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Hypopta palmata - male

Hypopta palmata - Male
Tucson, Arizona, USA
May 26, 2007
Size: <1"

Moved from Moths.

I very much appreciate the id
I very much appreciate the identification of my insects, but please (if it was you) do not remove my identification numbers that enable me to correlate the name with the image in my database.

It may have been me. I often clean up the titles so that they properly reflect only the name of the insect, rather than numbers and clutter that no one else understands.

Looking back, I should have placed the numbers from the title into the remarks field, so they wouldn't be lost. In the future, whenever I correct the titles, I'll be sure to place the info that originally appeared in the title, into the remarks fields. And it may be best to place such ID numbers there to begin with. But my apologies if it was I (probably was) that deleted your ID numbers.

Thanks. I'd appreciate that,
Thanks. I'd appreciate that, as I do your many determinations of my moths. I think I have more of these undetermined on BG than any other group (even Ichneumons to my surprise) so it is welcome to get some of them ID'd.
I just put up about a dozen new ones from central Illinois that may be easier than the many western ones.

Hypopta sp.
This is a species of Hypopta, I believe a (male) Hypopta palmata.