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Infraorder Cicadomorpha - Cicadas, Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Cicadomorpha - Cicadas, Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers

Superfamily Cercopoidea - Spittlebugs
Family Aphrophoridae - Typical Spittlebugs
Subfamily Aphrophorinae
Tribe Aphrophorini
Genus Aphrophora
No Taxon Subgenus Aphrophora
Species alni - European Alder Spittlebug
Species angulata - Aphrophora angulata
Species canadensis - Aphrophora canadensis
Species ampliata - Aphrophora ampliata
Species fulva - Western Pine Spittlebug
Species gelida - Boreal Spittlebug
Species irrorata - Aphrophora irrorata
Species maculosa - Aphrophora maculosa
Species moscoviciae - Aphrophora moscoviciae
Species parallella - Spruce Spittlebug
Species permutata - Douglas-fir Spittlebug
Species princeps - Cone Spittlebug
Species punctipes - Aphrophora punctipes
Species quadrinotata - Four-spotted Spittlebug
Species regina - Aphrophora regina
Species salicina - Willow Spittlebug
Species saratogensis - Saratoga Spittlebug
No Taxon Subgenus Pinimber
Species cribrata - Pine Spittlebug
No Taxon undetermined immature stages
No Taxon Subgenus Peuceptyelus [FOR DELETION]
No Taxon Subgenus Plesiommata [FOR DELETION]
Tribe Cloviini
Genus Lepyronia
Species angulifera - Lepyronia angulifera
Species coleoptrata - Lepyronia coleoptrata
Species gibbosa - Hill-prairie Spittlebug
Species quadrangularis - Diamondback Spittlebug
Tribe Philaenini
Genus Neophilaenus
Species lineatus - Lined Spittlebug
Genus Paraphilaenus
Species parallelus - Fen Spittlebug
Genus Philaenarcys
Species bilineata - Prairie Spittlebug
Species killa - Sand Plain Spittlebug
Species spartina - Salt Marsh Spittlebug
Genus Philaenus
Species spumarius - Meadow Spittlebug
Genus Philaronia
Species canadensis - Philaronia canadensis
Species abjecta - Philaronia abjecta
Tribe Ptyelini
Genus Cephisus
Species brevipennis - Cephisus brevipennis
Species laticeps - Cephisus laticeps
Species variolosus - Cephisus variolosus
No Taxon nymphs
Family Cercopidae - Froghoppers
Genus Aeneolamia
Species albofasciata - Aeneolamia albofasciata
Species contigua - Aeneolamia contigua
Genus Prosapia
Species bicincta - Two-lined Spittlebug
Species ignifera - Prosapia ignifera
Species ignipecta - Red-legged Spittlebug
Species isobar - Prosapia isobar
Species simulans - Prosapia simulans
Family Clastopteridae - Clastopterid Spittlebugs
Genus Clastoptera
No Taxon arborina complex
Species arborina - Red Cedar Spittlebug
Species doeringae - Mountain-juniper Spittlebug
Species juniperina - Juniper Spittlebug
Species media - Clastoptera media
Species mineralis - Clastoptera mineralis
Species texana - Clastoptera texana
No Taxon Clastoptera undescribed BC
No Taxon lineatocollis complex
Species atrapicata - Clastoptera atrapicata
Species binotata - Clastoptera binotata
Species brunnea - Clastoptera brunnea
Species delicata - Clastoptera delicata
Species lineatocollis - Clastoptera lineatocollis
Species lugubris - Clastoptera lugubris
Species sierra - Clastoptera sierra
No Taxon lawsoni group
Species laevigata - Clastoptera laevigata
Species lawsoni - Clastoptera lawsoni
Species octonotata - Clastoptera octonotata
Species undulata - Casuarina Spittlebug
Species n-sp-az - Clastoptera undescribed AZ
No Taxon obtusa complex
Species elongata - Clastoptera elongata
Species obtusa - Alder Spittlebug
Subspecies tristis - Clastoptera obtusa tristis
Species ovata - Clastoptera ovata
Species pallidocephala - Clastoptera pallidocephala
Species siskiyou - Clastoptera siskiyou
Species tricincta - Clastoptera tricincta
No Taxon proteus group
Species hyperici - Clastoptera hyperici
Species proteus - Dogwood Spittlebug
Species saintcyri - Heath Spittlebug
Species salicis - Clastoptera salicis
No Taxon querci complex
Species querci - Oak Spittlebug
No Taxon Clastoptera undescribed LA
No Taxon Clastoptera unknown TX
Species achatina - Pecan Spittlebug
Species arizonana - Clastoptera arizonana
Species canyonensia - Clastoptera canyonensia
Species distincta - Dwarf Mistletoe Spittlebug
Species globosa - Clastoptera globosa
Species osborni - Clastoptera osborni
Species testacea - Clastoptera testacea
Species uniformia - Clastoptera uniformia
Species xanthocephala - Sunflower Spittlebug
No Taxon Clastoptera undescribed CA 1
No Taxon Clastoptera undescribed CA 2
No Taxon Clastoptera unknown AZ
No Taxon immature stages
No Taxon unidentifiable spittle mass
Superfamily Cicadoidea - Cicadas
Family Cicadidae - Cicadas
Subfamily Cicadettinae
Tribe Lamotialnini
Genus Magicicada - Periodical Cicadas
Species septendecim - Linnaeus' Periodical Cicada
Species cassinii - Cassin's 17-year Cicada
Species septendecula - The Little 17-year Cicada
No Taxon cassinii or septendecula
Species tredecim - Riley's 13-year Cicada
Species neotredecim - Neotredecim Periodical Cicada
No Taxon tredecim or neotredecim
Species tredecassini - Cassin's 13-year Cicada
Species tredecula - The Little 13-year Cicada
No Taxon tredecassini or tredecula
No Taxon Unidentifiable Nymphs, Exuviae and Teneral Adults
Tribe Cicadettini
Genus Cicadettana - Small Grass Cicadas
Species calliope - Cicadettana calliope
Subspecies floridensis - Cicadetta floridensis
Species camerona - Cicadettana camerona
Species kansa - Cicadettana kansa
Species texana - Cicadettana texana
Subfamily Cicadinae
Tribe Fidicini
Genus Beameria
Species wheeleri - Beameria wheeleri
Species venosa - Beameria venosa
Genus Diceroprocta - Scrub Cicadas
Species apache - Citrus Cicada
Species apache-cinctifera-semicincta - apache-cinctifera-semicincta (Unsorted)
Species azteca - Diceroprocta azteca
Species arizona - Diceroprocta arizona
Species aurantiaca - Diceroprocta aurantiaca
Species averyi - Diceroprocta averyi
Species bequaerti - Diceroprocta bequaerti
Species biconica - The Key's Cicada
Species cinctifera - Diceroprocta cinctifera
Species delicata - Diceroprocta delicata
Species eugraphica - Diceroprocta eugraphica
Species knighti - Diceroprocta knighti
Species marevagans - Diceroprocta marevagans
Species olympusa - Olympic Scrub Cicada
Species semicincta - Diceroprocta semicincta
Species swalei - Diceroprocta swalei
Species texana - Diceroprocta texana
Species viridifascia - Salt Marsh Cicada
Species vitripennis - Green Winged Cicada
No Taxon Undetermined Diceroprocta Casts, Molts & Nymphs
Genus Fidicinoides
Species pronoe - Fidicinoides pronoe
Genus Pacarina
Species puella - Little Mesquite Cicada
Species shoemakeri - Little Juniper Cicada
Genus Quesada
Species gigas - Giant Cicada
Tribe Leptopsaltriini
Genus Neocicada
Species chisos - Chisos Cicada
Species hieroglyphica - Hieroglyphic Cicada
Tribe Tacuini
Genus Cacama - Cactus Dodgers
Species californica - Cacama californica
Species carbonaria - Cacama carbonaria
Species crepitans - Cacama crepitans
Species collinaplaga - Cacama collinaplaga
Species dissimilis - Cacama dissimilis
Species furcata - Cacama furcata
Species longirostris - Cacama longirostris
Species maura - Cacama maura
Species moorei - Moore's Cactus Dodger
Species pygmaea - Cacama pygmaea
Species valvata - Common Cactus Dodger
Species variegata - Variegated Cactus Dodger
Genus Cornuplura
Species nigroalbata - Cornuplura nigroalbata
Genus Hadoa
Species duryi - Hadoa duryi
Species chisosensis - Hadoa chisosensis
Species bifida - Hadoa bifida
Species simplex - Hadoa simplex
Species townsendii - Hadoa townsendii
Species chiricahua - Hadoa chiricahua
Species neomexicensis - Hadoa neomexicensis
Species inaudita - Hadoa inaudita
Species texana - Hadoa texana
Species longiopercula - Hadoa longiopercula
Species montezuma - Hadoa montezuma
Species parallela - Hadoa parallela
Genus Neotibicen - Dogday Cicadas
No Taxon pruinosus group (Scissor Grinders)
Species latifasciatus - Coastal Scissor(s) Grinder
Species pruinosus - Scissor(s) Grinder
Species winnemanna - Eastern Scissor(s) Grinder
Species auriferus - Plains Dog-day Cicada
Species canicularis - Dog-day Cicada
Species davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies davisi - Davis' Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada
Subspecies harnedi - Neotibicen davisi harnedi
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species linnei - Linné's Annual Cicada
Species lyricen - Lyric Cicada
Subspecies lyricen - Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. lyricen")
No Taxon Lyric Cicada (ssp. lyricen "Western form lyricen")
Subspecies engelhardti - Dark Lyric Cicada ("ssp. lyricen var. engelhardti")
Subspecies virescens - Coastal Lyric Cicada ("ssp. virescens")
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
Species robinsonianus - Robinson's Annual Cicada
Species similaris - Neotibicen similaris
Subspecies apalachicola - Neotibicen similaris apalachicola
Subspecies similaris - Neotibicen similaris similaris
No Taxon "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Species superbus - Superb Dog-Day Cicada
Species tibicen - Swamp Cicada
Subspecies tibicen - Swamp Cicada
No Taxon "Southern & Mid-Atlantic Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Odd Western Fringe / Plains Phenotypes"
No Taxon "Intergrade zones with australis (?)"
Subspecies australis - "Southern Dusky-winged cicada" or "Southern Swamp Cicada"
No Taxon Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series
No Taxon "Green Group" of Questionable ID
No Taxon nr. canicularis
No Taxon nr. linnei
No Taxon nr. pruinosus
No Taxon nr. robinsonianus
No Taxon auriferus, davisi, or harnedi
No Taxon teneral adults
No Taxon unidentified immature stages
Genus Megatibicen
Species cultriformis - Grand Western Flood Plain Cicada
Species dealbatus - Plains Cicada
Species dorsatus - Bush Cicada
Species figuratus - Fall Southeastern Dusk-singing Cicada
Species grossus - Northern Dusk Singing Cicada
Species harenosus - Megatibicen harenosus
Species pronotalis - Walker's Cicada
Species resh - Resh Cicada
Species resonans - Resonant Cicada
Species tremulus - Western Bush Cicada
Species dorsatus-tremulus - dorsatus or tremulus
Genus Tibicen - Annual Cicadas (refer to Neotibicen & Hadoa)
Tribe Zammarini
Genus Zammara
Species smaragdula - Zammara smaragdula
No Taxon molts and nymphs
Subfamily Tibicininae
Tribe Tibicinini
Genus Chlorocanta
Species viridis - Chlorocanta viridis
Genus Clidophleps
Species beameri - Clidophleps beameri
Species distanti - Clidophleps distanti
Species vagans - Clidophleps vagans
Genus Hewlettia
Species nigriviridis - Hewlettia nigriviridis
Genus Okanagana
Species annulata - Okanagana annulata
Species arboraria - Okanagana arboraria
Species arctostaphylae - Okanagana arctostaphylae
Species aurora - Okanagana aurora
Species balli - Okanagana balli
Species bella - Mountain Cicada
Species canescens - Okanagana canescens
Species cruentifera - Okanagana cruentifera
Species ferrugomaculata - Okanagana ferrugomaculata
Species fratercula - Okanagana fratercula
Species formosa - Okanagana formosa
Species fumipennis - Okanagana fumipennis
Species georgi - Okanagana georgi
Species gibbera - Okanagana gibbera
Species hirsuta - Okanagana hirsuta
Species luteobasalis - Okanagana luteobasalis
Species magnifica - Okanagana magnifica
Species mariposa - Okanagana mariposa
Subspecies oregonensis - Okanagana mariposa oregonensis
Species napa - Okanagana napa
Species nigrodorsata - Okanagana nigrodorsata
Species noveboracensis - Okanagana noveboracensis
Species occidentalis - Okanagana occidentalis
Species opacipennis - Okanagana opacipennis
Species oregona - Okanagana oregona
Species orithya - Okanagana orithya
Species ornata - Okanagana ornata
Species rhadine - Okanagana rhadine
Species rimosa - Okanagana rimosa
Species salicicola - Okanagana salicicola
Species schaefferi - Okanagana schaefferi
Species sequoiae - Okanagana sequoiae
Species sperata - Okanagana sperata
Species sugdeni - Okanagana sugdeni
Species synodica - Walking Cicada
Species tanneri - Okanagana tanneri
Species tristis - Okanagana tristis
Subspecies rubrobasalis - Okanagana tristis rubrobasalis
Species triangulata - Okanagana triangulata
Species vandykei - Okanagana vandykei
Species venusta - Okanagana venusta
Species villosa - Okanagana villosa
Species vocalis - Okanagana vocalis
Species wymorei - Okanagana wymorei
Species yakimaensis - Okanagana yakimaensis
No Taxon Undetermined Okanagana "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Genus Okanagodes
Species gracilis - Okanagodes gracilis
Genus Tibicinoides
Species boweni - Tibicinoides boweni
Species catalina - Tibicinoides catalina
Species cupreosparsa - Tibicinoides cupreosparsa
Species hesperia - Tibicinoides hesperia
Species minuta - Tibicinoides minuta
Species mercedita - Tibicinoides mercedita
Species pallidula - Tibicinoides pallidula
Species pernix - Tibicinoides pernix
Species rubrovenosa - Tibicinoides rubrovenosa
Species simulata - Tibicinoides simulata
Species striatipes - Tibicinoides striatipes
Species uncinata - Tibicinoides uncinata
Species utahensis - Tibicinoides utahensis
Species vanduzeei - Tibicinoides vanduzeei
Tribe Platypediini
Genus Platypedia
Species areolata - Salmonfly
Species barbata - Platypedia barbata
Species bernardinoensis - Platypedia bernardinoensis
Species minor - Platypedia minor
Species mohavensis - Platypedia mohavensis
Species putnami - Platypedia putnami
Subspecies keddiensis - Platypedia putnami keddiensis
Species scotti - Platypedia scotti
Species vanduzeei - Platypedia vanduzeei
No Taxon Undetermined Platypedia "Molts, Nymphs, Tenerals & Emergence Series"
Genus Neoplatypedia
Species constricta - Neoplatypedia constricta
No Taxon Unidentified Early Instar Nymphs
Superfamily Membracoidea - Leafhoppers and Treehoppers
Family Aetalionidae - Aetalionid Treehoppers
Genus Aetalion
Species quadratum - Aetalion quadratum
Species nervosopunctatum - Aetalion nervosopunctatum
Family Cicadellidae - Typical Leafhoppers
Subfamily Aphrodinae
Tribe Aphrodini
Genus Anoscopus
Species albifrons - Anoscopus albifrons
Species albiger - Anoscopus albiger
Species flavostriatus - Anoscopus flavostriatus
Species serratulae - Anoscopus serratulae
Genus Aphrodes
Species bicinctus - Girdled Leafhopper
Species makarovi - Aphrodes makarovi
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Planaphrodes
Species bifasciatus - Planaphrodes bifasciatus
Genus Stroggylocephalus
Species mixtus - Stroggylocephalus mixtus
Tribe Xestocephalini
Genus Xestocephalus
Species brunneus - Xestocephalus brunneus
Species fulvocapitatus - Xestocephalus fulvocapitatus
Species lunatus - Xestocephalus lunatus
Species nigrifrons - Xestocephalus nigrifrons
Species piceus - Xestocephalus piceus
Species provancheri - Xestocephalus provancheri
Species similis - Xestocephalus similis
Species superbus - Xestocephalus superbus
Species tessellatus - Xestocephalus tessellatus
Species tucsoni - Xestocephalus tucsoni
No Taxon brunneus or piceus
Species n-sp-nc - Xestocephalus Undescribed
No Taxon probable new species
No Taxon unknown species TX
No Taxon unknown species nr. provancheri
Subfamily Cicadellinae - Sharpshooters
Tribe Cicadellini
Genus Allogonia
Genus Amphigonalia
Species aridella - Amphigonalia aridella
Species bispinosa - Amphigonalia bispinosa
Species gothica - Amphigonalia gothica
Species severini - Amphigonalia severini
Genus Apogonalia
Species mediolineata - Apogonalia mediolineata
Species omani - Apogonalia omani
Genus Ciminius
Species taosus - Ciminius taosus
Species hartii - Ciminius hartii
Species sidanus - Ciminius sidanus
Genus Decua
Species cucurbita - Decua cucurbita
Species curta - Decua curta
Genus Draeculacephala
No Taxon angulifera group
Species angulifera - Draeculacephala angulifera
Species crassicornis - Draeculacephala crassicornis
Species noveboracensis - Black-ledged Sharpshooter
No Taxon minerva complex
Species californica - False Grass Sharpshooter
Species minerva - Grass Sharpshooter
Species cf-minerva - Draeculacephala cf-minerva
No Taxon robinsoni group
Species mollipes - Tenderfoot Leafhopper
Species paludosa - Draeculacephala paludosa
Species portola - Draeculacephala portola
Species producta - Draeculacephala producta
Species robinsoni - Draeculacephala robinsoni
No Taxon mollipes or robinsoni
Species antica - Draeculacephala antica
Species balli - Draeculacephala balli
Species bradleyi - Draeculacephala bradleyi
Species constricta - Draeculacephala constricta
Species floridana - Draeculacephala floridana
Species inscripta - Waterlettuce Leafhopper
Species navicula - Draeculacephala navicula
Species pagoda - Draeculacephala pagoda
Species savannahae - Draeculacephala savannahae
Species septemguttata - Draeculacephala septemguttata
Species soluta - Draeculacephala soluta
No Taxon antica or constricta
No Taxon antica or navicula
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon killed by fungus
Genus Graphocephala
No Taxon subgenus Graphocephala
Species coccinea - Red-banded Leafhopper
Subspecies coccinea - Graphocephala coccinea coccinea
Subspecies quadrivittata - Graphocephala coccinea quadrivittata
No Taxon form picta
No Taxon form teliformis
Species constricta - Graphocephala constricta
Species fennahi - Rhododendron Leafhopper
No Taxon coccinea or fennahi
No Taxon constricta or coccinea
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon subgenus Hordnia
Species atropunctata - Blue-green Sharpshooter
No Taxon subgenus Keonolla
Species confluens - Willow Leafhopper
Species hieroglyphica - Graphocephala hieroglyphica
Subspecies atra - Graphocephala hieroglyphica atra
Species lugubris - Graphocephala lugubris
Species minuenda - Graphocephala minuenda
Species uhleri - Graphocephala uhleri
Species n-sp-az-i - undescribed Graphocephala nr. hieroglyphica
No Taxon unknown species AZ
No Taxon unknown species TX nr. hieroglyphica
No Taxon subgenus Marathonia
Species marathonensis - Graphocephala marathonensis
No Taxon Incertae sedis
Species aurora - Graphocephala aurora
Species cythura - Graphocephala cythura
Species ignava - Graphocephala ignava
Species subrufa - Graphocephala subrufa
Species versuta - Versute Sharpshooter
No Taxon n. sp. AZ nr. ignava
No Taxon undescribed species nr. ignava or subrufa
Genus Graphogonalia
Species evagorata - Graphogonalia evagorata
Genus Helochara
Species communis - Bog Leafhopper
Species delta - Helochara delta
Species deltoides - Helochara deltoides
Species forceps - Helochara forceps
Genus Hortensia
Species similis - Hortensia similis
Genus Manzutus
Species huachucanus - Manzutus huachucanus
Species mexicanus - Manzutus mexicanus
Genus Plesiommata
Species mollicula - Plesiommata mollicula
Species tripunctata - Plesiommata tripunctata
Genus Sibovia
Species compta - Sibovia compta
Species occatoria - Sibovia occatoria
No Taxon Sibovia occatoria var. "Brownsville"
Genus Tylozygus
Species bifidus - Tylozygus bifidus
Species geometricus - Tylozygus geometricus
Genus Xyphon
Species flaviceps - Xyphon flaviceps
Species fulgidum - Xyphon fulgidum
Species gillettei - Xyphon gillettei
Species nudum - Xyphon nudum
Species reticulatum - Bermudagrass Leafhopper
Species triguttatum - Xyphon triguttatum
Tribe Proconiini
Genus Cuerna
No Taxon costalis group
Species costalis - Lateral-lined Sharpshooter
Species undescribed-sp-tx-i - Cuerna undescribed sp. 7
No Taxon sayi group
Species fenestella - Cuerna fenestella
Species sayi - Cuerna sayi
Species n-sp-ok-i - Possibly undescribed species Oklahoma
No Taxon striata group
Species gladiola - Cuerna gladiola
Species hasbroucki - Cuerna hasbroucki
Species kaloostiani - Cuerna kaloostiani
Species striata - Cuerna striata
No Taxon "var" cuesta
Species alba - Cuerna alba
Species alpina - Cuerna alpina
Species alta - Cuerna alta
Species arida - Cuerna arida
Species balli - Cuerna balli
Species curvata - Cuerna curvata
Species emeljanovi - Cuerna emeljanovi
Species lyrifora - Cuerna lyrifora
Species obesa - Cuerna obesa
Species obtusa - Cuerna obtusa
Species occidentalis - Occidental Sharpshooter
Species unica - Cuerna unica
Species yuccae - Yucca Sharpshooter
Species possibly-undescribed-az - Cuerna possibly undescribed-AZ
No Taxon gladiola, hasbroucki, or unica "morph"
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Genus Egidemia
Species inflata - Egidemia inflata
Genus Homalodisca
Species elongata - Homalodisca elongata
Species ichthyocephala - Homalodisca ichthyocephala
Species insolita - Johnsongrass Sharpshooter
Species liturata - Smoketree Sharpshooter
Species vitripennis - Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Genus Oncometopia
No Taxon subgenus Oncometopia
Species hamiltoni - Oncometopia hamiltoni
Species nigricans - Black-winged Sharpshooter
Species orbona - Broad-headed Sharpshooter
No Taxon subgenus Similitopia
Species alpha - Oncometopia alpha
Genus Paraulacizes
Species irrorata - Speckled Sharpshooter
Subfamily Coelidiinae
Tribe Teruliini
Genus Jikradia
Species brikelos - Jikradia brikelos
Species melanota - Jikradia melanota
Species olitoria - Jikradia olitoria
Subspecies olitoria - Jikradia olitoria olitoria
No Taxon typical nymphs
No Taxon unusual southern nymphs
Species sp-az - Jikradia possibly undescribed AZ
No Taxon unknown species FL 1
No Taxon unknown species FL 2
Tribe Tinobregmini
Genus Tinobregmus
Species vittatus - Tinobregmus vittatus
Subfamily Deltocephalinae
Tribe Acinopterini
Genus Acinopterus
Species acuminatus - Acinopterus acuminatus
Species angulatus - Angulate Leafhopper
Species inornatus - Acinopterus inornatus
Species pulchellus - Acinopterus pulchellus
No Taxon Acinopterus n. sp. California
Species viridis - Acinopterus viridis
Tribe Athysanini
No Taxon genus-group Athysanus
Genus Allygidius
No Taxon subgenus Allygidius
Species atomarius - Allygidius atomarius
Genus Allygus
Species mixtus - Allygus mixtus
Genus Athysanus
Species argentarius - Silver Leafhopper
Genus Coulinus
Species uladus - Coulinus uladus
Species usnus - Coulinus usnus
Genus Doliotettix
Species lunulatus - Doliotettix lunulatus
Genus Euscelidius
Species schenckii - Euscelidius schenckii
Species variegatus - Euscelidius variegatus
Genus Euscelis
Genus Extrusanus
Species extrusus - Extrusanus extrusus
Species oryssus - Extrusanus oryssus
Species ovatus - Extrusanus ovatus
Genus Graphocraerus
Species ventralis - Graphocraerus ventralis
Genus Streptanus
Species aemulans - Streptanus aemulans
Species confinis - Streptanus confinis
Species marginatus - Streptanus marginatus
Species okaensis - Streptanus okaensis
Species relativus - Streptanus relativus
Species sordidus - Streptanus sordidus
Genus Thamnotettix
No Taxon subgenus Incertae sedis
Species zelleri - Thamnotettix zelleri
No Taxon subgenus Thamnotettix
Species confinis - Thamnotettix confinis
No Taxon incertae sedis
Genus Aligia
Species acutata - Aligia acutata
Species californica - Aligia californica
Species colei - Aligia colei
Species curtipennis - Aligia curtipennis
Species dellana - Aligia dellana
Species jucunda - Aligia jucunda
Species magna - Aligia magna
Species meridiana - Aligia meridiana
Species modesta - Aligia modesta
Species obesa - Aligia obesa
Species turbinata - Aligia turbinata
Genus Aplanus
Species albidus - Aplanus albidus
Genus Aplanusiella
Species californiensis - Aplanusiella californiensis
Species utahensis - Aplanusiella utahensis
Genus Atanus
Species perspicillatus - Atanus perspicillatus
Species texanus - Atanus texanus
Genus Bandara
Species curvata - Bandara curvata
Species inflata - Bandara inflata
Species johnsoni - Bandara johnsoni
Species parallela - Bandara parallela
Genus Bonneyana
Species osborni - Bonneyana osborni
Species schwarzi - Bonneyana schwarzi
Species terminalis - Bonneyana terminalis
Genus Caladonus
Species coquilletti - Caladonus coquilletti
Genus Cetexa
Species undescribed-on-junipers - Cetexa undescribed-on-junipers
Genus Colladonus
Species aureolus - Colladonus aureolus
Species balius - Colladonus balius
Species belli - Colladonus belli
Species brunneus - Colladonus brunneus
Species clitellarius - Saddleback Leafhopper
Species collaris - Colladonus collaris
Species commissus - Colladonus commissus
Species eburatus - Colladonus eburatus
Species flavocapitatus - Colladonus flavocapitatus
Species furculatus - Colladonus furculatus
Species geminatus - Geminate Leafhopper
Species holmesi - Colladonus holmesi
Species kirkaldyi - Colladonus kirkaldyi
Species keltoni - Colladonus keltoni
Species mendicus - Colladonus mendicus
Species montanus - Colladonus montanus
Subspecies montanus - Mountain Leafhopper
Subspecies reductus - Colladonus montanus reductus
Species nugax - Colladonus nugax
Species okanaganus - Colladonus okanaganus
Species pseudotsugae - Colladonus pseudotsugae
Species sannio - Colladonus sannio
Species setaceus - Colladonus setaceus
Species waldanus - Colladonus waldanus
Species youngi - Colladonus youngi
Genus Crassana
Species goniana - Crassana goniana
Genus Eusama
Species amanda - Eusama amanda
Genus Eutettix
No Taxon subgenus Eutettix
Species aequalis - Eutettix aequalis
Species apicalis - Eutettix apicalis
Species bartschi - Eutettix bartschi
Species borealis - Eutettix borealis
Species discolor - Eutettix discolor
Species latoides - Eutettix latoides
Species latus - Eutettix latus
Species luridus - Eutettix luridus
Species marmoratus - Eutettix marmoratus
Species minutus - Eutettix minutus
Species nitens - Eutettix nitens
Species pediculus - Eutettix pediculus
Species pictus - Eutettix pictus
Species planus - Eutettix planus
Species prinoides - Eutettix prinoides
Species querci - Eutettix querci
Species rugosus - Eutettix rugosus
Species slossoni - Eutettix slossoni
Species subaeneus - Eutettix subaeneus
Species subspinosus - Eutettix subspinosus
Species tristis - Eutettix tristis
Species variabilis - Eutettix variabilis
No Taxon Eutettix possibly undescribed NC
Species sp-md - possibly undescribed species MD
Genus Fitchana
Species vitellina - Fitchana vitellina
Genus Floridonus
Species taxodii - Floridonus taxodii
Genus Idiodonus
Species aurantiacus - Idiodonus aurantiacus
Species kennicotti - Idiodonus kennicotti
Species morsei - Idiodonus morsei
Genus Mesamia
Species diana - Mesamia diana
Species divisa - Mesamia divisa
Species nigridorsum - Mesamia nigridorsum
Species pagana - Mesamia pagana
Species straminea - Mesamia straminea
Genus Nigridonus
Species illumina - Nigridonus illumina
Genus Norvellina
No Taxon chenopodii group
Species chenopodii - Norvellina chenopodii
Species helenae - Norvellina helenae
Species texana - Norvellina texana
No Taxon excavata group
No Taxon numerosa group
Species apachana - Norvellina apachana
Species bicolorata - Norvellina bicolorata
Species clarivida - Norvellina clarivida
Species columbiana - Norvellina columbiana
Species curvata - Norvellina curvata
Species flavida - Norvellina flavida
Species mildredae - Norvellina mildredae
Species novica - Norvellina novica
Species pannosa - Norvellina pannosa
Species perelegantis - Norvellina perelegantis
Species pulchella - Norvellina pulchella
Species pullata - Norvellina pullata
Species rostrata - Norvellina rostrata
Species rubida - Norvellina rubida
Species scabra - Norvellina scabra
Species scitula - Norvellina scitula
Species seminuda - Norvellina seminuda
Species snowi - Norvellina snowi
No Taxon possible n. sp. nr. clarivida
Genus Nurenus
Species snowi - Nurenus snowi
Genus Ollarianus
Species armus - Ollarianus armus
Species insanus - Ollarianus insanus
Species kinoanus - Ollarianus kinoanus
Species strictus - Ollarianus strictus
Genus Orientus
Species ishidae - Japanese Leafhopper
Genus Sobara
Species palliolata - Sobara palliolata
Genus Twiningia
Species bicolor - Twiningia bicolor
Species blanda - Twiningia blanda
Species fasciata - Twiningia fasciata
Species fumida - Twiningia fumida
Species pellucida - Twiningia pellucida
Genus Zabrosa
Species sexpunctata - Zabrosa sexpunctata
Tribe Bahitini
Genus Menosoma
Species cinctum - Menosoma cinctum
Species stonei - Menosoma stonei
Tribe Chiasmini
Genus Athysanella
No Taxon subgenus Pedumella
Species repulsa - Athysanella repulsa
Species castor - Athysanella castor
Species lemhi - Athysanella lemhi
No Taxon subgenus Gladionura
Species hyperoche - Athysanella hyperoche
Species senta - Athysanella senta
Species vanesca - Athysanella vanesca
No Taxon subgenus Athysanella
Species globosa - Athysanella globosa
Species krameri - Athysanella krameri
No Taxon subgenus Amphipyga
Species ectopa - Athysanella ectopa
Species expulsa - Athysanella expulsa
Species longicauda - Athysanella longicauda
Species macleani - Athysanella macleani
Species nielsoni - Athysanella nielsoni
Species occidentalis - Athysanella occidentalis
Subspecies megacauda - Athysanella occidentalis megacauda
Species resusca - Athysanella resusca
No Taxon subgenus Diphipyga
Species secunda - Athysanella secunda
Genus Doratura
Species stylata - Doratura stylata
Genus Driotura
Species gammaroides - Driotura gammaroides
Species robusta - Driotura robusta
Species vittata - Driotura vittata
Genus Exitianus
Species exitiosus - Gray Lawn Leafhopper
Species nigrens - Exitianus nigrens
Species picatus - Exitianus picatus
Tribe Cicadulini
Genus Calana
Species rubralineata - Calana rubralineata
Genus Cicadula
Species ciliata - Cicadula ciliata
Species cyperacea - Cicadula cyperacea
Species junea - Cicadula junea
Species longiseta - Cicadula longiseta
Species melanogaster - Cicadula melanogaster
Species ornata - Cicadula ornata
Species saliens - Cicadula saliens
Species smithi - Cicadula smithi
Species straminea - Cicadula straminea
Species subcupraea - Cicadula subcupraea
Genus Elymana
Species acuma - Elymana acuma
Species circius - Elymana circius
Species inornata - Elymana inornata
Species pacifica - Elymana pacifica
Species sulphurella - Elymana sulphurella
Genus Knullana
Species huachuca - Knullana huachuca
Genus Paluda
Species gladiola - Paluda gladiola
Genus Stenometopiellus
Species cookei - Stenometopiellus cookei
Species vader - Stenometopiellus vader
Tribe Cochlorhinini
Genus Allygianus
Species varius - Allygianus varius
Genus Allygiella
Species clathrata - Allygiella clathrata
Genus Calonia
Species signata - Calonia signata
Genus Cochlorhinus
Species atratus - Cochlorhinus atratus
Species bidentatus - Cochlorhinus bidentatus
Species opertus - Cochlorhinus opertus
Species pasadenus - Cochlorhinus pasadenus
Species pluto - Cochlorhinus pluto
Species stygicus - Cochlorhinus stygicus
Species unispinosus - Cochlorhinus unispinosus
Species ziczac - Cochlorhinus ziczac
Genus Drionia
Species nigra - Drionia nigra
Genus Eulonus
Species almus - Eulonus almus
Genus Gloridonus
No Taxon subgenus Gloridellus
No Taxon subgenus Ballana
Species ajo - Gloridonus ajo
Species atridorsum - Gloridonus atridorsum
Species chiragricus - Gloridonus chiragricus
Species effusus - Gloridonus effusus
Species gerula - Gloridonus gerula
Species venditarius - Gloridonus venditarius
Species verutus - Gloridonus verutus
Species vescus - Gloridonus vescus
No Taxon subgenus Gloridonus
Species pulcher - Gloridonus pulcher
No Taxon subgenus Laterana
Species xyston - Gloridonus xyston
Genus Huleria
Species quadripunctata - Huleria quadripunctata
Species n-species-ca - Undescribed Huleria Species
Genus Limbanus
Species deltus - Limbanus deltus
Species limbatus - Limbanus limbatus
Species omani - Limbanus omani
Genus Pasadenus
Species chicanus - Pasadenus chicanus
Genus Penehuleria
Species acuticephala - Penehuleria acuticephala
Tribe Deltocephalini
Genus Amblysellus
Species acuerus - Amblysellus acuerus
Species curtisii - Amblysellus curtisii
Species dorsti - Amblysellus dorsti
Species grex - Amblysellus grex
No Taxon n. sp. California
Genus Amplicephalus
Species littoralis - Amplicephalus littoralis
Species nebulosus - Amplicephalus nebulosus
Species osborni - Amplicephalus osborni
Species simplex - Amplicephalus simplex
Genus Arundanus
Species arundineus - Arundanus arundineus
Species flavotinctus - Arundanus flavotinctus
Species latidens - Arundanus latidens
Species marginellus - Arundanus marginellus
Species nacreosus - Arundanus nacreosus
Species rubralineus - Arundanus rubralineus
Species sarissus - Arundanus sarissus
Genus Cabrulus
Species labeculus - Cabrulus labeculus
Genus Crumbana
Species arundinea - Crumbana arundinea
Genus Cumora
Species australis - Cumora australis
Species furcata - Cumora furcata
Genus Daltonia
Species condita - Daltonia condita
Species estacadus - Daltonia estacadus
Genus Deltanus
Species bicolor - Deltanus bicolor
Species texanus - Deltanus texanus
Genus Deltocephalus
Species balli - Deltocephalus balli
Species castoreus - Deltocephalus castoreus
Species fuscinervosus - Deltocephalus fuscinervosus
Species gnarus - Deltocephalus gnarus
Species incisurus - Deltocephalus incisurus
Species minutus - Deltocephalus minutus
Species mystax - Deltocephalus mystax
Species nigriventer - Deltocephalus nigriventer
Species pulicaris - Deltocephalus pulicaris
Species serpentinus - Deltocephalus serpentinus
Species vanfus - Deltocephalus vanfus
Species zephyrius - Deltocephalus zephyrius
Genus Destria
Species bisignata - Destria bisignata
Species crocea - Destria crocea
Species fumida - Destria fumida
Genus Endria
Species inimicus - Painted Leafhopper
Species lassa - Endria lassa
Species micaria - Endria micaria
Species montana - Endria montana
Genus Graminella
Species aureovittata - Graminella aureovittata
Species cognita - Graminella cognita
Species fitchii - Graminella fitchii
Species nigrifrons - Black-faced Leafhopper
Species nigripennis - Graminella nigripennis
Species oquaka - Graminella oquaka
Species pallidula - Graminella pallidula
Species plana - Graminella plana
Species sonora - Graminella sonora
Species villica - Graminella villica
Genus Kansendria
Species kansiensis - Kansendria kansiensis
Genus Lonatura
Species bicolor - Lonatura bicolor
Species megalopa - Lonatura megalopa
Species notata - Lonatura notata
Species salsura - Lonatura salsura
Species ventralis - Lonatura ventralis
Genus Mexara
Species atascasus - Mexara atascasus
Genus Mendozellus
Species laredanus - Mendozellus laredanus
Genus Planicephalus
Species flavicosta - Planicephalus flavicosta
Species flavocostatus - Planicephalus flavocostatus
Genus Polyamia
No Taxon subgenus Copolyamia
Species alboneura - White-veined Polyamia
Species apicata - Polyamia apicata
Species brevipennis - Polyamia brevipennis
Species caperata - Polyamia caperata
Species interrupta - Polyamia interrupta
Species lobata - Polyamia lobata
Species obtecta - Polyamia obtecta
Species tantilla - Polyamia tantilla
Species viridis - Polyamia viridis
Species yavapai - Polyamia yavapai
No Taxon subgenus Polyamia
Species weedi - Polyamia weedi
Genus Reventazonia
Species lawsoni - Reventazonia lawsoni
Genus Sanctanus
Species aestuarium - Sanctanus aestuarium
Species balli - Sanctanus balli
Species cruciatus - Sanctanus cruciatus
Species eburneus - Sanctanus eburneus
Species fasciatus - Sanctanus fasciatus
Species fusconotatus - Sanctanus fusconotatus
Species limicolus - Sanctanus limicolus
Species orbiculatus - Sanctanus orbiculatus
Species sanctus - Sanctanus sanctus
Species tectus - Sanctanus tectus
Genus Tideltellus
Species marinus - Tideltellus marinus
Genus Unoka
Species dramatica - Unoka dramatica
Species gillettei - Unoka gillettei
Tribe Faltalini
Genus Hecullus
Species bracteatus - Hecullus bracteatus
Tribe Fieberiellini
Genus Fieberiella
Species florii - Privet Leafhopper
Genus Placotettix
Species taeniatifrons - Placotettix taeniatifrons
Tribe Hecalini - Shovelhead Leafhoppers
Genus Attenuipyga
No Taxon subgenus Attenuipyga
Species delongi - Attenuipyga delongi
Species joyceae - Attenuipyga joyceae
Species knulli - Attenuipyga knulli
Species vanduzei - Attenuipyga vanduzei
No Taxon subgenus Dorycara
Species minor - Attenuipyga minor
Subspecies setosa - Attenuipyga minor setosa
Species omani - Attenuipyga omani
Species platyrhyncha - Attenuipyga platyrhyncha
Genus Dicyphonia
Species minuta - Dicyphonia minuta
Species ornata - Dicyphonia ornata
Species plura - Dicyphonia plura
Genus Hecalus
Species atascaderus - Hecalus atascaderus
Species curtus - Hecalus curtus
Species finnamorei - Hecalus finnamorei
Species major - Hecalus major
Species montanus - Hecalus montanus
Genus Memnonia
Species albolinea - Memnonia albolinea
Species anthalopus - Memnonia anthalopus
Species attenuata - Memnonia attenuata
Species brunnea - Memnonia brunnea
Species consobrina - Memnonia consobrina
Species fenestrella - Memnonia fenestrella
Species fossitia - Memnonia fossitia
Species fraterna - Memnonia fraterna
Species flavida - Memnonia flavida
Species grandis - Memnonia grandis
Species leptalea - Memnonia leptalea
Species maia - Memnonia maia
Species panzeri - Memnonia panzeri
Species purpurea - Memnonia purpurea
Genus Neohecalus
Species apicalis - Neohecalus apicalis
Species constrictus - Neohecalus constrictus
Species lineatus - Neohecalus lineatus
Species magnificus - Neohecalus magnificus
Genus Neoslossonia
Species putnami - Neoslossonia putnami
Genus Spangbergiella
Species mexicana - Spangbergiella mexicana
Species quadripunctata - Spangbergiella quadripunctata
Species viridis - Spangbergiella viridis
Species vulnerata - Spangbergiella vulnerata
Tribe Koebeliini
Subtribe Grypotina
Genus Grypotes
Species puncticollis - Grypotes puncticollis
Subtribe Koebeliina
Genus Koebelia
Species californica - Koebelia californica
Species coronata - Koebelia coronata
Species grossa - Koebelia grossa
Species irrorata - Koebelia irrorata
Tribe Limotettigini
Genus Limotettix
No Taxon Subgenus Dryola
Species elegans - Limotettix elegans
Species minuendus - Limotettix minuendus
No Taxon Subgenus Limotettix
Species conservatus - Limotettix conservatus
Species ferganensis - Limotettix ferganensis
Species nigrax - Limotettix nigrax
Species sphagneticus - Limotettix sphagneticus
Species striola - Limotettix striola
No Taxon Subgenus Neodrylix
Species parallelus - Limotettix parallelus
Species urnura - Limotettix urnura
No Taxon Subgenus Ophiolix
Species nigristriatus - Limotettix nigristriatus
Species pseudosphagneticus - Limotettix pseudosphagneticus
Species xanthus - Limotettix xanthus
Species schedia - Limotettix schedia
No Taxon Subgenus Scleroracus
Species anthracinus - Limotettix anthracinus
Species arctostaphyli - Limotettix arctostaphyli
Species brooksi - Limotettix brooksi
Species finitimus - Limotettix finitimus
Species frigidus - Limotettix frigidus
Species medleri - Limotettix medleri
Species obesura - Limotettix obesura
Species osborni - Limotettix osborni
Species plutonius - Limotettix plutonius
Species shastus - Limotettix shastus
Species uhleri - Limotettix uhleri
Species vaccinii - Blunt-nosed Cranberry Leafhopper
Species varus - Limotettix varus
Species scudderi - Limotettix scudderi
Species strictus - Limotettix strictus
Species zacki - Limotettix zacki
Tribe Macrostelini
Genus Balclutha
Species abdominalis - Balclutha abdominalis
Species arctica - Balclutha arctica
Species caldwelli - Balclutha caldwelli
Species confluens - Balclutha confluens
Species diluta - Balclutha diluta
Species flavescens - Balclutha flavescens
Species frontalis - Balclutha frontalis
Species impicta - Balclutha impicta
Species impunctata - Balclutha impunctata
Species incisa - Balclutha incisa
Species jafara - Balclutha jafara
Species knulli - Balclutha knulli
Species lucida - Balclutha lucida
Species manitou - Balclutha manitou
Species neglecta - Balclutha neglecta
Species nevadensis - Balclutha nevadensis
Species punctata - Balclutha punctata
Species rosacea - Balclutha rosacea
Species rubrostriata - Red-streaked Leafhopper
Species saltuella - Balclutha saltuella
Species tricolor - Balclutha tricolor
Genus Baldulus
Species tripsaci - Eastern Gamagrass Leafhopper
Species montanus - Baldulus montanus
Genus Dalbulus
Species elimatus - Dalbulus elimatus
Species maidis - Corn Leafhopper
Genus Davisonia
Species americana - Davisonia americana
Species snowi - Davisonia snowi
Species major - Davisonia major
Genus Macrosteles
No Taxon fieberi complex
Species fieberi - Macrosteles fieberi
Species similis - Macrosteles similis
No Taxon laevis complex
Species laevis - Macrosteles laevis
No Taxon quadrilineatus complex
Species arizonus - Macrosteles arizonus
Species bandii - Macrosteles bandii
Species canadensis - Macrosteles canadensis
Species claridgei - Macrosteles claridgei
Species elegans - Macrosteles elegans
Species hastatus - Macrosteles hastatus
Species inundatus - Macrosteles inundatus
Species lineatifrons - Macrosteles lineatifrons
Species nielsoni - Macrosteles nielsoni
Species omani - Macrosteles omani
Species oregonensis - Macrosteles oregonensis
Species pallidus - Macrosteles pallidus
Species quadrilineatus - Aster Leafhopper
Species scriptus - Macrosteles scriptus
Species severini - Macrosteles severini
Species tesselatus - Macrosteles tesselatus
Species vilbastei - Macrosteles vilbastei
Species vulgaris - Macrosteles vulgaris
No Taxon variatus complex
Species frigidus - Macrosteles frigidus
Species galeae - Macrosteles galeae
Species parvidens - Macrosteles parvidens
Species patruelis - Macrosteles patruelis
Species serratus - Macrosteles serratus
Species texanus - Macrosteles texanus
Species urticae - Macrosteles urticae
Species borealis - Macrosteles borealis
Species bifurcatus - Macrosteles bifurcatus
Species curvatus - Macrosteles curvatus
Species divisus - Macrosteles divisus
Species elongatus - Macrosteles elongatus
Species guttatus - Macrosteles guttatus
Species hizemus - Macrosteles hizemus
Species informis - Macrosteles informis
Species lagus - Macrosteles lagus
Species lepidus - Macrosteles lepidus
Species potorius - Macrosteles potorius
Species skalkahiensis - Macrosteles skalkahiensis
Species slossoni - Macrosteles slossoni
Species wahnapitae - Macrosteles wahnapitae
Genus Nabiya
Species flavalis - Nabiya flavalis
Genus Sonronius
Species binotatus - Sonronius binotatus
Species maculipes - Sonronius maculipes
Tribe Opsiini
Subtribe Circuliferina
Genus Dixianus
Species utahnus - Dixianus utahnus
Genus Lycioides
Species condalianus - Lycioides condalianus
Species lycioides - Lycioides lycioides
Genus Neoaliturus
Species tenellus - Beet Leafhopper
Subtribe Opsiina
Genus Hishimonus
Species sellatus - Hishimonus sellatus
Genus Japananus
Species hyalinus - Japanese Maple Leafhopper
Genus Opsius
Species stactogalus - Tamarix Leafhopper
Tribe Paralimnini
Subtribe Paralimnina
Genus Aflexia
Species rubranura - Red-tailed Leafhopper
Genus Alapus
Species elongatus - Alapus elongatus
Genus Arthaldeus
Species pascuellus - Arthaldeus pascuellus
Genus Auridius
Species auratus - Auridius auratus
Species cosmeticus - Auridius cosmeticus
Species helvus - Auridius helvus
Species ordinatus - Auridius ordinatus
Subspecies crocatus - Auridius ordinatus crocatus
Species safra - Auridius safra
Species sandaraca - Auridius sandaraca
Species thapsinus - Auridius thapsinus
Genus Cazenus
Species funestus - Cazenus funestus
Genus Commellus
Species cedilla - Commellus cedilla
Species comma - Commellus comma
Species hyphen - Commellus hyphen
Species semicolon - Commellus semicolon
Species sexvittatus - Commellus sexvittatus
Genus Cosmotettix
Species beirnei - Cosmotettix beirnei
Species bilineatus - Cosmotettix bilineatus
Species delector - Cosmotettix delector
Species luteocephalus - Cosmotettix luteocephalus
Species paludosus - Cosmotettix paludosus
Species unica - Cosmotettix unica
Genus Cribrus
Species shingwauki - Cribrus shingwauki
Species concinnus - Cribrus concinnus
Species micmac - Cribrus micmac
Genus Diplocolenus
No Taxon subgenus Diplocolenus
Species configuratus - Diplocolenus configuratus
Subspecies bicolor - Diplocolenus configuratus bicolor
Subspecies configuratus - Diplocolenus configuratus configuratus
No Taxon subgenus Verdanus
Species abdominalis - Diplocolenus abdominalis
Species evansi - Diplocolenus evansi
No Taxon sugenus Incertae sedis
Species brevior - Diplocolenus brevior
Species aquilonius - Diplocolenus aquilonius
Genus Errastunus
Species ocellaris - Errastunus ocellaris
Species sobrinus - Errastunus sobrinus
Genus Flexamia
Species abbreviata - Flexamia abbreviata
Species albida - Flexamia albida
Species areolata - Flexamia areolata
Species arizonensis - Flexamia arizonensis
Species atlantica - Flexamia atlantica
Species clayi - Flexamia clayi
Species curvata - Flexamia curvata
Species doeringae - Flexamia doeringae
Species huroni - Flexamia huroni
Species pyrops - Flexamia pyrops
Species sandersi - Flexamia sandersi
Species satilla - Flexamia satilla
Species stylata - Flexamia stylata
Genus Giprus
Genus Hebecephalus
Species abies - Hebecephalus abies
Species chandleri - Hebecephalus chandleri
Species creinus - Hebecephalus creinus
Species crenulatus - Hebecephalus crenulatus
Species discessus - Hebecephalus discessus
Species ferrumequinum - Hebecephalus ferrumequinum
Species occidentalis - Hebecephalus occidentalis
Species picea - Hebecephalus picea
Species planaria - Hebecephalus planaria
Species pugnus - Hebecephalus pugnus
Species signatifrons - Hebecephalus signatifrons
Species veretillum - Hebecephalus veretillum
Genus Henschia
Species caprilla - Henschia caprilla
Subspecies anfracta - Henschia caprilla anfracta
Species quinquespina - Henschia quinquespina
Species americana - Henschia americana
Genus Laevicephalus
Species acus - Laevicephalus acus
Species bison - Laevicephalus bison
Species melsheimerii - Laevicephalus melsheimerii
Species minimus - Laevicephalus minimus
Species peronatus - Laevicephalus peronatus
Species pravus - Laevicephalus pravus
Species pupa - Laevicephalus pupa
Species saskatchewanensis - Laevicephalus saskatchewanensis
Species sylvestris - Laevicephalus sylvestris
Species unicoloratus - Laevicephalus unicoloratus
Genus Latalus
Species histrionicus - Latalus histrionicus
Species personatus - Latalus personatus
Species remotus - Latalus remotus
Species sayii - Latalus sayii
Genus Lebradea
Species flavovirens - Lebradea flavovirens
Species helvina - Lebradea helvina
Genus Paralimnus
Species phragmitis - Paralimnus phragmitis
Genus Paramesus
Species major - Paramesus major
Genus Pasaremus
Species concentricus - Pasaremus concentricus
Genus Peconus
Species scriptanus - Peconus scriptanus
Genus Pinumius
Species sexmaculatus - Pinumius sexmaculatus
Genus Psammotettix
Species beirnei - Psammotettix beirnei
Species cahuilla - Psammotettix cahuilla
Species dentatus - Psammotettix dentatus
Species lividellus - Psammotettix lividellus
Species nesiotus - Psammotettix nesiotus
Genus Rosenus
Species abiskoensis - Rosenus abiskoensis
Species cruciatus - Rosenus cruciatus
Species decurvus - Rosenus decurvus
Species pendulus - Rosenus pendulus
Genus Sorhoanus
Species involutus - Sorhoanus involutus
Species lenis - Sorhoanus lenis
Species orientalis - Sorhoanus orientalis
Species virilis - Sorhoanus virilis
Species xanthoneurus - Sorhoanus xanthoneurus
Species xiphosura - Sorhoanus xiphosura
Genus Spartopyge
Species miranda - Spartopyge miranda
Tribe Pendarini
Genus Chlorotettix
No Taxon subgenus Chlorotettix
Species scutellatus - Chlorotettix scutellatus
Species unicolor - Chlorotettix unicolor
Species viridius - Chlorotettix viridius
No Taxon subgenus Incertae sedis
Species attenuatus - Chlorotettix attenuatus
Species aurum - Chlorotettix aurum
Species balli - Chlorotettix balli
Species borealis - Chlorotettix borealis
Species divergens - Chlorotettix divergens
Species fallax - Chlorotettix fallax
Species galbanatus - Chlorotettix galbanatus
Species iridescens - Chlorotettix iridescens
Species latus - Chlorotettix latus
Species limosus - Chlorotettix limosus
Species lusorius - Chlorotettix lusorius
Species meriscus - Chlorotettix meriscus
Species melanotus - Chlorotettix melanotus
Species necopinus - Chlorotettix necopinus
Species nudatus - Chlorotettix nudatus
Species orbonatus - Chlorotettix orbonatus
Species rugicollis - Chlorotettix rugicollis
Species similis - Chlorotettix similis
Species spatulatus - Chlorotettix spatulatus
Species tergatus - Chlorotettix tergatus
Species tunicatus - Chlorotettix tunicatus
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Genus Doleranus
Species longulus - Doleranus longulus
Species lucidus - Doleranus lucidus
Species vividus - Doleranus vividus
Genus Dorydiella
Species kansana - Kansas Prairie Leafhopper
Genus Paraphlepsius
No Taxon subgenus Incertae sedis
Species docilis - Paraphlepsius docilis
No Taxon subgenus Gamarex
No Taxon continuus species group
Species continuus - Paraphlepsius continuus
Species fuscipennis - Paraphlepsius fuscipennis
Species bifidus - Paraphlepsius bifidus
Species brunneus - Paraphlepsius brunneus
Species collitus - Paraphlepsius collitus
Species fulvidorsum - Paraphlepsius fulvidorsum
Species incisus - Paraphlepsius incisus
Species maculellus - Paraphlepsius maculellus
Species rileyi - Paraphlepsius rileyi
Species tennessus - Paraphlepsius tennessus
Species truncatus - Paraphlepsius truncatus
Species varispinus - Paraphlepsius varispinus
No Taxon subgenus Paraphlepsius
Species eburneolus - Paraphlepsius eburneolus
Species occidentalis - Paraphlepsius occidentalis
Species planus - Paraphlepsius planus
Species quadratus - Paraphlepsius quadratus
Species solidaginis - Paraphlepsius solidaginis
Species strobi - Paraphlepsius strobi
Species texanus - Paraphlepsius texanus
No Taxon subgenus Paraphysius
Species attractus - Paraphlepsius attractus
Species carolinus - Paraphlepsius carolinus
Species cornutus - Paraphlepsius cornutus
Species lascivius - Paraphlepsius lascivius
Species micronotatus - Paraphlepsius micronotatus
No Taxon lascivius or micronotatus
No Taxon subgenus Sabix
Species apertinus - Paraphlepsius apertinus
Species apertus - Paraphlepsius apertus
Species irroratus - Bespeckled Leafhopper
No Taxon subgenus Strephonius
Species dentatus - Paraphlepsius dentatus
Species luxuria - Paraphlepsius luxuria
Species rossi - Paraphlepsius rossi
Genus Pendarus
No Taxon subgenus Pendarus
Species auroalbus - Gold and White Leafhopper
Species avicephalus - Pendarus avicephalus
Species crucifix - Pendarus crucifix
Species franconianus - Pendarus franconianus
Species punctiscriptus - Pendarus punctiscriptus
No Taxon subgenus Remadosus
Species magnus - Pendarus magnus
Species osborni - Pendarus osborni
Species palustris - Pendarus palustris
Genus Tropicanus
No Taxon subgenus Tropicanus
Species costomaculatus - Tropicanus costomaculatus
Tribe Penthimiini
Genus Penthimia
Species americana - Penthimia americana
Species floridana - Penthimia floridana
No Taxon Penthimia nr. floridana SD
Species trimaculata - Penthimia trimaculata
Species nigropicea - Penthimia nigropicea
Tribe Phlepsiini
Genus Excultanus
Species dorothyae - Excultanus dorothyae
Species excultus - Excultanus excultus
Species neomexicanus - Excultanus neomexicanus
Species incurvatus - Excultanus incurvatus
Genus Phlepsanus
Species vanduzeei - Phlepsanus vanduzeei
Species n-sp-ut - undescribed Phlepsanus species nr. vanduzeei
Genus Texananus
No Taxon Subgenus Iowanus
Species caducus - Texananus caducus
Species longipennis - Texananus longipennis
Species majestus - Texananus majestus
No Taxon Subgenus Texananus
Species areolatus - Texananus areolatus
Species decorus - Texananus decorus
Species delicatus - Texananus delicatus
Species denticulus - Texananus denticulus
Species marmor - Texananus marmor
Species latipex - Texananus latipex
Species oregonus - Texananus oregonus
Species ovatus - Texananus ovatus
Species spatulatus - Texananus spatulatus
Species superbus - Texananus superbus
Tribe Scaphoideini
Genus Cantura
Species albonotata - Cantura albonotata
Species jucunda - Cantura jucunda
Genus Omanana
Species tortolita - Omanana tortolita
Genus Osbornellus
No Taxon auronitens group
Species auronitens - Osbornellus auronitens
Species limosus - Osbornellus limosus
Species rotundus - Osbornellus rotundus
No Taxon nymphs
Species alatus - Osbornellus alatus
Species ater - Osbornellus ater
Species borealis - Osbornellus borealis
Species clarus - Osbornellus clarus
Species consors - Osbornellus consors
Species corniger - Osbornellus corniger
Species filamentus - Osbornellus filamentus
Species parallelus - Osbornellus parallelus
Species ritanus - Osbornellus ritanus
Species scalaris - Osbornellus scalaris
Species unicolor - Osbornellus unicolor
No Taxon Osbornellus n. sp. #1 California
No Taxon Osbornellus n. sp. #2 California
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
No Taxon unknown sp. TX
Genus Prescottia
Species brickellia - Prescottia brickellia
Species lobata - Prescottia lobata
Genus Scaphoideus
No Taxon subgenus Latenus
No Taxon carinatus group
Species carinatus - Scaphoideus carinatus
Species lacyi - Scaphoideus lacyi
Species veterator - Scaphoideus veterator
Species bifurcatus - Scaphoideus bifurcatus
Species blennus - Scaphoideus blennus
Species cylindratus - Scaphoideus cylindratus
Species frisoni - Scaphoideus frisoni
Species major - Scaphoideus major
Species merus - Scaphoideus merus
Species minor - Scaphoideus minor
Species ochraceus - Scaphoideus ochraceus
Species productus - Scaphoideus productus
Species soleus - Scaphoideus soleus
No Taxon subgenus Lonenus
Species intricatus - Scaphoideus intricatus
No Taxon subgenus Scaphoideus
Species accumulator - Scaphoideus accumulator
Species atlantus - Scaphoideus atlantus
Species camurus - Scaphoideus camurus
Species cinerosus - Scaphoideus cinerosus
Species crassus - Scaphoideus crassus
Species flavidus - Scaphoideus flavidus
Species forceps - Scaphoideus forceps
Species immistus - Scaphoideus immistus
Species incisus - Scaphoideus incisus
Species luteolus - White-banded Elm Leafhopper
Species melanotus - Scaphoideus melanotus
Species nigrellus - Scaphoideus nigrellus
Species obtusus - Scaphoideus obtusus
Species opalinus - Scaphoideus opalinus
Species paludosus - Scaphoideus paludosus
Species pullus - Scaphoideus pullus
Species tergatus - Scaphoideus tergatus
Species titanus - Scaphoideus titanus
No Taxon Incertae sedis
Species cyprius - Scaphoideus cyprius
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Genus Spathanus
Species acuminatus - Spathanus acuminatus
Tribe Scaphytopiini
Genus Scaphytopius
No Taxon subgenus Cloanthanus
Species acutus - Sharp-nosed Leafhopper
Species analis - Scaphytopius analis
Species angustatus - Scaphytopius angustatus
Species argutus - Scaphytopius argutus
Species brevis - Scaphytopius brevis
Species calliandrus - Scaphytopius calliandrus
Species cinereus - Scaphytopius cinereus
Species cinnamoneus - Scaphytopius cinnamoneus
Species diabolus - Scaphytopius diabolus
Species frontalis - Yellowfaced Leafhopper
Species fulvus - Scaphytopius fulvus
Species heldoranus - Scaphytopius heldoranus
Species hymenocleae - Scaphytopius hymenocleae
Species jocosus - Scaphytopius jocosus
Species latus - Scaphytopius latus
Species magdalensis - Blueberry Leafhopper
Species nasutus - Scaphytopius nasutus
Species nigrifrons - Scaphytopius nigrifrons
Species nigrinotus - Scaphytopius nigrinotus
Species nigriviridis - Scaphytopius nigriviridis
Species oregonensis - Scaphytopius oregonensis
Species rubellus - Scaphytopius rubellus
Species speciosus - Scaphytopius speciosus
Species triangularis - Scaphytopius triangularis
Species trilineatus - Scaphytopius trilineatus
Species verecundus - Scaphytopius verecundus
No Taxon Unknown "Red-striped" Scaphytopius
No Taxon subgenus Convelinus
Species desertanus - Scaphytopius desertanus
Species fuscifrons - Scaphytopius fuscifrons
Subspecies compactus - Scaphytopius fuscifrons compactus
Species irroratus - Scaphytopius irroratus
Species loricatus - Scaphytopius loricatus
Species nigricollis - Scaphytopius nigricollis
No Taxon subgenus Scaphytopius
Species catalinus - Scaphytopius catalinus
Species elegans - Scaphytopius elegans
Species huachucus - Scaphytopius huachucus
Species majestus - Scaphytopius majestus
Species ritanus - Scaphytopius ritanus
Species nr-elegans - possibly undescribed Scaphytopius nr. elegans
Species nr-majestus - unknown Scaphytopius nr. majestus
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Tribe Stenometopiini
Genus Kinonia
Species elongata - Kinonia elongata
Genus Stirellus
Species bicolor - Stirellus bicolor
Species catalinus - Stirellus catalinus
Species labiatus - Stirellus labiatus
Subfamily Errhomeninae
Tribe Bathysmatophorini
Genus Ankosus
Species filamentus - Ankosus filamentus
Genus Carsonus
Species aridus - Carsonus aridus
Genus Erronus
Species affinis - Erronus affinis
Subspecies attenuatus - Erronus affinis attenuatus
Species bracatus - Erronus bracatus
Species camensis - Erronus camensis
Species montanus - Erronus montanus
Species naomi - Erronus naomi
Species obliteratus - Erronus obliteratus
Species rivalis - Erronus rivalis
Species serratus - Erronus serratus
Species variabilis - Erronus variabilis
Subspecies mimicus - Erronus variabilis mimicus
Subspecies gracilis - Erronus variabilis gracilis
Subspecies erratus - Erronus variabilis erratus
Genus Errhomus
No Taxon similis group
Species reflexus - Errhomus reflexus
Species similis - Errhomus similis
Subspecies sobrinus - Errhomus similis sobrinus
Subspecies zonarius - Errhomus similis zonarius
Species satus - Errhomus satus
Species praedictus - Errhomus praedictus
Species picturatus - Errhomus picturatus
Species winquatt - Errhomus winquatt
Species paradoxus - Errhomus paradoxus
Species ochoco - Errhomus ochoco
Species medialis - Errhomus medialis
No Taxon lineatus group
Species josephi - Errhomus josephi
Species brevis - Errhomus brevis
Subspecies brevis - Errhomus brevis brevis
Subspecies simcoe - Errhomus brevis simcoe
Species lineatus - Errhomus lineatus
Subspecies cordatus - Errhomus lineatus cordatus
Subspecies idahoensis - Errhomus lineatus idahoensis
Genus Hylaius
Species oregonensis - Hylaius oregonensis
No Taxon undescribed BC
Genus Lystridea
Species uhleri - Lystridea uhleri
Species wilkeyi - Lystridea wilkeyi
Genus Thatuna
Species gilletti - Thatuna gilletti
Subfamily Eurymelinae
Tribe Chiasmodolini
Genus Jamacerus
Species floridanus - Jamacerus floridanus
Tribe Idiocerini
Genus Acericerus
Species ribauti - Acericerus ribauti
Genus Balcanocerus
Species chisosus - Balcanocerus chisosus
Species crataegi - Balcanocerus crataegi
Species dolosus - Balcanocerus dolosus
Species fitchi - Balcanocerus fitchi
Species provancheri - Balcanocerus provancheri
Species spinosus - Balcanocerus spinosus
Genus Idiocerus
No Taxon nervatus group
Species nervatus - Idiocerus nervatus
Species pericallis - Idiocerus pericallis
Species albolinea - Idiocerus albolinea
Species alternatus - Idiocerus alternatus
Species amabilis - Idiocerus amabilis
Species amoenus - Idiocerus amoenus
Species apache - Idiocerus apache
Species cabotti - Idiocerus cabotti
Species canae - Idiocerus canae
Species cedrus - Idiocerus cedrus
Species cingulatus - Idiocerus cingulatus
Species couleanus - Idiocerus couleanus
Species distinctus - Idiocerus distinctus
Species ensiger - Idiocerus ensiger
Species freytagi - Idiocerus freytagi
Species glacialis - Idiocerus glacialis
Species indistinctus - Idiocerus indistinctus
Species interruptus - Idiocerus interruptus
Species iodes - Idiocerus iodes
Species laribaeus - Idiocerus laribaeus
Species lucidae - Idiocerus lucidae
Species maximus - Idiocerus maximus
Species moniliferae - Idiocerus moniliferae
Species morosus - Idiocerus morosus
Species musteus - Idiocerus musteus
Subspecies arsiniatus - Idiocerus musteus arsiniatus
Species ramentosus - Idiocerus ramentosus
Species raphus - Idiocerus raphus
Species setaceus - Idiocerus setaceus
Species stigmaticalis - Idiocerus stigmaticalis
Species taiga - Idiocerus taiga
Species vanduzeei - Idiocerus vanduzeei
Species xanthiops - Idiocerus xanthiops
Species n-species - Undescribed Idiocerus Species
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Populicerus
Species aureus - Populicerus aureus
Species carolina - Populicerus carolina
Species formosus - Populicerus formosus
Species gillettei - Populicerus gillettei
Species inebrius - Populicerus inebrius
Species lachrymalis - Populicerus lachrymalis
Species lunaris - Populicerus lunaris
Species midas - Populicerus midas
Species pallidus - Populicerus pallidus
Species stellaris - Populicerus stellaris
Species suturalis - Populicerus suturalis
Species unicolor - Populicerus unicolor
Species venosus - Populicerus venosus
Genus Rhytidodus
Species decimusquartus - Rhytidodus decimusquartus
Genus Tremulicerus
Species fulgidus - Tremulicerus fulgidus
Tribe Macropsini
Genus Macropsidius
Species trimaculatus - Plum Leafhopper
Species sauroni - Macropsidius sauroni
Genus Macropsis
No Taxon subgenus Macropsis
Species dixiensis - Macropsis dixiensis
Species fuscula - Brambleberry Leafhopper
Species graminea - Macropsis graminea
Species infuscata - Macropsis infuscata
Species mendax - Macropsis mendax
Species notata - Macropsis notata
Species ocellata - Macropsis ocellata
Species tristis - Macropsis tristis
No Taxon subgenus Neomacropsis
Species basalis - Macropsis basalis
Species bifasciata - Macropsis bifasciata
Species borealis - Macropsis borealis
Species canadensis - Macropsis canadensis
Species cinerea - Macropsis cinerea
Species decisa - Macropsis decisa
Species deviridis - Macropsis deviridis
Species feminis - Macropsis feminis
Species ferrugineoides - Macropsis ferrugineoides
Species fumipennis - Honeylocust Leafhopper
Species gerhardi - Macropsis gerhardi
Species inversalis - Macropsis inversalis
Species jocosa - Macropsis jocosa
Species osborni - Macropsis osborni
Species punctifrons - Macropsis punctifrons
Species robusta - Macropsis robusta
Species rufescens - Macropsis rufescens
Species rufocephalus - Macropsis rufocephalus
Species sordida - Macropsis sordida
Species tunicata - Macropsis tunicata
Species vinea - Macropsis vinea
Species viridis - Macropsis viridis
Genus Oncopsis
Species abietis - Oncopsis abietis
Species albicollis - Oncopsis albicollis
Species aureostria - Oncopsis aureostria
Species californica - Oncopsis californica
Species cinctifrons - Oncopsis cinctifrons
Species citra - Oncopsis citra
Species citrella - Oncopsis citrella
Species concurrens - Oncopsis concurrens
Species crispae - Oncopsis crispae
Species deluda - Oncopsis deluda
Species dorsalis - Oncopsis dorsalis
Species flavicollis - Oncopsis flavicollis
Species flavidorsum - Oncopsis flavidorsum
Species interior - Oncopsis interior
Species minor - Oncopsis minor
Species nigrinasi - Oncopsis nigrinasi
Species prairiana - Oncopsis prairiana
Species quebecensis - Oncopsis quebecensis
Species sobria - Oncopsis sobria
Species truncatus - Oncopsis truncatus
Species variabilis - Oncopsis variabilis
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Pediopsis
Species tiliae - Pediopsis tiliae
Genus Pediopsoides
Species davisi - Pediopsoides davisi
Species distinctus - Pediopsoides distinctus
Genus Reticopsis
Species nubila - Reticopsis nubila
Species udrobates - Reticopsis udrobates
Subfamily Evacanthinae
Tribe Evacanthini
Genus Evacanthus
Species acuminatus - Evacanthus acuminatus
Species bellaustralis - Evacanthus bellaustralis
Species chlamidatus - Evacanthus chlamidatus
Species emilus - Evacanthus emilus
Species grandipes - Evacanthus grandipes
Species interruptus - Evacanthus interruptus
Species nigramericanus - Evacanthus nigramericanus
Species ustanucha - Evacanthus ustanucha
Tribe Nirvanini
Genus Sophonia
Species orientalis - Two-spotted Leafhopper
Tribe Pagaroniini
Genus Friscanus
Species friscanus - Friscanus friscanus
Genus Pagaronia
Species confusa - Pagaronia confusa
Species furcata - Pagaronia furcata
Species minor - Pagaronia minor
Species tredecimpunctata - Pagaronia tredecimpunctata
Species triunata - Pagaronia triunata
Subfamily Iassinae
Tribe Gyponini
Genus Acusana
Species condensa - Acusana condensa
Species fastigor - Acusana fastigor
Species frondosa - Acusana frondosa
Species generosa - Acusana generosa
Species insignita - Acusana insignita
Species meditabunda - Acusana meditabunda
Species prostrata - Acusana prostrata
Species rota - Acusana rota
Species teres - Acusana teres
Species tympana - Acusana tympana
Species vereprecula - Acusana vereprecula
Genus Curtara
Species insularis - Ringspot Leafhopper
Genus Dragonana
Species dracontea - Dragonana dracontea
Genus Gypona
No Taxon Subgenus Obtusana
Species extrema - Gypona extrema
Species melanota - Gypona melanota
Species verticalis - Gypona verticalis
Species vexana - Gypona vexana
Genus Gyponana
No Taxon angulata Group
Species angulata - Gyponana angulata
Species hasta - Gyponana hasta
Species sonora - Gyponana sonora
Species avara - Gyponana avara
Species brevita - Gyponana brevita
Species cacumina - Gyponana cacumina
Species cana - Gyponana cana
Species castor - Gyponana castor
Species elongata - Gyponana elongata
Species expanda - Laminate Leafhopper
Species flavilineata - Gyponana flavilineata
Species geminata - Gyponana geminata
Species gibbera - Gyponana gibbera
Species gladia - Gyponana gladia
Species mali - Gyponana mali
Species octolineata - Gyponana octolineata
Species cf-offula - Gyponana cf-offula
Species omani - Gyponana omani
Species ortha - Gyponana ortha
Species palma - Gyponana palma
Species parallela - Gyponana parallela
Species pollex - Gyponana pollex
Species praelonga - Gyponana praelonga
Species procera - Gyponana procera
Species pruinosa - Gyponana pruinosa
Species cf-protenta - Gyponana cf-protenta
Species quebecensis - Gyponana quebecensis
Species cf-salsa - Gyponana cf-salsa
Species scrupulosa - Gyponana scrupulosa
Species cf-serpenta - Gyponana cf-serpenta
Species striata - Gyponana striata
Species tenella - Gyponana tenella
Species toxotes - Gyponana toxotes
Species tubera - Gyponana tubera
Species vasta - Gyponana vasta
Species vincula - Gyponana vincula
No Taxon gladia or octolineata
No Taxon non-gladia undetermined pink forms
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon [FOR DELETION] subgenus Gyponana
Genus Hamana
Species dictitoria - Hamana dictitoria
Species gelbata - Hamana gelbata
Species herbida - Hamana herbida
Species incita - Hamana incita
Species lekva - Hamana lekva
Species manifesta - Hamana manifesta
Species nelya - Hamana nelya
Genus Marganana
Species suilla - Marganana suilla
Genus Negosiana
Species dualis - Negosiana dualis
Species globosa - Negosiana globosa
Species fraterna - Negosiana fraterna
Species miliaris - Negosiana miliaris
Species negotiosa - Negosiana negotiosa
Genus Planipona
Species delta - Planipona delta
Genus Polana
No Taxon Subgenus Nihilana
Species celata - Polana celata
No Taxon Subgenus Polana
Species quadrinotata - Polana quadrinotata
Genus Ponana
No Taxon subgenus Bulbana
No Taxon subgenus Ponana
No Taxon citrina Group
Species cacozela - Ponana cacozela
Species citrina - Ponana citrina
Species floridana - Ponana floridana
Species rubrapuncta - Ponana rubrapuncta
Species sparsa - Ponana sparsa
No Taxon "pectoralis Group"
Species limbatipennis - Ponana limbatipennis
Species pectoralis - Ponana pectoralis
No Taxon "scarlatina Group"
Species aenea - Ponana aenea
Species limonea - Ponana limonea
Species rubida - Ponana rubida
Species scarlatina - Ponana scarlatina
Species aquila - Ponana aquila
Species candida - Ponana candida
Species curiata - Ponana curiata
Species dohrni - Ponana dohrni
Species occlusa - Ponana occlusa
Species puncticollis - Ponana puncticollis
Species quadralaba - Ponana quadralaba
Species sonora - Ponana sonora
Genus Prairiana
Species angustens - Prairiana kansana var. angustens
Species cinerea - Prairiana cinerea
Species fraudulenta - Prairiana fraudulenta
Species hirsuta - Prairiana hirsuta
Species kansana - Prairiana kansana
Species latens - Prairiana latens
Species longiora - Prairiana ponderosa var. longiora
Species moneta - Prairiana moneta
Species orizaba - Prairiana orizaba
Species ponderosa - Prairiana ponderosa
Species rolenta - Prairiana orizaba var. rolenta
Species sidana - Prairiana sidana
Species subta - Prairiana subta
Genus Rugosana
Species ampliata - Rugosana ampliata
Species chadana - Rugosana chadana
Species fibrata - Rugosana fibrata
Species lora - Rugosana lora
Species manua - Rugosana manua
Species plummeri - Rugosana plummeri
Species pullata - Rugosana pullata
Species querci - Rugosana querci
Species ramosa - Rugosana ramosa
Species verrucosa - Rugosana verrucosa
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Tribe Hyalojassini
Genus Momoria
Species bisignata - Momoria bisignata
Species californica - Momoria californica
Species magna - Momoria magna
Genus Penestragania
Species alabamensis - Penestragania alabamensis
Species apicalis - Penestragania apicalis
Species robusta - Penestragania robusta
Tribe Iassini
Genus Iassus
Species lanio - Iassus lanio
Tribe Selenomorphini
Genus Pachyopsis
Species laetus - Pachyopsis laetus
Subfamily Ledrinae - Flat-headed Leafhoppers
Genus Xerophloea
Species foveolata - Xerophloea foveolata
Species majesta - Xerophloea majesta
Species major - Xerophloea major
Species peltata - Xerophloea peltata
Species viridis - Xerophloea viridis
Subfamily Megophthalminae
Tribe Agalliini
Genus Agallia
Species albidula - Agallia albidula
Species barretti - Agallia barretti
Species bidactylata - Agallia bidactylata
Species constricta - Constricted Leafhopper
Species deleta - Agallia deleta
Species lingulata - Agallia lingulata
Species nielsoni - Agallia nielsoni
Species obesa - Agallia obesa
Species pumila - Agallia pumila
Species quadripunctata - Four-spotted Clover Leafhopper
No Taxon constricta or quadripunctata
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Agalliopsis
No Taxon subgenus Agallaria
Species cervina - Agalliopsis cervina
Species minor - Agalliopsis minor
Species peneoculata - Agalliopsis peneoculata
No Taxon subgenus Agalliopsis
Species novella - Agalliopsis novella
Species novellina - Agalliopsis novellina
Species variabilis - Agalliopsis variabilis
No Taxon subgenus Incertae sedis
Species ancistra - Agalliopsis ancistra
Species stella - Agalliopsis stella
Genus Ceratagallia
No Taxon subgenus Ceratagallia
Species aplopappi - Ceratagallia aplopappi
Species artemisia - Ceratagallia artemisia
Species bigeloviae - Ceratagallia bigeloviae
Species califa - Ceratagallia califa
Species dondia - Ceratagallia dondia
Species gillettei - Ceratagallia gillettei
Species grisea - Ceratagallia grisea
Species lobata - Ceratagallia lobata
Species loma - Ceratagallia loma
Species neodona - Ceratagallia neodona
Species nubila - Ceratagallia nubila
Species vipera - Ceratagallia vipera
Species ovata - Ceratagallia ovata
Species tergata - Ceratagallia tergata
Species sordida - Ceratagallia sordida
No Taxon subgenus Aceratagallia
Species agricola - American Clover Leafhopper
Species arida - Ceratagallia arida
Species calcaris - Ceratagallia calcaris
Species californica - Ceratagallia californica
Species cerea - Ceratagallia cerea
Species clino - Ceratagallia clino
Species coma - Ceratagallia coma
Species cristula - Ceratagallia cristula
Species curta - Ceratagallia curta
Species curvata - Ceratagallia curvata
Species harrisi - Ceratagallia harrisi
Species humilis - Canadian Clover Leafhopper
Subspecies alvarana - Ceratagallia humilis alvarana
Subspecies humilis - Ceratagallia humilis humilis
Subspecies interior - Ceratagallia humilis interior
Species gallus - Ceratagallia gallus
Species inconspicua - Ceratagallia inconspicua
Species longula - Ceratagallia longula
Species lophia - Ceratagallia lophia
Species nana - Ceratagallia nana
Species nanella - Ceratagallia nanella
Subspecies zacki - Ceratagallia nanella zacki
Subspecies nanella - Ceratagallia nanella nanella
Species nitidula - Ceratagallia nitidula
Species obscura - Ceratagallia obscura
Species okanagana - Ceratagallia okanagana
Species omani - Ceratagallia omani
Species pallida - Ceratagallia pallida
Species robusta - Ceratagallia robusta
Subspecies whitcombi - Ceratagallia robusta whitcombi
Species rossi - Ceratagallia rossi
Species sanguinolenta - Clover Leafhopper
Species semiarida - Ceratagallia semiarida
Species siccifolia - Ceratagallia siccifolia
Subspecies compressa - Ceratagallia siccifolia compressa
Subspecies alaskana - Ceratagallia siccifolia alaskana
Species triunata - Ceratagallia triunata
Species uhleri - Ceratagallia uhleri
Species viator - Ceratagallia viator
Species vulgaris - Ceratagallia vulgaris
Tribe Megophthalmini
Genus Brenda
Species arborea - Brenda arborea
Genus Tiaja
Species arenaria - Tiaja arenaria
Species cruzensis - Tiaja cruzensis
Species insula - Tiaja insula
Subfamily Neocoelidiinae
Genus Coelella
Species distincta - Coelella distincta
Genus Neocoelidia
Species beameri - Neocoelidia beameri
Species candida - Neocoelidia candida
Species compta - Neocoelidia compta
Species fuscovittata - Neocoelidia fuscovittata
Species lineata - Neocoelidia lineata
Species orientalis - Neocoelidia orientalis
Species pallida - Neocoelidia pallida
Subspecies acuta - Neocoelidia pallida acuta
Species pulchella - Neocoelidia pulchella
Species ramona - Neocoelidia ramona
Species romantica - Neocoelidia romantica
Species tripunctata - Neocoelidia tripunctata
Species tuberculata - Neocoelidia tuberculata
Species tumidifrons - Neocoelidia tumidifrons
Species vittapennis - Neocoelidia vittapennis
Genus Neocoelidiana
Species obscura - Neocoelidiana obscura
Subfamily Nioniinae
Genus Nionia
Species palmeri - Nionia palmeri
Subfamily Typhlocybinae - Microleafhoppers
Tribe Alebrini
Genus Alebra
Species aurea - Alebra aurea
Species bicincta - Alebra bicincta
Species eburnea - Alebra eburnea
Species elegans - Alebra elegans
Species floridae - Alebra floridae
Species fumida - Alebra fumida
Species rubrafrons - Alebra rubrafrons
Species thoracica - Alebra thoracica
Species wahlbergi - Alebra wahlbergi
Genus Barela
Genus Brunerella
Species magnifica - Bourreria Leafhopper
Genus Diceratalebra
Species sanguinolinea - Diceratalebra sanguinolinea
Species interrogata - Wild Olive Leafhopper
Genus Protalebra
Species nexa - Protalebra nexa
Genus Protalebrella
Species brasiliensis - Brazilian Leafhopper
Species conica - Protalebrella conica
Genus Rabela
Species tabebuiae - Tabebuia Leafhopper
Genus Trypanalebra
Species balli - Trypanalebra balli
Species maculata - Trypanalebra maculata
Tribe Dikraneurini
Genus Alconeura
No Taxon subgenus Alconeura
Species bisagittata - Alconeura bisagittata
Species cinctella - Alconeura cinctella
Species derecta - Alconeura derecta
Species dodonana - Alconeura dodonana
Species dorsalis - Alconeura dorsalis
Species fulminea - Alconeura fulminea
Species lappa - Alconeura lappa
Species luculenta - Alconeura luculenta
Species nudata - Alconeura nudata
Species macra - Alconeura macra
Species necopinata - Alconeura necopinata
Species quadrimaculata - Sycamore leafhopper
Species rotundata - Alconeura rotundata
Species tricolor - Alconeura tricolor
Species unipuncta - Alconeura unipuncta
No Taxon subgenus Hyloidea
Species beameri - Alconeura beameri
Genus Dikraneura
No Taxon subgenus Dikraneura
Species abnormis - Dikraneura abnormis
Species absenta - Dikraneura absenta
Species angustata - Dikraneura angustata
Species arizona - Dikraneura arizona
Species carneola - Dikraneura carneola
Species mali - Dikraneura mali
Species rufula - Dikraneura rufula
Species cf-urbana - Dikraneura cf-urbana
Genus Dikrella
No Taxon subgenus Readionia
Species cedrelae - Dikrella cedrelae
No Taxon subgenus Dikrella
Species aegra - Dikrella aegra
Species californica - Blackberry Leafhopper
Species cockerelli - Dikrella cockerelli
Species cruentata - Dikrella cruentata
Species hamar - Dikrella hamar
Species maculata - Dikrella maculata
Species scimitar - Dikrella scimitar
Genus Forcipata
Species ancantha - Forcipata ancantha
Species calipera - Forcipata calipera
Species frigida - Forcipata frigida
Species ips - Forcipata ips
Species loca - Forcipata loca
Species montana - Forcipata montana
Species triquetra - Forcipata triquetra
Species unica - Forcipata unica
Species xlix - Forcipata xlix
Genus Idona
Species minuenda - Idona minuenda
Genus Kidrella
Genus Kunzeana
Species kunzei - Kunzeana kunzei
Genus Kunzella
Genus Notus
Species isolatus - Notus isolatus
Genus Parallaxis
Species guzmani - Parallaxis guzmani
Genus Typhlocybella
Species minima - Typhlocybella minima
Genus Youngszella
Tribe Empoascini
Subtribe Empoascina
Genus Chlorita
Species nearctica - Chlorita nearctica
Genus Coccineasca
Species banksianae - Coccineasca banksianae
Species coccinea - Coccineasca coccinea
Genus Empoasca
Species fabae - Potato Leafhopper
Species hastosa - Empoasca hastosa
Species kittelbergeri - "Empoasca" kittelbergeri
Species kraemeri - Empoasca kraemeri
Species mexara - Empoasca mexara
Species murrayi - "Empoasca" murrayi
Species n-species - "Empoasca" n. sp.
