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Beetle to ID - Pedilus lugubris - male

Beetle to ID - Pedilus lugubris - Male
Pennypack Restoration Trust, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA
May 8, 2005
Size: 6-8 mm
Southeastern PA

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This one has been waiting for a long time.

Pedilus lugubris (Say)
This is an adult male of Pedilus lugubris (Say). The color is not particularly diagnostic (although helpful), but the form of the elytral impressions is quite diagnostic.
- Dan Young, University of Wisconsin

Pedilus sp.
This is a species of Pedilus in the family Pyrochroidae. They are "cantharidiphiles(?)," meaning they seek out other beetles that possess the chemical cantharidin (like blister beetles). They will actively feed on squashed Meloidae and similar beetles in order to sequester the cantharidin. We have one image somewhere of a pair of Pedilus actually hitchhiking on a live meloid!

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