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Bedroom Biter? - Liposcelis nigra

Bedroom Biter? - Liposcelis nigra
June 6, 2008
Size: 1mm
Length is roughly 1mm. Found at the head of the bed, underneath a skylight, in daytime, moving with fair speed.

Moved from Liposcelis.


Liposcelis Section I, probably L. nigra (Banks)
Ed Mockford det.


Good possibility
The booklouse photos are sure similar - good thinking.

A local pest controller, using his loupe but not a microscope, wondered if it might be a 'thrip.' That'd explain the biting (apparently thrips bite, but booklice do not?), but it doesn't look like any thrip photos I've yet found.

Not an ID but
reminds me of Psocoptera (Barklice and Booklice)