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A Different Bordered Plant Bug? - Stenomacra marginella

A Different Bordered Plant Bug? - Stenomacra marginella
Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, USA
April 24, 2008
This seems like a Largus species.

This is just one individual from a huge congregation massing on fallen dead limbs and leaves underneath cottonwood trees in a broad floodplain.

See also: and .

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Moving to Largidae
Here is this species on BugGuide:

Here is the page with the Maryland Department of Agriculture identification story.

Here is the Smithsonian plate. See #22; legs don't appear red as with other specimens in this collection.

Here is a Swedish Museum of Natural History specimen: even though the specimen is labled Theraneis the url is Stenomacra cliens.

ITIS has Stenomacra as an accepted taxa with two accepted species (there may be more, just not listed) and places it in largidae (larginae).

I'm amazed that there is so little concordant information on this species that seemed so abundant to me. I'll move to largidae but someone might consider a Stenomacra cliens species page.

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Thanks John & Jane
I've put a fair amount of work into these bugs but in limited amounts of time. Every time I go back I have to remind myself where I ended-up. I'm just looking for a chunk of time and a clear head to finish them off as best I can.

Another image with the same partial ID
in the guide here, for what it's worth.

It is.
This looks like a last instar nymph of whatever the common species is here:-) Sorry, I haven't researched that genus.

Thanks for the Confirmation
Darn, I thought that was an adult.