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full tuck - Tricorynus

full tuck - Tricorynus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 27, 2007
Size: ~2.2mm
this little guy certainly likes to pull the covers up tight. ID suggestions welcomed :)

came to UV light

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full tuck - Tricorynus full tuck - Tricorynus

Thanks Boris, I never noticed those groves on the front tibia. At least they are on the outside surfaces. And good to hear from you - for a while I'd thought maybe we'd lost you :(

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Hi Tim, I´m still a constant visitor here - but probably others are faster than me in commenting your insects?

I have tried to key your beetle with Fall(1905), and arrived to the conclusion that above sp. is the one more likely than others. Pretty unsafe, though . . .

Tricorynus sp.
I´m sure, because this guy/girl has bisulcate front tibiae, only found in this genus.
The number of spp. so far north will be limited, but species ID may be really difficult nontheless. I´ll try one day ...

Gee, we should sign this guy up for the Olympic diving team:-) Sorry.

Boris will probably know more.