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Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies

Pantarbes capito - male Pantarbes - Pantarbes earinus - female Pantarbes - female Bee Fly - Pantarbes Pantarbes - female Gray Fly - Pantarbes Small Fly - Pantarbes fly - Pantarbes

Bee Fly - Ogcodocera leucoprocta The fur is really flyin' now! - Ogcodocera leucoprocta - male small flies - Ogcodocera leucoprocta Ogcodocera analis (presumably) - Ogcodocera analis Ogcodocera? - Ogcodocera leucoprocta Ogcodocera? - Ogcodocera leucoprocta I thought maybe it could be a  bee fly? - Ogcodocera leucoprocta - male Ogcodocera - Ogcodocera leucoprocta

Bee Fly - Paracosmus edwardsii Paracosmus sp - Paracosmus morrisoni Amphicosmus arizonicus male? - Amphicosmus arizonicus Paracosmus sp. - Paracosmus rubicundus Hoverfly - Paracosmus insolens Paracosmus edwardsii Orthorrhapha - Amphicosmus arizonicus Orthorrhapha - Amphicosmus arizonicus

Tiger Bee Fly Xenox tigrinus (?) - Xenox tigrinus Bee Fly - Hemipenthes celeris Orange County Bee Fly Archives - Lepidanthrax Exoprosopa fumosa Large hoverfly - Villa Which Villini? - Poecilanthrax nigripennis Tiger Bee Fly - Xenox tigrinus

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