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Infraorder Fulgoromorpha

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Fulgoromorpha

Superfamily Fulgoroidea - Planthoppers
Family Acanaloniidae - Acanaloniid Planthoppers
Genus Philatis
Species tuberculata - Philatis tuberculata
Genus Acanalonia
No Taxon bivittata group
Species bivittata - Two-striped Planthopper
No Taxon Nymphs
Species concinnula - Acanalonia concinnula
Species fasciata - Acanalonia fasciata
No Taxon pumila group
Species hadesensis - Acanalonia hadesensis
Species invenusta - Acanalonia invenusta
Species laticosta - Acanalonia laticosta
Species parva - Acanalonia parva
Species pumila - Acanalonia pumila
Species similis - Acanalonia similis
Species clypeata - Acanalonia clypeata
Species conica - Acanalonia conica
No Taxon nymphs
Species excavata - Acanalonia excavata
Species grandicella - Acanalonia grandicella
Species immaculata - Acanalonia immaculata
Species mollicula - Acanalonia mollicula
Species planata - Acanalonia planata
Species saltonia - Acanalonia saltonia
Species servillei - Acanalonia servillei
No Taxon nymphs
Species virescens - Acanalonia virescens
No Taxon bivittata or conica nymphs
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Family Achilidae - Achilid Planthoppers
Tribe Achilini
Genus Uniptera
Tribe Myconini
Genus Cixidia
Species brittoni - Cixidia brittoni
Species colorata - Cixidia colorata
Species confusa - Cixidia confusa
Species fusca - Cixidia fusca
Species fusiformis - Cixidia fusiformis
Species henshawi - Cixidia henshawi
Species opaca - Cixidia opaca
Species septentrionalis - Cixidia septentrionalis
Species shoshone - Cixidia shoshone
Species slossonae - Cixidia slossonae
Species variegata - Cixidia variegata
Tribe Plectoderini
Genus Catonia
Species arbutina - Catonia arbutina
Species bicinctura - Catonia bicinctura
Species carolina - Catonia carolina
Species cinctifrons - Catonia cinctifrons
Species lunata - Catonia lunata
Species nava - Catonia nava
Species picta - Catonia picta
Species pini - Catonia pini
Species pumila - Dwarf Catonia
Species texana - Catonia texana
Genus Juniperthia
Species indella - Juniperthia indella
Species producta - Juniperthia producta
Species succinea - Juniperthia succinea
Genus Momar
Species fumidus - Momar fumidus
Species maculifrons - Momar maculifrons
Genus Opsiplanon
Species luella - Opsiplanon luella
Genus Synecdoche
Species cara - Synecdoche cara
Species clara - Synecdoche clara
Species constellata - Synecdoche constellata
Species dimidiata - Synecdoche dimidiata
Species grisea - Synecdoche grisea
Species helenae - Synecdoche helenae
Species impunctata - Synecdoche impunctata
Species irrorata - Synecdoche irrorata
Species nemoralis - Synecdoche nemoralis
Species rubella - Synecdoche rubella
Genus Xerbus
No Taxon nymphs
Family Caliscelidae - Piglet Bugs
Subfamily Caliscelinae
Tribe Peltonotellini
Genus Aphelonema
No Taxon subgenus Aphelonema
Species simplex - Aphelonema simplex
No Taxon subgenus Protrocha
Species orbiculata - Aphelonema orbiculata
No Taxon subgenus Nenema
Species bivittata - Aphelonema bivittata
Species confragosa - Aphelonema confragosa
Species histrionica - Aphelonema histrionica
Species rugosa - Aphelonema rugosa
Genus Bruchomorpha
Species abrupta - Bruchomorpha abrupta
Species beameri - Bruchomorpha beameri
Species decorata - Bruchomorpha decorata
Species dorsata - Bruchomorpha dorsata
Species extensa - Bruchomorpha extensa
Species jocosa - Bruchomorpha jocosa
Species nodosa - Bruchomorpha nodosa
