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Nymph leafhopper - Draeculacephala Sharpshooter nymph - Draeculacephala Sharpshooter Nymph - Draeculacephala nymph - Draeculacephala Draeculacephala nymph again - Draeculacephala Draeculacephala leafhopper nymph - Draeculacephala Membracoidea - Draeculacephala
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hemiptera (True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies)
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha (True Hoppers)
Infraorder Cicadomorpha
Superfamily Membracoidea (Leafhoppers and Treehoppers)
Family Cicadellidae (Typical Leafhoppers)
Subfamily Cicadellinae (Sharpshooters)
Tribe Cicadellini
Genus Draeculacephala
No Taxon nymphs
species cannot be differentiated without confident association with an adult or rearing. nymphs can be a pale yellow/white to green with distinctly pointed heads and striped bodies. angulifera, crassicornis, and noveboracensis nymphs have blunter heads, but still look morphologically much the same otherwise.