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Acrobat Ants - Crematogaster

Acrobat Ants - Crematogaster
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
May 21, 2008
Any ideas? Any idea on what they are doing with this leaf?

Acrobat Ants (Crematogaster sp.) - workers
They are licking honeydew or leaf exsudates. Ants seem to be always hungry. Actually, they have to gather as much food as possible to feed their brood.

Thanks Richard!
I was sure if they were feeding or gathering material for a nest. It was a busy day (bugs everywhere) so I didn't watch them for very long.

Do these guys sting or bite?

They sting, spray venom and bite...
whenever their nest is carelessly disturbed, otherwise most species are not so agressive.
The stinger of most temperate species is too small to pierce throught an adult's skin, except where especially soft and thin. That's why they are able to spray their venom also, just like Formicine ants do. In short, this is a twofold weapon...