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Xylotrechus nitidus

Xylotrechus nitidus
Cooper's Rock - Trout Pond, Monongalia County, West Virginia, USA
July 4, 2020

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Xylotrechus nitidus Xylotrechus nitidus

Nice record!
This is one of those enigmatic species of which very little is known, and one of the very few species of eastern cerambycids that I've not yet seen alive. Can you add anything about the biology - even something about what plant it may have been on?

Also, I am producing a publication on the Cerambycidae of West Virginia, and this is one of only a few records I have seen for the state. Did you collect the specimen? If so, I can cite your collection as a repository, if you approve...

I really wish I had taken more notice of it in the field. I posted it to iNaturalist where it was ID'd by user "Smoorman" here:

I was at a small pond (location on the iNat record) netting odes when it actually landed on the net as I was walking. At the time, I didn't take much notice, but figured it was something similar to a Megacyllene. I'm glad I snapped a few shots. It wasn't until it was ID'd on iNat that I realized how uncommon these are. I can tell you the herbaceous and woody vegetation in the area, but I'm not sure how much good that will do since I never saw it on any natural substrate. And unfortunately I didn't collect the specimen, either. I leave the area early tomorrow morning, otherwise I'd go back and try again.

Amazing... landed on your net!
It always amazes me how serendipitous so many observations really are! If you approve, I'll add your record to my data set and use the image as the "voucher". I'll look at the iNaturalist post and see if between the two postings I have all the data to fill out the record in the DB. GPS coordinates would be good, even if general.

Of course!
Feel free to use the photos and any of the information you need! I was on the shore of the pond, more accurate coordinates would be:
39.65899, -79.79053

If you need any more information, I will happily supply what I have, though not much. I can email you the original images as well so you don't have to save them from here if that's easier.

I just 'agreed' with the ID on iNaturalist - but I have to admit that may be my third visit to that site. I signed up, but never got active - spending more time here. Thanks for the GPS and the images would be welcome. I have to modify my cerambycid DB to accommodate image vouchers as they are becoming way more common now. BTW - I'm at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, so Morgantown is like our back yard.

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