Species pallidipes - Bruchomorpha pallidipes
Species oculata - Bruchomorpha oculata
Species rosea - Bruchomorpha rosea
Species rugosa - Bruchomorpha rugosa
Species tristis - Bruchomorpha tristis
Species vittata - Bruchomorpha vittata
Genus Fitchiella
Species albifrons - Fitchiella albifrons
Species melichari - Fitchiella melichari
Species robertsoni - Fitch's Elephanthopper
Species rufipes - Fitchiella rufipes
Species rugosa - Fitchiella rugosa
Genus Papagona
Species papoosa - Papagona papoosa
Tribe Caliscelini
Genus Asarcopus
Species palmarum - Asarcopus palmarum
Genus Caliscelis
Species bonellii - Caliscelis bonellii
No Taxon nymphs
Family Cixiidae - Cixiid Planthoppers
Subfamily Bothriocerinae
Tribe Bothriocerini
Genus Bothriocera
Species cognita - Bothriocera cognita
Species datuna - Bothriocera datuna
Species drakei - Bothriocera drakei
Species furcata - Bothriocera furcata
Species knulli - Bothriocera knulli
Species maculata - Bothriocera maculata
Species omani - Bothriocera omani
Species tex - Bothriocera tex
Species transversa - Bothriocera transversa
Species turcafa - Bothriocera turcafa
Subfamily Cixiinae
Tribe Cixiini
Genus Asotocixius
Species diopter - Asotocixius diopter
Genus Cixius
No Taxon bandarus group
No Taxon cultus group
Species cultus - Cixius cultus
Species ephratus - Cixius ephratus
Species praecox - Cixius praecox
No Taxon pini group
Species coloepeum - Cixius coloepeum
Species pini - Cixius pini
Species angustatus - Cixius angustatus
Species apicalis - Cixius apicalis
Species meridionalis - Cixius meridionalis
Species misellus - Cixius misellus
Species nervosus - Cixius nervosus
Species nike - Cixius nike
Species stigmatus - Cixius stigmatus
Species vandykei - Cixius vandykei
Genus Microledrida
Species flava - Microledrida flava
Species fuscata - Microledrida fuscata
Species olor - Microledrida olor
Genus Platycixius
Species calvus - Platycixius calvus
Genus Stegocixius
Species lochites - Stegocixius lochites
Tribe Oecleini
Genus Haplaxius
Species catalinus - Haplaxius catalinus
Species crudus - Haplaxius crudus
Species enotatus - Haplaxius enotatus
Species fulvus - Haplaxius fulvus
Species lunatus - Haplaxius lunatus
Species occidentalis - Haplaxius occidentalis
Species ovatus - Haplaxius ovatus
Species pictifrons - Haplaxius pictifrons
Species pusillus - Haplaxius pusillus
Species radicis - Haplaxius radicis
Species slossonae - Haplaxius slossonae
Species texensis - Haplaxius texensis
Species truncatus - Haplaxius truncatus
Species viridis - Haplaxius viridis
Species xyron - Haplaxius xyron
Genus Nymphocixia
Species unipunctata - Nymphocixia unipunctata
Genus Oecleus
Species arnellus - Oecleus arnellus
Species borealis - Oecleus borealis
Species lyra - Oecleus lyra
Species nolinus - Oecleus nolinus
Species perpictus - Oecleus perpictus
Species snowi - Oecleus snowi
Tribe Pentastirini
Genus Melanoliarus
No Taxon chuliotus group
Species chuliotus - Melanoliarus chuliotus
Species ecologus - Melanoliarus ecologus
Species sablensis - Melanoliarus sablensis
No Taxon maidis group (Melanoliarus sensu stricto)
Species acicus - Melanoliarus acicus
Species viequensis - Melanoliarus viequensis
Species aridus - Melanoliarus aridus
Species coconinus - Melanoliarus coconinus
Species humilis - Melanoliarus humilis
Species montanus - Melanoliarus montanus
Species placitus - Melanoliarus placitus
Species quinquelineatus - Melanoliarus quinquelineatus
Species slossonae - Melanoliarus slossonae
Species texanus - Melanoliarus texanus
