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Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Tenebrionoidea
Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles

Genus Tetraonyx
Species fulva - Tetraonyx fulva
Species quadrimaculata - Tetraonyx quadrimaculata
Subfamily Nemognathinae
Genus Cissites
Species auriculata - Cissites auriculata
Tribe Nemognathini
Genus Gnathium
Species caviceps - Gnathium caviceps
Species californicum - Gnathium californicum
Species francilloni - Gnathium francilloni
Species minimum - Gnathium minimum
Species nitidum - Gnathium nitidum
Genus Hornia
Genus Nemognatha
No Taxon lutea or soror
No Taxon subgenus Meganemognatha
Species lurida - Nemognatha lurida
Species lutea - Nemognatha lutea
Species macswaini - Nemognatha macswaini
Species nitidula - Nemognatha nitidula
Species soror - Nemognatha soror
No Taxon subgenus Nemognatha
Species bifoveata - Nemognatha bifoveata
Species piazata - Nemognatha piazata
Subspecies bicolor - Nemognatha piazata bicolor
No Taxon subgenus Pauronemognatha
Species cribraria - Nemognatha cribraria
Species nemorensis - Nemognatha nemorensis
Species nigripennis - Nemognatha nigripennis
Species punctulata - Nemognatha punctulata
Species scutellaris - Nemognatha scutellaris
No Taxon subgenus Pronemognatha
Species cantharidis - Nemognatha cantharidis
Species selanderi - Nemognatha selanderi
Species sparsa - Nemognatha sparsa
No Taxon piazata or punctulata
No Taxon deemed unIDable beyond genus by Dr.Pinto
Genus Pseudozonitis
Species brevis - Pseudozonitis brevis
Species florida - Pseudozonitis florida
Species labialis - Pseudozonitis labialis
Species longicornis - Pseudozonitis longicornis
Species maculicollis - Pseudozonitis maculicollis
Species pallidus - Pseudozonitis pallidus
Species roseomaculatis - Pseudozonitis roseomaculatis
Species schaefferi - Pseudozonitis schaefferi
Species vaurieae - Pseudozonitis vaurieae
Species vigilans - Pseudozonitis vigilans
Species vittipennis - Pseudozonitis vittipennis
Genus Rhyphonemognatha
Species rufa - Rhyphonemognatha rufa
Genus Tricrania
Species stansburyi - Tricrania stansburyi
Species sanguinipennis - Tricrania sanguinipennis
Genus Zonitis
No Taxon vittigera or perforata
No Taxon Subgenus Neozonitis
Species atripennis - Zonitis atripennis
Species bilineata - Zonitis bilineata
Species interpretis - Zonitis interpretis
Species vermiculata - Zonitis vermiculata
No Taxon Subgenus Parazonitis
Species cribricollis - Zonitis cribricollis
Species dunniana - Zonitis dunniana
Species perforata - Zonitis perforata
Species punctipennis - Zonitis punctipennis
Species sayi - Zonitis sayi
Species vittigera - Zonitis vittigera
Subfamily Meloinae
Genus Lytta
No Taxon Subgenus Adicolytta
Species mutilata - Lytta mutilata
No Taxon Subgenus Paralytta
Species biguttata - Lytta biguttata
No Taxon Nitidicollis Group
Species morrisoni - Morrison's Blister Beetle
Species nitidicollis - Lytta nitidicollis
No Taxon Fulvipennis Group
Species fulvipennis - Pricklypoppy Blister Beetle
Species lecontei - Lytta lecontei
No Taxon Reticulata Group
Species arizonica - Lytta arizonica
Species cribrata - Lytta cribrata
Species deserticola - Lytta deserticola
Species mirifica - Lytta mirifica
Species reticulata - Lytta reticulata
No Taxon Magister Group
Species funerea - Lytta funerea
Species magister - Master Blister Beetle
Species melaena - Lytta melaena
Species tenebrosa - Lytta tenebrosa
Species vulnerata - Lytta vulnerata
Subspecies cooperi - Lytta vulnerata cooperi
No Taxon Subgenus Pomphopoea
Species aenea - Lytta aenea
Species polita - Bronze Blister Beetle
Species sayi - Lytta sayi
Species unguicularis - Lytta unguicularis
No Taxon Subgenus Poreopasta
No Taxon Stygica Group
