of red wasp in Korea with *major* swelling but no ER around... I was just a *bit* nervous and I am surprised the camera shake allowed me to get any good images at all... :)

Thanks in advance

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Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus Paper Wasp - Polistes bellicosus

P. dorsalis or bellicosus...
looks like either a P. dorsalis or a P. bellicosus to me.

most polistes species are very docile... they usually dont bother you unless you disturb thier nest. i am acually keeping one as a pet and she is raising her nest in cativity

I have noticed...
that these wasp generally don't seem to be bothered by my presents while they are feeding or foraging. My main concern was rolling over or kneeling on one of these guys while I was crawling around to get pictures of the Lubbers.

I think you're right with the bellicosus ID, based on the markings of her face in particular.

Furthermore, the discrete lateral yellow propodeal spots also exclude P. dorsalis (they occur sometimes in bellicosus). Great series of images of a very beautiful wasp!

Thanks to all that responded...
I had it narrowed down to a few guesses...

Thanks to whomever moved these pictures to the proper level also!