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Robber Fly on Twig - Zabrops wilcoxi - male

Robber Fly on Twig - Zabrops wilcoxi - Male
La Jolla Cyn, Point Mugu State Park, Ventura County, California, USA
April 26, 2008
Size: 8 mm

Moved from Laphystiinae.

Moved from Cyrtopogon.

Moved from Robber Flies.

Like a Cyrtopogon, and, of course, CA has a shocking number in that genus. California gives me a robber headache. I like seeing the shots though. Heteropogon have a thinner looking antenna.

For the ID. You're right. We do have an awful lot of Asilids in CA. They always catch my eye, so I anticipate adding many new shots this season.

Zabrops, not Cyrtopogon.
This fly is Zabrops wilcoxi (the genus is related to Laphystia). Zabrobs wilcoxi is endemic to California, and is found both along the Pacific Coast and in the Central Valley.

Thanks so much.