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Pine Sawyer - Monochamus scutellatus - female

Pine Sawyer - Monochamus scutellatus - Female
Stafford, Stafford County, Virginia, USA
May 25, 2005
Is this a Plant Bug? If so, what type. I found him in the afternoon on a Dahlia leaf. He was about the same size as a Squash Bug.

Moved from Monochamus.

Monochamus scutellatus...
...Eric's ID is correct.

longhorn timber beetle
Order Coleoptera, family Cerambycidae. Nice markings. Someone will surely recognize the species.

When you see something with many segments in the antennae, it's not a bug. If you're more adventurous, pick it up and look at its mouth parts, If it has jaws, big or small, it's not a bug. Bugs (order Hemiptera) have a proboscis or stylus for piercing plants, insects, and other foodstuffs. Some can pierce *you*, so be careful!

Pine sawyer.
This is a pine sawyer, probably Monochamus scutellatus, as the white scutellum (tiny triangle at the top of the midline where the wing covers meet) is pretty distinctive. Most specimens are quite large. This appears to be a female, males have antennae easily twice as long.

I've seen males, but never a female of this species. Looking it up in Yanega's Northeastern Longhorned Beetles, it's plain to see. The males are all black except for the white scutellum, so I didn't recognize it.

Pine Sawyer
Thank you both for the identification.