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Big Bug - Scolopendra heros

Big Bug - Scolopendra heros
Granbury, Hood County, Texas, USA
May 12, 2008
Is this a common bug? Is it poisonous?

You don't mention the length
but I think this is a Giant red-headed centipede. Not poisonous or dangerous to humans, though I suppose it might bite you if it felt threatened.

Big Bug
The bug is about 7" and very fast. Thank you for comment.

Scolopendra heros (probably). These large centipedes can give a nasty bite with their venom claws (venomous enough to kill small vertebrates). I would definitely not handle it!

Big Bug
Thank you for your reply. I wanted to let it free. I have several kids that play in my backyard. I'll release it away from home,thanks again.