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Syrphid2 - Melanostoma mellinum - female

Syrphid2 - Melanostoma mellinum - Female
Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
May 22, 2020
very small, think it was less than 8mm
only got 1 angle

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Melanostoma mellinum … I think
Melanostoma mellinum … female I think. Not a very clear picture.
I have sent it to Dr. Martin Hauser for his opinion. Males of Melanostoma mellinum taken same place, same day.

indentifying this individual
Thanks for all of your efforts. I appreciate this so much. It disappeared when I tried to get another angle, which might have made everything easier. I had thought that the female was measurably smaller than the male, but the guide shows a size range of up to double, so I guess not at issue.

For what it's worth, that was
For what it's worth, that was my guess as well.

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