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Sawfly - Xyela - female

Sawfly - Xyela - Female
Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
May 17, 2005
Size: 4-5mm
It's a female with that ovipositor, but those antennae are unusual. It has some sawfly characteristics, but I don't know.

Moved from Xyelidae.

Xyelid sawfly (family Xyelidae)
The combination of such an ovipositor and the very peculiar segmentation of the antennae clearly designate a Xyelid female.
A very primitive family, whose members are fairly uneasy to find.

Xyelid female
Thanks Richard. Does the peculiar antennae segmentation distinguish this family, or is there more to it? I have one other in the sawfly guide and so does Lynette with the same style antennae, and small size.

small wasp
Reminds me of a sawfly. See also Lynette's photo: