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Ground Beetle - Calleida decora

Ground Beetle - Calleida decora
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
May 1, 2008
Any ideas on the beetle? Thanks in advance!

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Ground Beetle - Calleida decora Ground Beetle - Calleida decora

Moved from punctata or decora.

Image is consistent with either C. decora or C. punctata.
Recall that true C. punctata has a southern range potentially to LA (according to catalogue by Bousquet & Larochelle, 1993). Are you comfortable in using location without specimen examination in assigning "C. decora" in this case?

Moved from Calleida punctata.

Best is "Calleida punctata vs C. decora"
based on image alone since coloration is the same in both species. This LA record is important because I was recently informed by carabid authority Yves Bousquet that he is unaware of any microscopically confirmed "Calledia punctata" from the southern coastal states. See species Info page for reliable means of identification. I would be happy to accept such specimens for examination as Bousquet needs reliable southern records of Calleida punctata for his forthcoming catalogue on North American Carabidae. Thank you.