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Robber Fly - Laphria - male

Robber Fly - Laphria - Male
Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA
May 28, 2008
Size: 1 inch
I am fairly certain this is a Laphria sericea (male) I would like to know what the white circular object is at the base of the hind legs? I saw this same thing on other photos on BG.

Please correct or confirm my ID,


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Robber Fly - Laphria - male Robber Fly - Laphria - male

Moved from / aktis complex.

Both aktis and sericea appear in PA. And in the males I am not sure this dark of a mystax and beard don't make it aktis. Tough pair in your area.

Thanks for your reply...
So it could be either aktis or sericea, Herschel? I should leave it in the complex pages?

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white circular object
Please see haltere.

BTW - very nice pics.

Thanks Jeff. I was aware of these on crane flies but didn't know they were on all diptera.

Appreciate your reply.