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Ant, wasp or termite? - Ampulex ferruginea

Ant, wasp or termite? - Ampulex ferruginea
Derby, Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA
July 18, 2020
Size: about 10 mm
Found this one sitting next to my computer in my basement... Not sure what it is... only one here. The letter "D" in the photo is 4 mm tall.
The wings look too small, but it can fly.

Moved from Dryinids.

Of course! We see so few of these that I rarely think of them. Thanks for the correction Susanna!


Cockroach Wasp
Ampulex ferruginea

Moved for expert attention
Moved from ID Request.


Thanks! Got it! ... it's a w
Thanks! Got it! ... it's a wasp! Dryinus sp. possibly Dryinus koebelei....
"These wasps are parasites of leafhopper nymphs (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea). They use their modified forelegs to hold the hopper while they paralyze them."