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Meganola spodia? - Meganola - male

Meganola spodia? - Meganola - Male
Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida, USA
February 5, 2020
Size: About 9 mm FWL
Although this is not the expected species here, this specimen best matches other M. spodia images on BG, as in this image . The following characteristics in my image suggest to me that it is likely Meganola spodia: 1) overall dark, brownish gray forewing color, too dark for most Meganola phylla. 2) blackish blotch along costa extends inward to inner margin. 3) AM thin, dark, and complete. 4) PM dark and strongly double.
It seems a bit early for M. spodia, but there are Jan., Feb., and March records for FL on MPG. This is a difficult group, and I am not at all certain of the ID. Assistance appreciated.

Moved from ID Request.

Meganola spodia?
Bob, can you provide any further details as to why this specimen is not M. spodia. The only other likely candidate would seem to be Meganola minuscula, but my moth seems to be too dark for that and miniscula lacks the dark blotches. Perhaps species ID cannot be determined from this photo?