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Small Green Stink Bug - Piezodorus guildinii

Small Green Stink Bug - Piezodorus guildinii
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
May 1, 2008
Thyanta pallidovirens (pallidovirens)

-or something else-

Small Green Stink Bug (Piezodorus guildinii)

Will move this to Piezodorus guildinii

Moved from Piezodorus.

Piezodorus I think.
I am inclined to put it in at least the genus Piezodorus, if not the species....moving to genus page. Nice detective work:-)

Thanks again Eric!
I was a little unsure because of the green head on mine example versus the red head on the the thumbnailed example I used.

Thanks to your comment and the fact that I found a few more of these guys just yesterday (05/19/08), I feel a lot better about it being Piezodorus guildinii. The examples I found yesterday shows me that the red coloring is pretty highly variable.

I am still working on yesterdays images (and my copyright) and might post some showing more color variation later.