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Hesperapis - female

Hesperapis - Female
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, Irwindale, Los Angeles County, California, USA
May 6, 2008
Size: 6.5 mm
Perhaps Dioxys? Seen on sandy ground in So. Cal. Alluvial Scrub.
I'm still looking for more of these, though haven't seen them lately.
Finally went back to this site (May 10-11, 2016) , observed an sample this bee. My size estimates, based on perception on the ground, were wrong! In hand the female is about 6.5 mm in length (instead of first estimate of 4-5 mm). Looking at my male specimens, as well as one female, also reading Michener's description of specimens from Altadena, CA, I think this may well be Hesperapis rufipes. Still have to compare with identified specimens. Will post photos later.

Hesperapis female on ground
If this is truly only 4-5 mm is is almost certainly one of my new species. Get a specimen or two and send them to me since a valid ID cannot be made without examination under a scope and comparison to specimens of related species. Jerry

Very sad to learn
that this gentleman passed away. After I went back to Santa Fe Dam a few days ago, measured my specimens, I was going to reply but found the account deleted. Instead found this article "In Remembrance of Gerald Irving Stage", by David Wagner and John Ascher.
Interestingly, have found other Hesperapis in the last couple of days, including one in Larrea tridentata near Little Rock in the West Mojave.

Redding, CA sighting
I believe I saw one of these on my screen door. It didn't stay long enough for me to get a picture let alone capture it for a closer inspection. It had a very large body and over all was other than a bumble bee, the largest bee I have ever seen.

Hesperapis female

WOW, I've been wanting to see one of these -
Thanks, John for the ID.