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Beetle ID - Arthrolips fasciata

Beetle ID - Arthrolips fasciata
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
May 28, 2008
Size: ~1mm
Found under bark of decaying oak tree limb.

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Beetle ID - Arthrolips fasciata Beetle ID - Arthrolips fasciata

Moved from Clypastraea.
New pages created and images moved.
It isn't even listed in Nearctica, must be a fairly new arrival.

info source
Beatriz -- have you noticed the link in Dr Thomas's msg i attached?

Yes, I put the link on the info page. Thanks.

Arthrolips fasciata (Erichson) of Australasian origin
(Michael Thomas, pers.comm.)

Thanks V
I will request a guide page.

Moved from Beetles.

Not sure genus and sp.

try Molamba

There doesn't seem
to be a guide page for Molamba unless I missed it somehow. Thanks for the ID though!

Clypastraea ?
Genus Molamba is now in genus Clypastraea.

Moved images.

I'll leave it in ID req. a little longer to see if anyone can ID it to species.