Species vicarius - Melanoliarus vicarius
Species zyxus - Melanoliarus zyxus
No Taxon quinquelineatus or vicarius
Genus Oliaronus
Species tontonus - Oliaronus tontonus
Genus Pentastiridius
Species cinnamomeus - Pentastiridius cinnamomeus
Species habeckorum - Pentastiridius habeckorum
Genus Reptalus
Species beirnei - Reptalus beirnei
Species exoptatus - Reptalus exoptatus
Species fidus - Reptalus fidus
Tribe Pintaliini
Genus Monorachis
Species sordulentus - Monorachis sordulentus
Genus Pintalia
Species delicata - Pintalia delicata
Species gurneyi - Pintalia gurneyi
Species vibex - Pintalia vibex
No Taxon nymphs
Family Delphacidae - Delphacid Planthoppers
Subfamily Asiracinae
Genus Copicerus
Species irroratus - Copicerus irroratus
Genus Pentagramma
Species variegata - Pentagramma variegata
Species vittatifrons - Pentagramma vittatifrons
Species bivittata - Pentagramma bivittata
Subfamily Delphacinae
Tribe Delphacini
Genus Achorotile
Genus Aethodelphax
Genus Akemetopon
Genus Bakerella
Genus Bostaera
Species balli - Bostaera balli
Species nasuta - Bostaera nasuta
Genus Caenodelphax
Genus Chionomus
Species dissipatus - Chionomus dissipatus
Species herkos - Chionomus herkos
Species pacificus - Chionomus pacificus
Species puellus - Chionomus puellus
Species quadrispinosus - Chionomus quadrispinosus
Genus Chloriona
Species sicula - Chloriona sicula
Genus Conomelus
Genus Criomorphus
Species inconspicuus - Criomorphus inconspicuus
Genus Delphacodes - Delphacini Incertae sedis
Species acuministyla - Delphacodes acuministyla
Species balli - Delphacodes balli
Species caerulata - Delphacodes caerulata
Species recurvata - Delphacodes recurvata
Species trimaculata - Delphacodes trimaculata
Genus Elachodelphax
Genus Euryburnia
Genus Eurysa
Genus Falcotoya
Species sagae - Falcotoya sagae
Genus Flavoclypeus
Species andromedus - Flavoclypeus andromedus
Species latidens - Flavoclypeus latidens
Species nitens - Flavoclypeus nitens
Genus Isodelphax
Species nigridorsum - Isodelphax nigridorsum
Species basivitta - Isodelphax basivitta
Genus Javesella
Species atrata - Javesella atrata
Species pellucida - Javesella pellucida
Genus Kelisoidea
Genus Keyflana
Species hasta - Keyflana hasta
Genus Kormus
Genus Kosswigianella
Species analis - Kosswigianella analis
Species lutulenta - Kosswigianella lutulenta
Species perusta - Kosswigianella perusta
Genus Kusnezoviella
Genus Laccocera
Species flava - Laccocera flava
Species vanduzeei - Laccocera vanduzeei
Species vittipennis - Laccocera vittipennis
Genus Liburniella
Species ornata - Liburniella ornata
Genus Macrotomella
Species carinata - Macrotomella carinata
Genus Megamelanus
Species bicolor - Megamelanus bicolor
Genus Megamelus
Species davisi - Megamelus davisi
Species distinctus - Megamelus distinctus
Species gracilis - Megamelus gracilis
Species lunatus - Megamelus lunatus
Species metzaria - Megamelus metzaria
Species palaetus - Megamelus palaetus
Species scutellaris - Waterhyacinth Planthopper
Genus Meristopsis
Species melanosteptos - Meristopsis melanosteptos
Species rhamphis - Meristopsis rhamphis
Genus Metadelphax
Species propinqua - Metadelphax propinqua
Species wetmorei - Metadelphax wetmorei
Genus Muellerianella
Species laminalis - Muellerianella laminalis
Genus Muirodelphax
Species arvensis - Muirodelphax arvensis
Species parvulus - Muirodelphax parvulus
Species atralabis - Muirodelphax atralabis
Genus Neomegamelanus
Species elongatus - Neomegamelanus elongatus
Species lautus - Neomegamelanus lautus
Species penilautus - Neomegamelanus penilautus