Genus Hebata
No Taxon subgenus Alboneurasca
Species alboneura - Hebata alboneura
No Taxon subgenus Hebata
Species alboscripta - Hebata alboscripta
Species bifurcata - Hebata bifurcata
Species denaria - Hebata denaria
Species erigeron - Hebata erigeron
Species esuma - Hebata esuma
Species junipera - Hebata junipera
Species nigroscuta - Hebata nigroscuta
Species radiata - Hebata radiata
Species recta - Hebata recta
Species ruficeps - Hebata ruficeps
Species volsella - Hebata volsella
Species zanclus - Hebata zanclus
No Taxon ensiformis or pelecana
No Taxon subgenus Signatasca
Species vincula - Hebata vincula
Genus Kyboasca
Species atrolabes - Kyboasca atrolabes
Species bipunctata - Kyboasca bipunctata
Species maligna - Kyboasca maligna
Species papyriferae - Kyboasca papyriferae
Species pergandei - Kyboasca pergandei
Species splendida - Kyboasca splendida
Species trilobata - Kyboasca trilobata
No Taxon n. sp. nr. splendida
Genus Kybos
Species alaskana - Kybos alaskana
Species andresia - Kybos andresia
Species caesarsi - Kybos caesarsi
Species columbiana - Kybos columbiana
Species coronatus - Kybos coronatus
Species copula - Kybos copula
Species dissimilaris - Kybos dissimilaris
Species empusa - Kybos empusa
Species hartzelli - Kybos hartzelli
Species luda - Kybos luda
Species petiolaridis - Kybos petiolaridis
Species rossi - Kybos rossi
Species sublactea - Kybos sublactea
Species transversa - Kybos transversa
Species trifasciatus - Kybos trifasciatus
Species tigris - Kybos tigris
Species yukonensis - Kybos yukonensis
Genus Matsumurasca
No Taxon subgenus Matsumurasca
Species calcara - Matsumurasca calcara
Species chelata - Matsumurasca chelata
Species convergens - Matsumurasca convergens
Species elongata - Matsumurasca elongata
Species perelegans - Matsumurasca perelegans
Subtribe Jorumina
Genus Joruma
Species minuta - Joruma minuta
Species pisca - Joruma pisca
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Erythroneurini
Genus Alnetoidia
Species alneti - Alnetoidia alneti
Genus Erasmoneura
No Taxon atra complex
Species atra - Erasmoneura atra
Species nigra - Erasmoneura nigra
No Taxon vulnerata complex
Species variabilis - Variegated Leafhopper
Species vulnerata - Erasmoneura vulnerata
Species bipentagona - Erasmoneura bipentagona
Species caerula - Erasmoneura caerula
Species emeljanovi - Erasmoneura emeljanovi
Species fulmina - Erasmoneura fulmina
Species latiloba - Erasmoneura latiloba
Species margaritae - Erasmoneura margaritae
Species mixta - Erasmoneura mixta
Species nigerrima - Erasmoneura nigerrima
Species rubricata - Erasmoneura rubricata
Species tricuspidata - Erasmoneura tricuspidata
No Taxon nr. bipentagona
Genus Eratoneura
No Taxon accola group
Species accola - Eratoneura accola
Species externa - Eratoneura externa
Species hymac - Eratoneura hymac
No Taxon basilaris group
Species affinis - Eratoneura affinis
Species basilaris - Eratoneura basilaris
No Taxon bella group
Species bella - Eratoneura bella
Species fulleri - Eratoneura fulleri
No Taxon bifida group
Species paraesculi - Eratoneura paraesculi
No Taxon era group
Species era - Eratoneura era
Species micheneri - Eratoneura micheneri
Species stoveri - Eratoneura stoveri
No Taxon trivittata group
Species arpegia - Eratoneura arpegia
Species trivittata - Eratoneura trivittata
Species abjecta - Eratoneura abjecta
Species acantha - Eratoneura acantha
Species adunca - Eratoneura adunca
Species ardens - Eratoneura ardens
Species beeri - Eratoneura beeri
Species bigemina - Eratoneura bigemina
Species carmini - Eratoneura carmini
Species certa - Eratoneura certa
Species comoides - Eratoneura comoides
Species confirmata - Eratoneura confirmata
Species emquu - Eratoneura emquu
Species forfex - Eratoneura nr. forfex
Species gillettei - Eratoneura gillettei
Species hartii - Red Apple Leafhopper
Species haysensis - Eratoneura haysensis
Species hymettana - Eratoneura hymettana
Species igella - Eratoneura igella
Species imbricariae - Eratoneura imbricariae
Species inepta - Eratoneura inepta
Species lenta - Eratoneura lenta
Species ligata - Eratoneura ligata
Species lunata - Eratoneura lunata
No Taxon nr. lunata
Species lundi - Eratoneura lundi
Species lusoria - Eratoneura lusoria
Species macra - Eratoneura macra
Species manus - Eratoneura manus
Species marilandicae - Eratoneura marilandicae
Species mira - Eratoneura mira
Species mirifica - Eratoneura mirifica
Species morgani - Eratoneura morgani
Species nigriventer - Eratoneura nigriventer
Species noncuspidis - Eratoneura noncuspidis
Species opulenta - Eratoneura opulenta
Species osborni - Eratoneura osborni
Species parallela - Eratoneura parallela
Species parva - Eratoneura parva
Species restricta - Eratoneura restricta
Species rotunda - Eratoneura rotunda
Species rubraza - Eratoneura rubraza
Species stephensoni - Eratoneura stephensoni
Species ungulata - Eratoneura ungulata
Species unica - Eratoneura unica
No Taxon "Dotted" Eratoneura
Genus Erythridula
No Taxon kanza group
Species kanza - Erythridula kanza
Species ulmosa - Erythridula ulmosa
No Taxon noeva group
Species noeva - Erythridula noeva
Species penenoeva - Erythridula penenoeva
Species pfrimmeri - Erythridula pfrimmeri
No Taxon stolata group
Species divisa - Erythridula divisa
Species lawsoniana - Erythridula lawsoniana
Species ohioensis - Erythridula ohioensis
Species rufostigmosa - Erythridula rufostigmosa
Species similalis - Erythridula similalis
Species stolata - Erythridula stolata
Species wysongi - Erythridula wysongi
No Taxon divisa, rufostigmosa or stolata
Species abolla - Erythridula abolla
Species acicularis - Erythridula acicularis
Species amabilis - Erythridula amabilis
Species aspera - Erythridula aspera
Species auteni - Erythridula auteni
Species bitincta - Erythridula bitincta
Species brundusa - Erythridula brundusa
Species clavata - Erythridula clavata
Species cotidiana - Erythridula cotidiana
Species crataegi - Erythridula crataegi
Species crevecoeuri - Erythridula crevecoeuri
Species cruciformis - Erythridula cruciformis
Species diffisa - Erythridula diffisa
Species electa - Erythridula electa
Species frisoni - Erythridula frisoni
Species fumida - Erythridula fumida
Species hamata - Erythridula hamata
Species infinita - Erythridula infinita
Species insigna - Erythridula insigna
Species jocosa - Erythridula jocosa
Species lemnisca - Erythridula lemnisca
Species minuta - Erythridula minuta
Species nitida - Erythridula nitida
Species nondescripta - Erythridula nondescripta
Species parsonsi - Erythridula parsonsi
Species penelutea - Erythridula penelutea
Species perita - Erythridula perita
Species plena - Erythridula plena
Species praecisa - Erythridula praecisa
Species rubrataeniensis - Erythridula rubrataeniensis
Species tenebrosa - Erythridula tenebrosa
Species verdana - Erythridula verdana
Species victorialis - Erythridula victorialis
Species volucris - Erythridula volucris
No Taxon aesculella or rubroscuta
Genus Erythroneura
No Taxon coloradensis group
Species bakeri - Erythroneura bakeri
Species coloradensis - Erythroneura coloradensis
Species elegantula - Western Grape Leafhopper
Species triapitsyni - Erythroneura triapitsyni
No Taxon comes group
Species aza - Erythroneura aza
Species beameri - Erythroneura beameri
Species browni - Erythroneura browni
Species comes - Eastern Grape Leafhopper
Species nudata - Erythroneura nudata
Species vaga - Erythroneura vaga
No Taxon w/ Interconnected Orange Lines
No Taxon w/out Interconnected Orange Lines
No Taxon elegans group
Species anfracta - Erythroneura anfracta
Species caetra - Erythroneura caetra
Species elegans - Erythroneura elegans
Species rosa - Erythroneura rosa
No Taxon fraxa group
Species acuticephala - Erythroneura acuticephala
Species fraxa - Erythroneura fraxa
No Taxon rubrella group
Species bidens - Erythroneura bidens
Species corni - Erythroneura corni
Species rubrella - Erythroneura rubrella
No Taxon corni or rubrella
No Taxon tricincta group
Species calycula - Erythroneura calycula
Species carinata - Erythroneura carinata
Species cymbium - Erythroneura cymbium
Species diva - Erythroneura diva
Species integra - Erythroneura integra
Species tricincta - Three-banded Leafhopper
No Taxon ziczac group
Species fiduciaria - Erythroneura fiduciaria
Species kanwakae - Erythroneura kanwakae
Species prima - Erythroneura prima
Species vitifex - Vine Leafhopper
Species ziczac - Virginia Creeper Leafhopper
Species aclys - Erythroneura aclys
Species bistrata - Erythroneura bistrata
Species cancellata - Erythroneura cancellata
Species delicata - Erythroneura delicata
Species festiva - Erythroneura festiva
Species infuscata - Erythroneura infuscata
Species octonotata - Erythroneura octonotata
Species palimpsesta - Erythroneura palimpsesta
Species pontifex - Erythroneura pontifex
Species prosata - Erythroneura prosata
Species reflecta - Erythroneura reflecta
Species rubra - Erythroneura rubra
Species tacita - Erythroneura tacita
Species vagabunda - Erythroneura vagabunda
Species vitis - Grapevine Leafhopper
Genus Hepzygina
Species aprica - Hepzygina aprica
Species milleri - Hepzygina milleri
Genus Hymetta
Species anthisma - Hymetta anthisma
Species arizoniana - Hymetta arizoniana
Species balteata - Hymetta balteata
Species kansasensis - Hymetta kansasensis
Species trifasciata - Hymetta trifasciata
Genus Illinigina
Species illinoiensis - Illinigina illinoiensis
Genus Neozygina
Species apacha - Neozygina apacha
Species balli - Neozygina balli
Species davisi - Neozygina davisi
Species huachucana - Neozygina huachucana
Species veracruzensis - Neozygina veracruzensis
Genus Rossmoneura
Species calva - Rossmoneura calva
Species carbonata - Rossmoneura carbonata
Species tecta - Rossmoneura tecta
Genus Tautoneura
Species polymitusa - Tautoneura polymitusa
Genus Zygina
Species flammigera - Zygina flammigera
Genus Zyginama
Species agnata - Zyginama agnata
Species arizonica - Zyginama arizonica
Species aucta - Zyginama aucta
Species blanda - Zyginama blanda
Species casta - Zyginama casta
Species cf-coahuilensis - Zyginama cf-coahuilensis
Species erosa - Zyginama erosa
Species munda - Zyginama munda
Species nicholi - Zyginama nicholi
Species cf-queretarensis - Zyginama cf-queretarensis
Species ritana - Zyginama ritana
Species rossi - Zyginama rossi
Species spectabilis - Zyginama spectabilis
Species ternaria - Zyginama ternaria
Species tricolor - Zyginama tricolor
Species tripunctata - Zyginama tripunctata
Tribe Typhlocybini
Genus Aguriahana
Species stellulata - Aguriahana stellulata
Genus Edwardsiana
Species commissuralis - Edwardsiana commissuralis
Species lethierryi - Edwardsiana lethierryi
Species prunicola - Prune Leafhopper
Species pseudocommissuralis - Edwardsiana pseudocommissuralis
Species rosae - Rose Leafhopper
Species tersa - Edwardsiana tersa
Genus Empoa
Species albicans - Empoa albicans
Species apicata - Empoa apicata
Species aureotecta - Empoa aureotecta
Species bella - Empoa bella
Species casta - Empoa casta
Species gillettei - Empoa gillettei
Species latifasciata - Empoa latifasciata
Species platana - Empoa platana
Species querci - Empoa querci
Species rubricola - Empoa rubricola
Species saffrana - Empoa saffrana
Species scripta - Empoa scripta
Species spinosa - Empoa spinosa
Species unifasciata - Empoa unifasciata
Species venusta - Empoa venusta
Species vestita - Empoa vestita
Species n-species - Empoa n. sp.
No Taxon [PLEASE DELETE] subgenus Empoa
Genus Eupterella
Species huachucae - Eupterella huachucae
Genus Eupteryx
Species artemisiae - Eupteryx artemisiae
Species atropunctata - Eupteryx atropunctata
Species decemnotata - Ligurian Leafhopper
Species filicum - Eupteryx filicum
Species flavoscuta - Eupteryx flavoscuta
Species furcata - Eupteryx furcata
Species melissae - Sage Leafhopper
Species nigra - Eupteryx nigra
Species omani - Eupteryx omani
Species vittata - Eupteryx vittata
Species vanduzei - Eupteryx vanduzei
Genus Eurhadina
Species concinna - Eurhadina concinna
Genus Fagocyba
Species douglasi - European Beech Leafhopper
Genus Henribautia
Species beameri - Henribautia beameri
Species hubbardi - Henribautia hubbardi
Species nigricephala - Henribautia nigricephala
Genus Mcateeana
Species sexnotata - Mcateeana sexnotata
Genus Ossiannilssonola
Species antigone - Ossiannilssonola antigone
Species appendiculata - Ossiannilssonola appendiculata
Species australis - Ossiannilssonola australis
Species berenice - Ossiannilssonola berenice
Species clymene - Ossiannilssonola clymene
Species danae - Ossiannilssonola danae
Species duplicata - Ossiannilssonola duplicata
Species flavomarginata - Ossiannilssonola flavomarginata
Species hinei - Ossiannilssonola hinei
Species mcateei - Ossiannilssonola mcateei
Species phryne - Ossiannilssonola phryne
Species quadrata - Ossiannilssonola quadrata
Species serrula - Ossiannilssonola serrula
Species tunicarubra - Ossiannilssonola tunicarubra
Species ulmi - Ossiannilssonola ulmi
Species volans - Ossiannilssonola volans
Species aff-rossi - Ossiannilssonola possibly undescribed aff. rossi
Genus Ribautiana
Species tenerrima - Bramble Leafhopper
Species ulmi - European Elm Leafhopper
Species unca - Ribautiana unca
Genus Typhlocyba
Species arsinoe - Typhlocyba arsinoe
Species cassiopeia - Typhlocyba cassiopeia
Species modesta - Typhlocyba modesta
Species putmani - Typhlocyba putmani
Species quercus - Typhlocyba quercus
Species transviridis - Typhlocyba transviridis
Species unicorn - Typhlocyba unicorn
Genus Zonocyba
Species bifasciata - Zonocyba bifasciata
Species hockingensis - Zonocyba hockingensis
Species hollandi - Zonocyba hollandi
Species pomaria - White Apple Leafhopper
No Taxon unidentified immature stages
No Taxon unidentified immature stages
Family Membracidae - Typical Treehoppers
Subfamily Membracinae
Tribe Aconophorini
Genus Aconophora
Species compressa - Lantana Treehopper
Tribe Hoplophorionini
Genus Ochropepla
Species inaequalis - Ochropepla inaequalis
Genus Platycotis
Species cf-acutangula - Platycotis cf-acutangula
Species maritima - Platycotis maritima
Species minax - Platycotis minax
Species tuberculata - Platycotis tuberculata
Species vittata - Oak Treehopper
No Taxon undescribed species CA 1
No Taxon undescribed species CA 2
No Taxon unknown western green species
Genus Umbonia
Species crassicornis - Thorn Treehopper
Tribe Hypsoprorini
Genus Hypsoprora
Species simplex - Hypsoprora simplex
Species nogolata - Hypsoprora nogolata
Genus Philya
Species ferruginosa - Philya ferruginosa
Species californiensis - Philya californiensis
Genus Scalmophorus
Species minutus - Scalmophorus minutus
Tribe Membracini
Genus Bolbonota
Species tuberculata - Bolbonota tuberculata
Genus Enchenopa
Species binotata - Enchenopa binotata
