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Wood Wasp - Orussus occidentalis - male

Wood Wasp - Orussus occidentalis - Male
Sequim, Port Williams, Clallam County, Washington, USA
May 10, 2008
Size: 10mm approximately
This small hymenopteran was scuttling around on a beach log. Though I could guide it back and forth with my finger, it never held still long enough for a photo on the log. But it held still on my finger. I never saw it fly; it finally just fell off the log and I lost sight of it.
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Wood Wasp - Orussus occidentalis - male Small Sawfly? - Orussus occidentalis - male Wood Wasp - Orussus occidentalis - male

Moved from Orussus.

More info on this specimen
Lars Vilhelmsen, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, studies Parasitic Wood Wasps. He e-mailed me about my images of Orussus on my web site [here], noting that most of the images I show are males. I've changed the bugguide pages on 12 19 08 to reflect that new information.

presumably O. occidentalis or O. thoracicus based on distribution

Parasitic Wood Wasps (Orussidae)
Thank you.
I wish I had keyed this! It falls out at #2 in Triplehorn and Johnson, my kind of key experience.

O. occidentalis
based on tibial coloration, abdominal coloration, and size - after Middlekauff, 1983.

O. occidentalis
Lars Vilhelmsen agrees on the species, in a personal e-mail to me.

Some of the photos I have don't show the red abdomen:

I don't remember why I didn't move these pages along with at least one other of my photos.

Not an ID
but I wonder about Parasitic Wood Wasps (Orussidae)