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A small hover fly to ID - Sphaerophoria - male

A small hover fly to ID - Sphaerophoria - Male
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
May 29, 2005
A new one to me. Would appreciate knowing what this one is. Only managed a couple of shots.

Gorgeous picture! I'm becomin
Gorgeous picture! I'm becoming more appreciative each day of the humble beauty of the insect world.

Hover fly
Hi Clifford. I only got into bugs etc last year. I have taken 70 different things in the garden this year. I can't get to put in the url like it says, but if you want to see what i have taken so far just use this url. only photos and names, no pop ups or adds or junk etc.

Male Sphaerophoria sp.
Hello Kildale,
This is a male that belongs in the genus Sphaerophoria!
Unfortunately you can't identify them to species from a picture, because you need to see it's genitals! In the USA and Canada there are 13 species. Females in this genus are even more difficult, most of them are not distinguishable from another!Greetings,
Gerard Pennards