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Hairy cerambycid - Calopus angustus

Hairy cerambycid - Calopus angustus
14.1 km S of Lytton, Thompson-Nicola, British Columbia, Canada
May 11, 2008
A relatively hairy cerambycid attracted to lights. It didn't stay for long, just enough for me to take a couple of pictures of it. After that it got lost into the night, never to be seen again...

Calopus angustatus ?
Not a Cerambycidae but an Oedemeridae ; probably Calopus angustatus. I'm just not sure if they are any other species from BC that can be confused with C. angustatus.

Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it. Do you happen to know what is the major difference between Oedemerids and Cerambycids?

The Oedemeridae have 5 easily
The Oedemeridae have 5 easily visible tarsomeres on the front and mid legs (visible even on the picture) when Cerambycidae appears to have 4 tarsomeres (in fact they have 5, but the 4th is really small and generally very hard to see).