Species aeneipennis - Lytta aeneipennis
Species auriculata - Red-eared Blister Beetle
Species childi - Lytta childi
Species chloris - Lytta chloris
Species comans - Lytta comans
Species crotchii - Lytta crotchii
Species hoppingi - Lytta hoppingi 0
Species nigripilis - Lytta nigripilis
Species rathvoni - Lytta rathvoni
Species refulgens - Lytta refulgens
Species stygica - Lytta stygica
Species sublaevis - Lytta sublaevis
No Taxon Moerens Group
No Taxon blaisdelli or moerens
Species navajo - Lytta navajo
No Taxon Cyanipennis Subgroup
Species cyanipennis - Green Blister Beetle
Species nuttalli - Nuttall's Blister Beetle
Species viridana - Lytta viridana
Genus Meloe - Oil Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Meloe
Species americanus - Buttercup Oil Beetle
Species angusticollis - Short-Winged Blister Beetle
Species bitoricollis - Meloe bitoricollis
Species campanicollis - Meloe campanicollis
Species carbonaceus - Meloe carbonaceus
Species dianella - Meloe dianella
Species dugesi - Meloe dugesi
Species franciscanus - Meloe franciscanus
Species impressus - Meloe impressus
Species niger - Black Meloe
Species occultus - Meloe occultus
Species strigulosus - Meloe strigulosus
No Taxon subgenus Treiodous
Species ajax - Meloe ajax
Species barbarus - Meloe barbarus
Species laevis - Meloe laevis
No Taxon niger or dianella
No Taxon exiguus or occultus
No Taxon suspect new species
No Taxon occultus or vandykei
No Taxon images Dr. Pinto was unable to identify to species
Genus Pyrota
Species akhurstiana - Pyrota akhurstiana
Species bilineata - Pyrota bilineata
Species discoidea - Pyrota discoidea
Species invita - Pyrota invita
Species lineata - Pyrota lineata
Species mutata - Pyrota mutata
Species nigrovittata - Pyrota nigrovittata
Species obliquefascia - Pyrota obliquefascia
Species riherdi - Pyrota riherdi
Species tenuicostatis - Red-margined Blister Beetle
Species trochanterica - Pyrota trochanterica
No Taxon Mylabrina Group
Species concinna - Pyrota concinna
Species deceptiva - Pyrota deceptiva
Species engelmanni - Pyrota engelmanni
Species fasciata - Pyrota fasciata
Species insulata - Yellow-crescent Blister Beetle
Species mylabrina - Pyrota mylabrina
Species palpalis - Pyrota palpalis
Species perversa - Pyrota perversa
Species punctata - Pyrota punctata
Species sinuata - Pyrota sinuata
No Taxon Postica Group
Species plagiata - Pyrota plagiata
Species postica - Pyrota postica
Tribe Eupomphini
Genus Cordylospasta
Species fulleri - Cordylospasta fulleri
Species opaca - Cordylospasta opaca
Genus Cysteodemus - Desert Spider Beetles
Species armatus - Inflated Beetle
Species wislizeni - Black Bladder-bodied Meloid
Genus Eupompha
Species edmundsi - Eupompha edmundsi
Species elegans - Eupompha elegans
Subspecies perpulchra - Eupompha elegans perpulchra
Subspecies elegans - Eupompha elegans elegans
Species fissiceps - Eupompha fissiceps
Species histrionica - Eupompha histrionica
Species imperialis - Eupompha imperialis
Species schwarzi - Eupompha schwarzi
Species viridis - Eupompha viridis
Species wenzeli - Eupompha wenzeli
Genus Megetra
Species punctata - Megetra punctata
Species vittata - Megetra vittata
Species cancellata - Megetra cancellata
Genus Phodaga
Species marmorata - Phodaga marmorata
Species alticeps - Phodaga alticeps
Genus Pleuropasta
Species reticulata - Pleuropasta reticulata
Species mirabilis - Pleuropasta mirabilis
Genus Tegrodera - Iron Cross Blister Beetle
Species aloga - Tegrodera aloga
Species erosa - Tegrodera erosa
Subspecies inornata - Tegrodera erosa inornata
Subspecies erosa - Tegrodera erosa erosa
Species latecincta - Iron Cross Blister Beetle
Tribe Epicautini
Genus Epicauta
No Taxon subgenus Epicauta
Species bispinosa - Epicauta bispinosa
