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comma or lecontei? - Stenolophus lecontei

comma or lecontei? - Stenolophus lecontei
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
April 18, 2008
comma or lecontei? (I'm thinking comma)

came to UV light

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comma or lecontei? - Stenolophus lecontei comma or lecontei? - Stenolophus lecontei

Moved from Seedcorn Beetles.

Stenolophus lecontei
is based on dorsal image showing (in contrast to similar S. comma) slightly sinuate border of pronotum, more "angulation" of pronotal hind angles, abbreviated scutellar striae on basal elytra, tapering of dark spot proximally on elytral disk. Nice photos.

wow! Thanks Peter
I just assumed this would be S. comma based on coming to the UV light, and the hind pronotal angles looking fairly rounded, and all the others on BugGuide. At least we now have one definite S. lecontei on the site.

Is the scutellar stria the very short stria running through the large puncture very near the elytra base and just outboard from the sutrual stria? It looks to be only about as long as the sctullum itself. Can you say about how much longer it would appear in S. comma? Maybe I can image one of each to help folks know what to look for.

Regarding the double comment, it happens to me and others from time to time and about the only thing I've seen to do is to delete all the text in both title and body and leave some character like "." in both.

Thanks again!

S. lecontei - more
Classic Stenolophus lecontei should fit the distinguishing characteristics that I cited above, but deciding whether your dorsal image actually fits them too is so much more subjective than critically examining the original specimen under scope. Yes, I believe you've located the scutellar stria which I estimate varies about about two to four times longer in almost all S. comma. One other difference is that S. lecontei should have a good portion its first elytral interval as dark as the dorsal spot, while in S. comma the first interval is mostly pale.

Stenolophus lecontei
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