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Baby Spider Cluster

Baby Spider Cluster
Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada
June 24, 2007
Size: Whole cluster < 1 inch
These were the tiniest little babies (the whole cluster was about the size of my thumbnail). I didn't even realize there was this much color until I got close with the camera.

I'd very much appreciate the species name and any other info (eg. are they this colorful when they mature?)


Looks like
Orb Weaver (Araneidae) spiderlings

Should this be moved now?
Thanks for the ID.

Two questions:
1. Should this picture be moved to that group now?
2. How does one do that?

Near the top of the page is a "Help" tab. You can find a lot of info there. Click it, then go to "Images" for all the details.
In general you basically: "tag" the image or images, go to the section of the guide where you want to move them, click the "Images" tab, and then click "move tagged images".

. . . and done.