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june 07 unknown caterpillar - Archips

june 07 unknown caterpillar - Archips
kenora, Ontario, Canada
July 27, 2007
no details at all, sorry. It was crawling on our deck railing...just where I took the photo



Check out Archips
at this site and see what you think.

Archips fuscocupreanus...look
Archips fuscocupreanus...looks pretty much like my caterpillar which was found on the deck railing right next to a crabapple tree! Thanks!

Is it possible that this is t
Is it possible that this is the larvae of Gallium Sphinx (Hyles gallii?) I'm looking at a site: While my specimen is similar, it's not exact, but the site says there are significant colour variations possible. I'm also interested in what I can do when I find a wandering caterpillar, assuming it's looking for a place to pupate. How can I provide it with whatever it may need? Ground pupator? Cocoon/pupa in leaf litter? Hanging chrysalis? I guess I could create a mixed environment and wait and see. What do the rest of you contributors do?

Doesn't look like gallii to us.
We would say this is one of the leaf-rolling species, but can't say which one. We like your idea of providing multiple habitats for caterpillars to pupate. You might also read Hannah's article here