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Green-eyed (Melittid) bee - Hesperapis

Green-eyed (Melittid) bee - Hesperapis
Fort Ord NP, Monterey County, California, USA
May 11, 2008
Size: 15-17mm
This has the look of a bee to me, and I couldn't see any halteres. I was surprised to see the eye color. The habitat where this was found is sand dunes (not on the beach, but on the coast), with some scattered vernal pools. There are low flowering plants, but also shrubs such as Manzanita, and some trees.

Melittid Bee
I found this little guy in my backyard in Illinois. Melittid Bee sure fits, but perhaps a different species than the one you describe as being at sandy places.

Moved from ID Request.

melittid bee

a great find

please add to genus guide page

a new species for Bugguide

melittid bee
Yes, it is special! Have only seen this one. My yard is 95% native plants and shrubs and I sometimes do find uncommon things here.