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ID Request - Phengodes - male

ID Request - Phengodes - Male
8 mi. SW of Wimberley, Comal County, Texas, USA
May 30, 2008
Size: 19mm head to ab tip
I've no idea what this is, but it does have a pair.

Not Brachy*psectra - Texas Beetles :-)
Phengodidae = Glowworm Beetles

Phengodes sp.
See: Phengodes - Texas Beetles

It's a male.
You could do an edit of your post and click the appropriate sex toward the bottom of the submission form. Oops, too late! I'll do it for you :-)

The males are easy to spot due to the fact that the female adults are totally wingless and larviform, looking much like the larvae they once were except for their complex eyes and mature-but-small antennae. The larval and female forms are called Glow Worms due to their bi-colored bioluminescence.

Jim, etal.

Your suggestion
Is a very good one!!
I agree,

It's a beetle, something like family Riphiphoridae!

Phengodidae would be my sugge
Phengodidae would be my suggestion.

I agree with Slip, this is a
I agree with Skip, this is a Phengodid.