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Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis

Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis
Lidke Mill , Howard County, Iowa, USA
June 22, 2019
Size: ~10 mm
This water strider was sitting on a leaf, out of the water, but near a river. I saw some similar examples in the genus Limnoporus, but I have never tried to identify a water strider before, so I have a lot to learn. I've put in photos of the whole water strider and then some closer looks at its body.

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Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis Limnoporus? Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis Limnoporus? Limnoporus? - Limnoporus dissortis

Moved tentatively
Moved from Limnoporus.

Limnoporus dissortis
Thanks for your help with the identification of this water strider. I noticed that Matthew had mentioned it is likely Limnoporus dissortis but I don't have confidence to make that call myself.

The other species that looks like this, L. notabilis, has records from Iowa, but it should not be common, if it's really present at all. It would be at the southeast end of its range.

Limnoporus dissortis
Thanks for sharing that helpful information about the distribution of Limnoporus dissortis and L. notabilis in Iowa, Matthew! It is very useful to me as I try to learn about the water strider species in my area.

Moved from Gerrinae.

Most likely L. dissortis

Thanks so much for determining that this water strider belongs in the genus Limnoporus, Matthew! It will be nice to include Iowa in BugGuide's range map for Limnoporus since there were no examples of Limnoporus from Iowa on BugGuide before.