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Superfamily Psylloidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Sternorrhyncha - Plant-parasitic Hemipterans
Superfamily Psylloidea

Family Aphalaridae
Subfamily Spondyliaspidinae
Genus Blastopsylla
Species occidentalis - Eucalyptus Psyllid
Genus Boreioglycaspis
Species melaleucae - Boreioglycaspis melaleucae
Genus Cryptoneossa
Species triangula - Lemon Gum Psyllid
Genus Ctenarytaina
Species eucalypti - Blue Gum Psyllid
Species longicauda - Tristania Psyllid
Species spatulata - Rose Gum Psyllid
Genus Eucalyptolyma
Species maideni - Spotted Gum Lerp Psyllid
Genus Glycaspis
Species brimblecombei - Red Gum Lerp Psyllid
Subfamily Aphalarinae
Genus Aphalara
Species persicaria - Aphalara persicaria
Species monticola - Aphalara monticola
Genus Craspedolepta
Species angustipennis - Craspedolepta angustipennis
Species gutierreziae - Craspedolepta gutierreziae
Species martini - Craspedolepta martini
Species minutissima - Craspedolepta minutissima
Species nebulosa - Craspedolepta nebulosa
Species schwarzi - Craspedolepta schwarzi
Species suaedae - Craspedolepta suaedae
Species subpunctata - Craspedolepta subpunctata
No Taxon undetermined Artemisia-feeding species group
No Taxon undetermined Ericameria-feeding species group
No Taxon undetermined Solidago-feeding species group
Genus Gyropsylla
Species ilecis - Yaupon Psyllid
Subfamily Pachypsyllinae
Genus Pachypsylla - Hackberry Psyllids
No Taxon celtidismamma complex
Species celtidisasterisca - Hackberry Star Gall Psyllid
Species celtidismamma - Hackberry Nipplegall Maker
Species celtidisumbilicus - Hackberry Disc Gall Psyllid
Species celtidisvesicula - Hackberry Blister Gall Psyllid
Species cohabitans - Inquiline Hackberry Leaf Gall Psyllid
Species celtidisgemma - Hackberry Bud Gall Psyllid
Species celtidisinteneris - Hackberry Twig Gall Psyllid
Species pallida - Hairy Bud Gall Psyllid
Species venusta - Hackberry Petiole Gall Psyllid
Genus Tetragonocephala
Species flava - Sugarberry Psyllid
Family Homotomidae
Genus Macrohomotoma
Species gladiata - Curtain Fig Psyllid
Genus Homotoma
Species ficus - Fig Psylla
Family Calophyidae
Genus Calophya
Species californica - Calophya californica
Species flavida - Calophya flavida
Species minuta - Calophya minuta
Species nigripennis - Calophya nigripennis
Species oweni - Calophya oweni
Species schini - Peppertree Psyllid
Species triozomima - Calophya triozomima
Family Liviidae
Subfamily Euphyllurinae
Genus Diaphorina
Species citri - Asian Citrus Psyllid
Genus Euphyllura
Species olivina - Olive psyllid
Genus Neophyllura
Species arbuti - Neophyllura arbuti
Species arctostaphyli - Manzanita Psyllid
Species bicolor - Neophyllura bicolor
Species pruinosa - Neophyllura pruinosa
Subfamily Liviinae
Genus Diclidophlebia
Species fremontiae - Diclidophlebia fremontiae
Genus Livia
Species bifasciata - Livia bifasciata
Species caricis - Livia caricis
Species maculipennis - Livia maculipennis
Species saltatrix - Livia saltatrix
Species vernaliforma - Livia vernaliforma
Species vernalis - Livia vernalis
Family Phacopteronidae
Family Psyllidae
Subfamily Acizziinae
Genus Acizzia
Species acaciaebaileyanae - Acizzia acaciaebaileyanae
Species hakeae - Acizzia hakeae
Species jamatonica - Acizzia jamatonica
Species uncatoides - Acacia Psyllid
Subfamily Aphalaroidinae
Genus Aphalaroida
Species californica - Aphalaroida californica
Species inermis - Aphalaroida inermis
Species masonici - Aphalaroida masonici
Species pithecolobia - Aphalaroida pithecolobia
Species prosopis - Aphalaroida prosopis
Species spinifera - Aphalaroida spinifera
Genus Freysuila
Species dugesii - Freysuila dugesii
Species phorodendri - Freysuila phorodendri
Subfamily Ciriacreminae
Genus Heteropsylla
Species huasachae - Heteropsylla huasachae
Species texana - Mesquite Psyllid
Species flexuosa - Heteropsylla flexuosa
Subfamily Macrocorsinae
Genus Euphalerus
Subfamily Psyllinae
Genus Amorphicola
Species amorphae - Amorphicola amorphae
Species pallida - Amorphicola pallida
Genus Arytaina
Species genistae - Broom Psyllid
Genus Arytainilla
Species spartiophila - Arytainilla spartiophila
Genus Cacopsylla
Species alba - Cacopsylla alba
Species annulata - Cacopsylla annulata
Species brevistigmata - Cacopsylla brevistigmata
Species coryli - Cacopsylla coryli
Species curta - Cacopsylla curta
Species fatsiae - Fatsia Psyllid
Species insignita - Cacopsylla insignita
Species mali - Apple Psyllid
Species media - Cacopsylla media
Species negundinis - Boxelder Psyllid
Species nigranervosa - Cacopsylla nigranervosa
Species pararibesiae - Cacopsylla pararibesiae
Species peregrina - Cacopsylla peregrina
Species pyricola - Pear Psylla
Species quadrilineata - Cacopsylla quadrilineata
Species rara - Cacopsylla rara
Species ribesiae - Currant Psyllid
Species sinuata - Cacopsylla sinuata
Species striata - Cacopsylla striata
Species tobirae - Pittosporum Psyllid
No Taxon americana complex
Genus Ceanothia
Species bicolor - Ceanothia bicolor
Species boharti - Ceanothia boharti
Species ceanothi - Ceanothia ceanothi
Species essigi - Ceanothia essigi
Species mitella - Ceanothia mitella
Genus Euglyptoneura
Species fuscipennis - Euglyptoneura fuscipennis
Species minuta - Euglyptoneura minuta
Species robusta - Euglyptoneura robusta
Genus Nyctiphalerus
Species jugovenosus - Nyctiphalerus jugovenosus
Species propinquus - Nyctiphalerus propinquus
Species rugipennis - Nyctiphalerus rugipennis
Species vermiculosus - Nyctiphalerus vermiculosus
Genus Pexopsylla
Species cercocarpi - Pexopsylla cercocarpi
Genus Platycorypha
Species nigrivirga - Tipu Psyllid
Genus Psylla
Species betulaenanae - Dwarf Birch Psyllid
Species buxi - Boxwood Psyllid
Species carpinicola - Psylla carpinicola
Species floccosa - Cottony Alder Psyllid
Species sanguinea - Psylla sanguinea
Species viridescens - Psylla viridescens
Genus Purshivora
Species pubescens - Purshivora pubescens
Species chelifera - Purshivora chelifera
Genus Spanioneura
Species fonscolombii - Spanioneura fonscolombii
Family Triozidae
Genus Bactericera
Species antennata - Bactericera antennata
Species athenae - Bactericera athenae
Species cockerelli - Potato Psyllid
Species californica - Bactericera californica
Species dorsalis - Bactericera dorsalis
Species lavaterae - Bactericera lavaterae
Species lobata - Bactericera lobata
Species maculipennis - Bactericera maculipennis
Species minuta - Bactericera minuta
Species salicivora - Bactericera salicivora
Genus Baeoalitriozus
Species diospyri - Persimmon Psyllid
Genus Calinda
Species collaris - Calinda collaris
Species fumipennis - Calinda fumipennis
Species longicaudata - Calinda longicaudata
Species longistylus - Calinda longistylus
Genus Ceropsylla
Species sideroxyli - False-mastic Psylla
Genus Hemitrioza
Species sonchi - Hemitrioza sonchi
Genus Heterotrioza
Species chenopodii - Heterotrioza chenopodii
Genus Kuwayama
Species medicaginis - Kuwayama medicaginis
Genus Lauritrioza
Species alacris - Bay Sucker
Genus Leuronota
Species maculata - Leuronota maculata
Genus Metatrioza
Species neotriozella - Metatrioza neotriozella
Genus Neotriozella
Species pyrifolii - Neotriozella pyrifolii
Genus Phylloplecta
Species tripunctata - Blackberry Psyllid
Genus Trioza
Species albifrons - Trioza albifrons
Species aylmeriae - Trioza aylmeriae
Species bakeri - Trioza bakeri
Species brevigenae - Ficus Leaf-Rolling Psyllid
Species eugeniae - Eugenia Psyllid
Species magnoliae - Red Bay Psyllid
Species mexicana - Trioza mexicana
Species obtusa - Trioza obtusa
Species phoradendri - Trioza phoradendri
Species quadripunctata - Trioza quadripunctata