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Pseudoscorpion - Chthonius tetrachelatus

Pseudoscorpion - Chthonius tetrachelatus
Dallas, Gaston County, North Carolina, USA
July 20, 2020
Found this guy under a piece of wood. They seem to like drier habitats

Can you tell us... you arrived at the species ID? I always understood that these are virtually impossible to identify from photos.

Lots of...
Reading scientific keys and the use of a microscope. I’ve examined manyyyy of these under the scope following a key and in the habitat I find these in, this is the only species these have been. I have yet to find a different species in this spot. A few defining features are in some of my older images but the features are seen here as well. There is a dip in the claw along with a few hairs in that “dip”. Also the claw has teeth that are separated from each other. This is just a few of the features that I can see in this pic.

I appreciate the explanation.