Species brunnea - Epicauta brunnea
Species cinctipennis - Epicauta cinctipennis
Species conferta - Epicauta conferta
Species corvina - Epicauta corvina
Species costata - Epicauta costata
Species oregona - Epicauta oregona
Species parvula - Epicauta parvula
Species tricostata - Epicauta tricostata
No Taxon Caviceps Group
Species aspera - Epicauta aspera
Species alphonsii - Epicauta alphonsii
Species caviceps - Epicauta caviceps
Species diversipubescens - Epicauta diversipubescens
Species rehni - Epicauta rehni
Species rileyi - Epicauta rileyi
Species straba - Epicauta straba
Species stuarti - Epicauta stuarti
Species wheeleri - Epicauta wheeleri
No Taxon Cinerea Group
Species cinerea - Clematis Blister Beetle
Species floridensis - Florida Blister Beetle
Species funebris - Margined Blister Beetle
Species pensylvanica - Black Blister Beetle
No Taxon cinerea or funebris
No Taxon Cupraeola Group
Species cupraeola - Epicauta cupraeola
Species nigritarsis - Epicauta nigritarsis
Species tenebrosa - Epicauta tenebrosa
No Taxon Maculata Group
Species andersoni - Epicauta andersoni
Species apache - Epicauta apache
Species cazieri - Epicauta cazieri
Species maculata - Spotted Blister Beetle
Species magnomaculata - Epicauta magnomaculata
Species normalis - Epicauta normalis
Species pardalis - Spotted Blister Beetle
Species ventralis - Epicauta ventralis
No Taxon normalis or ventralis
No Taxon andersoni or pardalis
No Taxon Sericans Group
Species atrata - Epicauta atrata
Species batesii - Epicauta batesii
Species callosa - Epicauta callosa
Species ferruginea - Epicauta ferruginea
Species fortis - Epicauta fortis
Species heterodera - Epicauta heterodera
Species pruinosa - Epicauta pruinosa
Species puncticollis - Punctate Blister Beetle
Species sanguinicollis - Epicauta sanguinicollis
Species sericans - Epicauta sericans
Species strigosa - Epicauta strigosa
No Taxon Vittata Group
Species abadona - Epicauta abadona
Species occidentalis - Epicauta occidentalis
Species temexa - Epicauta temexa
Species vittata - Striped Blister Beetle
No Taxon vittata or occidentalis, per J.D. Pinto
No Taxon apache or jeffersi
No Taxon subgenus Macrobasis
No Taxon Diversicornis Group
Species arizonica - Epicauta arizonica
Species liebecki - Epicauta liebecki
Species polingi - Epicauta polingi
Species alastor - Epicauta alastor
Species albida - Epicauta albida
Species alpina - Epicauta alpina
Species atrivittata - Epicauta atrivittata
Species fabricii - Ashgray Blister Beetle
Species gissleri - Epicauta gissleri
Species hirsutipubescens - Epicauta hirsutipubescens
Species immaculata - Epicauta immaculata
Species ingrata - Epicauta ingrata
Species lauta - Epicauta lauta
Species longicollis - Epicauta longicollis
Species maculifera - Epicauta maculifera
Species mimetica - Epicauta mimetica
Species murina - Dark Blister Beetle
Species ochrea - Epicauta ochrea
Species purpurea - Epicauta purpurea
Species segmenta - Epicauta segmenta
Species subglabra - Epicauta subglabra
Species sublineata - Epicauta sublineata
Species tenella - Epicauta tenella
Species tenuilineata - Epicauta tenuilineata
Species tenuis - Epicauta tenuis
Species texana - Epicauta texana
Species valida - Epicauta valida 0
Species torsa - Epicauta torsa
Species virgulata - Epicauta virgulata
No Taxon virgulata or hirsutipubescens -- J.D. Pinto det.
No Taxon immaculata or longicollis -- J.D. Pinto det.
No Taxon fabricii or murina
No Taxon (Macrobasis) unidentifiable -- mostly females
No Taxon images deemed unIDable by Dr. Pinto
Genus Linsleya
Species sphaericollis - Linsleya sphaericollis
Species suavissima - Linsleya suavissima
Genus Spastonyx
Species nemognathoides - Spastonyx nemognathoides
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae