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Ant mimic bug? - Barberiella formicoides

Ant mimic bug? - Barberiella formicoides
Dallas, Gaston County, North Carolina, USA
August 11, 2020
Found on a stick, looks like ant! Jet black with two orange dots at the waist

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How about this?

I saw that too, and it's very close, but...
none of our existing specimens seems nearly as hairy as this one. It's the same on iNat; they all look relatively hairless. I'm wondering if it might be a close relative instead.

It looks different just because this image was taking in dark and lighting highlighted hair or something...? Well, hope WonGun or other expert give us an answer!

Spot-on Yurika!

Only match I could find

Cropped, rotated & moved
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Neat one! I haven't found a match yet, but I'll keep on looking.

Broad headed bug of sorts?
Never seen one that looks like this