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curious... - Eurybunus

curious... - Eurybunus
California, USA
April 17, 2008
Size: 1.5"

Where in California?
Please enter more detailed location info...e.g. county, and nearby town. Doesn't have to be exact, but general area and habitat (i.e. desert, mountains, coastal???) are extremely helpful for those trying to understand geographic and ecological distribution of taxa. This looks like a species different from any others presently on BugGuide, so these issues are especially relevant.

Moved from Nemastomatidae.

Moved from Palpatores.

A nice photo, just needed to be cropped so that it can be seen. (If you disagree with the cropping, feel free to replace with your original photo.)

Looks to be a harvestman
maybe in Suborder Palpatores, see here