Species brevis - Enchenopa brevis
Species latipes - Wide-footed Treehopper
Species permutata - Enchenopa permutata
Species sericea - Enchenopa sericea
Species on-betula - undescribed species that feeds on birch
Species on-carya - undescribed species that feeds on hickory
Species on-ceanothus-americanus - undescribed species that feeds on new jersey tea
Species on-ceanothus-herbaceus - possible undescribed species that feeds on prairie redroot
Species on-cercis-canadensis - undescribed species that feeds on redbud
Species on-halesia - undescribed species that feeds on silverbell
Species on-juglans-cinerea - undescribed species that feeds on butternut
Species on-juglans-nigra - undescribed species that feeds on black walnut
Species on-liriodendron-tulipifera - undescribed species that feeds on tulip tree
Species on-ptelea-trifoliata - undescribed species that feeds on hoptree
Species on-prunus-serotina - possible undescribed species that feeds on black cherry
Species on-robinia-pseudoacacia - undescribed species that feeds on black locust
Species on-sideroxylon-lanuginosum - undescribed species that feeds on gum bumelia
Species on-tilia-americana - undescribed species that feeds on basswood
No Taxon undescribed species on Viburnum
Species on-viburnum-lentago - undescribed species that feeds on nannyberry
Species on-viburnum-prunifolium - undescribed species that feeds on blackhaw
Species on-viburnum-nudum - possible undescribed species that feeds on smooth withe-rod
Species on-viburnum-rufidulum - possible undescribed species that feeds on rusty blackhaw
Species n-sp-az-i - undescribed species AZ 1 (unknown host)
Species n-sp-az-ii - undescribed species AZ 2 (on Dalea)
No Taxon on unspecified Juglans species
No Taxon binotata-complex unknown host
No Taxon binotata-complex unlikely host
Genus Leioscyta
Species ferruginipennis - Leioscyta ferruginipennis
Species pallidipennis - Leioscyta pallidipennis
Genus Tylopelta
Species gibbera - Tylopelta gibbera
Tribe Talipedini
Genus Erechtia
Subfamily Darninae
Tribe Darnini
Genus Hebetica
Species sylviae - Hebetica sylviae
Genus Stictopelta
Species caerulea - Stictopelta caerulea
Species marmorata - Stictopelta marmorata
Species nova - Stictopelta nova
Species pulchella - Stictopelta pulchella
Species varians - Stictopelta varians
No Taxon unknown species TX
Subfamily Smiliinae
Tribe Acutalini
Genus Acutalis
Species tartarea - Acutalis tartarea
Tribe Amastrini
Genus Bajulata
Species bajula - Bajulata bajula
Genus Amastris
Species templa - Amastris templa
Species lycioda - Amastris lycioda
Genus Idioderma
Species virescens - Idioderma virescens
No Taxon undescribed species CA 2
No Taxon undescribed species CA 1
Genus Vanduzea
Species albifrons - Vanduzea albifrons
Species arquata - Black Locust Treehopper
Species laeta - Vanduzea laeta
Species nolina - Vanduzea nolina
Species segmentata - Vanduzea segmentata
Species triguttata - Three-spotted Treehopper
No Taxon laeta or segmentata
Tribe Ceresini - Buffalo Treehoppers and allies
Genus Anisostylus
Species fulgidus - Anisostylus fulgidus
Species gillettei - Anisostylus gillettei
Species stylatus - Anisostylus stylatus
Genus Hadrophallus
Species bubalus - Hadrophallus bubalus
Species varians - Hadrophallus varians
Genus Paraceresa
Species colon - Paraceresa colon
Genus Parantonae
Species arida - Parantonae arida
Species hispida - Parantonae hispida
Genus Spissistilus
Species femoratus - Spissistilus femoratus
Species festinus - Three-cornered Alfalfa Hopper
Species nigricans - Spissistilus nigricans
Species occidentalis - Spissistilus occidentalis
Species rotundatus - Spissistilus rotundatus
Species uniformis - Spissistilus uniformis
Genus Stictocephala
Species albescens - Stictocephala albescens
Species alta - Stictocephala alta
Species basalis - Stictocephala basalis
Species bisonia - Buffalo Treehopper
Species brevicornis - Stictocephala brevicornis
Species brevis - Stictocephala brevis
Species brevitylus - Stictocephala brevitylus
Subspecies brevitylus - Stictocephala brevitylus brevitylus
Subspecies dolichotylus - Stictocephala brevitylus dolichotylus
Species diceros - Two-horned Treehopper
Species diminuta - Stictocephala diminuta
Species lutea - Stictocephala lutea
Species militaris - Stictocephala militaris
Species nervosa - Stictocephala nervosa
Species palmeri - Stictocephala palmeri
Species stimulea - Stictocephala stimulea
Species substriata - Stictocephala substriata
Species taurina - Stictocephala taurina
Species tauriniformis - Stictocephala tauriniformis
Genus Stictolobus
Species arcuatus - Stictolobus arcuatus
Species borealis - Stictolobus borealis
Species minutus - Stictolobus minutus
Genus Tortistilus
Species abnorma - Tortistilus abnorma
Species albidosparsus - Tortistilus albidosparsus
Species collinus - Tortistilus collinus
Species curvatus - Tortistilus curvatus
Species inermis - Tortistilus inermis
Species lateralis - Tortistilus lateralis
Species pacificus - Tortistilus pacificus
Species minutus - Tortistilus minutus
Species trilineatus - Tortistilus trilineatus
Species wickhami - Tortistilus wickhami
No Taxon pacificus or wickhami
No Taxon unknown species TX
Genus Trichaetipyga
Species infantilis - Trichaetipyga infantilis
Species juniperina - Trichaetipyga juniperina
Genus Vestistilus
Species ancora - Vestistilus ancora
Species patruelis - Vestistilus patruelis
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Micrutalini
Genus Micrutalis
Species calva - Honeylocust Treehopper
Species dorsalis - Micrutalis dorsalis
Species flava - Micrutalis flava
Species malleifera - Pseudo-Curly Top Treehopper
Species occidentalis - Micrutalis occidentalis
Species pallens - Micrutalis pallens
Species parva - Micrutalis parva
No Taxon possibly undescribed species TX
Tribe Polyglyptini
Genus Aphetea
Species inconspicua - Aphetea inconspicua
Genus Bryantopsis
Species ensigera - Bryantopsis ensigera
Genus Entylia
Species carinata - Keeled Treehopper
Subspecies concisa - Entylia carinata concisa
Genus Polyglypta
Species dorsalis - Polyglypta dorsalis
Genus Publilia
Species concava - Publilia concava
Species erecta - Publilia erecta
Species modesta - Publilia modesta
Species porrecta - Publilia porrecta
Species reticulata - Publilia reticulata
Tribe Smiliini
Genus Ashmeadea
Species carinata - Ashmeadea carinata
Genus Atymna
Species castaneae - Atymna castaneae
Species helena - Atymna helena
Species inornata - Atymna inornata
Species querci - Atymna querci
Species reticulata - Atymna reticulata
Species simplex - Atymna simplex
Genus Cyrtolobus
Species acuminatus - Cyrtolobus acuminatus
Species acutus - Cyrtolobus acutus
Species arcuatus - Cyrtolobus arcuatus
Species arizonae - Cyrtolobus arizonae
Species auroreus - Cyrtolobus auroreus
Species celsus - Cyrtolobus celsus
Species cinctus - Cyrtolobus cinctus
Species cinereus - Cyrtolobus cinereus
Species clarus - Cyrtolobus clarus
Species coronatus - Cyrtolobus coronatus
Species discoidalis - Cyrtolobus discoidalis
Species dixianus - Cyrtolobus dixianus
Species fenestratus - Cyrtolobus fenestratus
Species flavolatus - Cyrtolobus flavolatus
Species frigidus - Cyrtolobus frigidus
Species fuliginosus - Cyrtolobus fuliginosus
Species funkhouseri - Cyrtolobus funkhouseri
Species fuscipennis - Cyrtolobus fuscipennis
Species gloveri - Cyrtolobus gloveri
Species gramatanus - Cyrtolobus gramatanus
Species gratiosus - Cyrtolobus gratiosus
Species griseus - Cyrtolobus griseus
Species inermis - Cyrtolobus inermis
Species limus - Cyrtolobus limus
Species maculifrontis - Cyrtolobus maculifrontis
Species maxinei - Cyrtolobus maxinei
Species oblongatus - Cyrtolobus oblongatus
Species ovatus - Cyrtolobus ovatus
Species pallidifrontis - Cyrtolobus pallidifrontis
Species parvulus - Cyrtolobus parvulus
Species pictus - Cyrtolobus pictus
Species pulchellus - Cyrtolobus pulchellus
Species puritanus - Cyrtolobus puritanus
Species rufulus - Cyrtolobus rufulus
Species sculptus - Cyrtolobus sculptus
Species togatus - Cyrtolobus togatus
Species tuberosus - Cyrtolobus tuberosus
Species vanduzii - Cyrtolobus vanduzii
Species vau - Cyrtolobus vau
Species viridis - Cyrtolobus viridis
Species woodruffi - Cyrtolobus woodruffi
No Taxon arizonae, frigidus, or oblongatus
No Taxon gratiosus, intermedius, puritanus, togatus, or near
Species n-sp-fl - Cyrtolobus undescribed Florida "rufulus"
No Taxon nr. rufulus TX
No Taxon unknown AZ
No Taxon unknown UT 1
No Taxon dorsal images unidentifiable to species
Genus Grandolobus
Species grandis - Grandolobus grandis
Genus Ophiderma
Species compacta - Ophiderma compacta
Species definita - Ophiderma definita
Species evelyna - Ophiderma evelyna
Species flava - Ophiderma flava
Species flavicephala - Ophiderma flavicephala
Species grisea - Ophiderma grisea
Species infantilis - Ophiderma infantilis
Species pallida - Ophiderma pallida
Species panda - Ophiderma panda
Species pubescens - Ophiderma pubescens
Species salamandra - Ophiderma salamandra
Species stonei - Ophiderma stonei
Species tricincta - Ophiderma tricincta
No Taxon new eastern species
No Taxon nr. definita NH
No Taxon unknown species gulf states
No Taxon definita, grisea, pubescens, or salamandra males
Genus Smilia
Species camelus - Camel Treehopper
Species fasciata - Smilia fasciata
Genus Xantholobus
Species altus - Xantholobus altus
Species arenatus - Xantholobus arenatus
Species arizonensis - Xantholobus arizonensis
Species coconinus - Xantholobus coconinus
Species hirsutus - Xantholobus hirsutus
Species inflatus - Xantholobus inflatus
Species intermedius - Xantholobus intermedius
Species lateralis - Xantholobus lateralis
Species muticus - Xantholobus muticus
Species nigrocinctus - Xantholobus nigrocinctus
Species nitidus - Xantholobus nitidus
Species tumidus - Xantholobus tumidus
No Taxon teneral adults and damaged pronota
No Taxon undetermined nymphs + exuviae
Tribe Telamonini
Genus Archasia
Species auriculata - Archasia auriculata
Species belfragei - Archasia belfragei
Species pallida - Archasia pallida
Genus Carynota
Species maculata - Carynota maculata
Species marmorata - Marbled Treehopper
Species mera - Carynota mera
Species stupida - Stupid Treehopper
Genus Glossonotus
Species acuminatus - Glossonotus acuminatus
No Taxon atypical form
Species crataegi - Quince Treehopper
Species nimbatulus - Glossonotus nimbatulus
Species turriculatus - Glossonotus turriculatus
Species univittatus - Glossonotus univittatus
Genus Heliria
Species clitella - Heliria clitella
Species cornutula - Heliria cornutula
Species cristata - Heliria cristata
Species fitchi - Heliria fitchi
Species gemma - Heliria gemma
Species gibberata - Heliria gibberata
Species molaris - Heliria molaris
Species praealta - Heliria praealta
Subspecies praealta - Heliria praealta praealta
Subspecies rubidella - Heliria praealta rubidella
Species scalaris - Heliria scalaris
Subspecies clivulata - Heliria scalaris clivulata
Species sinuata - Heliria sinuata
Species strombergi - Heliria strombergi
No Taxon cornutula or gibberata
Genus Palonica
Species pyramidata - Palonica pyramidata
Subspecies ampliata - Palonica pyramidata ampliata
Subspecies declivata - Palonica pyramidata declivata
Subspecies nasuta - Palonica pyramidata nasuta
Subspecies portola - Palonica pyramidata portola
Subspecies pyramidata - Palonica pyramidata pyramidata
Species tremulata - Aspen Treehopper
Species viridia - Palonica viridia
Genus Telamona
Species ampelopsidis - Virginia Creeper Treehopper
Subspecies ampelopsidis - Telamona ampelopsidis ampelopsidis
Subspecies tigrina - Telamona ampelopsidis tigrina
Species archboldi - Telamona archboldi
Species californica - Telamona californica
Species calva - Telamona calva
Species collina - Sycamore Treehopper
Species compacta - Telamona compacta
Species concava - Telamona concava
Species coronata - Telamona coronata
Species decorata - Telamona decorata
Species dorana - Telamona dorana
Species dubiosa - Telamona dubiosa
Species excelsa - Telamona excelsa
Species extrema - Telamona extrema
Species gibbera - Telamona gibbera
Species maculata - Telamona maculata
Species monticola - Telamona monticola
Species projecta - Telamona projecta
Species reclivata - Telamona reclivata
Species spreta - Telamona spreta
Species stephani - Telamona stephani
Species subfalcata - Telamona subfalcata
Species tarda - Telamona tarda
Species tiliae - Basswood Treehopper
Species tristis - Telamona tristis
Subspecies coryli - Telamona tristis coryli
Subspecies jucunda - Telamona tristis jucunda
Subspecies tristis - Telamona tristis tristis
Species vestita - Telamona vestita
Subspecies carynotana - Telamona vestita carynotana
Subspecies vestita - Telamona vestita vestita
Species westcotti - Telamona westcotti
Species woodruffi - Telamona woodruffi
No Taxon undescribed species FL
No Taxon CA Telamonini 1 — possibly undescribed sp. California
No Taxon decorata or tarda
No Taxon decorata or tiliae
No Taxon unknown species UT
Genus Telamonanthe
Species rileyi - Telamonanthe rileyi
Species pulchella - Telamonanthe pulchella
Genus Telonaca
Species alta - Telonaca alta
Species ramona - Telonaca ramona
Subspecies ramona - Telonaca ramona ramona
Subspecies pasadena - Telonaca ramona pasadena
Genus Thelia
Species bimaculata - Locust Treehopper
Species uhleri - Thelia uhleri
No Taxon Glossonotus or Telonaca
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon Incertae sedis
Genus Antianthe
Species expansa - Solanaceous Treehopper
Genus Tropidarnis
Species tectigera - Tropidarnis tectigera
Subfamily Centrotinae
Tribe Centrodontini
Genus Centrodontus
Species atlas - Centrodontus atlas
Subspecies atlas - Centrodontus atlas atlas
Subspecies reticulatus - Centrodontus atlas reticulatus
Genus Multareis
Species cornutus - Multareis cornutus
Genus Multareoides
Species planifrons - Multareoides planifrons
Species digitatus - Multareoides digitatus
Species bifurcatus - Multareoides bifurcatus
Tribe Centrotini
Genus Centrotus
Species cornutus - Centrotus cornutus
Tribe Gargarini
Genus Gargara
Species genistae - Gargara genistae
Tribe Microcentrini
Genus Microcentrus
Species caryae - Microcentrus caryae
Species lynx - Microcentrus lynx
Species nicholi - Microcentrus nicholi
Species perditus - Microcentrus perditus
Species solussidus - Microcentrus solussidus
Genus Tumecauda
Species schaefferi - Tumecauda schaefferi
Tribe Platycentrini
Genus Platycentrus
Species acuticornis - Platycentrus acuticornis
Species taurinus - Platycentrus taurinus
Genus Tylocentrus
Species quadricornis - Tylocentrus quadricornis
Species reticulatus - Tylocentrus reticulatus
Genus Selenacentrus
Species wallacei - Selenacentrus wallacei
No Taxon unidentified nymphs and exuviae