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Ant Reproductive - Camponotus castaneus - male

Ant Reproductive - Camponotus castaneus - Male
Auburn, Lee County, Alabama, USA
May 28, 2008
Size: 11 mm
I believe this is a reproductive of some species of ant due their appearance en mass. Any way to track down the species.

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Formicinae: Camponotus
In this case, the size (probably a mm or two larger than stated, actually), shininess and color combine to make identification easy: Camponotus castaneus

I hope so, but...
Believe it or not, virtually all ant keys are for workers only. Since males (like this specimen clearly is), and often queens, can be radically different in appearance from workers, you have to collect the worker stage at the same time as the reproductives.

I didn't know this
We should post this piece of info where everybody can see it.