Species spartini - Neomegamelanus spartini
Genus Nilaparvata
Species wolcotti - Nilaparvata wolcotti
Genus Nothodelphax
Species consimilis - Nothodelphax consimilis
Species lineatipes - Nothodelphax lineatipes
Species slossonae - Nothodelphax slossonae
Species venusta - Nothodelphax venusta
Genus Paradelphacodes
Genus Opiconsiva
Genus Paraliburnia
Species kilmani - Paraliburnia kilmani
Genus Pareuidella
Species avicephaliforma - Pareuidella avicephaliforma
Species weedi - Pareuidella weedi
Genus Parkana
Genus Penepissonotus
Species bicolor - Penepissonotus bicolor
Genus Peregrinus
Species maidis - Corn Delphacid
Genus Perkinsiella
Species saccharicida - Sugarcane Planthopper
Genus Phrictopyga
Species occidentalis - Phrictopyga occidentalis
Genus Phyllodinus
Species nervatus - Phyllodinus nervatus
Genus Pissonotus
Species albivultus - Pissonotus albivultus
Species albovenosus - Pissonotus albovenosus
Species aphidioides - Pissonotus aphidioides
Species basalis - Pissonotus basalis
Species binotatus - Pissonotus binotatus
Species brunneus - Pissonotus brunneus
Species delicatus - Pissonotus delicatus
Species divergens - Pissonotus divergens
Species dorsalis - Pissonotus dorsalis
Species flabellatus - Pissonotus flabellatus
Species frontalis - Pissonotus frontalis
Species guttatus - Pissonotus guttatus
Species marginatus - Pissonotus marginatus
Species melanurus - Pissonotus melanurus
Species muiri - Pissonotus muiri
Species niger - Pissonotus niger
Species nitens - Pissonotus nitens
Species piceus - Pissonotus piceus
Species quadripustulatus - Pissonotus quadripustulatus
Species tumidus - Pissonotus tumidus
Genus Prokelisia
Species dolus - Prokelisia dolus
Species marginata - Prokelisia marginata
Species crocea - Prokelisia crocea
Genus Pygospina
Species reducta - Pygospina reducta
Species spinata - Pygospina spinata
Genus Ribautodelphax
Species albostriata - Ribautodelphax albostriata
Species pusilla - Ribautodelphax pusilla
Genus Rotundifronta
Genus Scolopygos
Genus Sogatella
Species kolophon - Sogatella kolophon
Species molina - Sogatella molina
Genus Spartidelphax
Species detectus - Spartidelphax detectus
Species penedetectus - Spartidelphax penedetectus
No Taxon detectus or penedetectus
Genus Stobaera
Species caldwelli - Stobaera caldwelli
Species concinna - Stobaera concinna
Species pallida - Stobaera pallida
Species tricarinata - Stobaera tricarinata
Genus Syndelphax
Species alexanderi - Syndelphax alexanderi
Species fulvidorsum - Syndelphax fulvidorsum
Species pseudoseminigra - St. Augustine Grass Planthopper
Genus Tagosodes
Species albolineosus - Tagosodes albolineosus
Species orizicolus - Rice Delphacid
Genus Tarophagus
Species colocasiae - Taro Planthopper
Genus Toya
Species idonea - Toya idonea
Genus Tumidagena
Species minuta - Tumidagena minuta
Species propinqua - Tumidagena propinqua
Species terminalis - Tumidagena terminalis
Genus Yukonodelphax
Species bifurca - Yukonodelphax bifurca
Tribe Saccharosydnini
Genus Saccharosydne
Species saccharivora - West Indian Canefly
Subfamily Kelisiinae
Genus Kelisia
Species axialis - Kelisia axialis
Species flagellata - Kelisia flagellata
Species curvata - Kelisia curvata
Species pectinata - Kelisia pectinata
Species spinosa - Kelisia spinosa
Species vesiculata - Kelisia vesiculata
Subfamily Stenocraninae
Genus Kelisicranus
Genus Obtusicranus
Genus Stenocranus
Species acutus - Stenocranus acutus
Species dorsalis - Stenocranus dorsalis
Species brunneus - Stenocranus brunneus
Species felti - Stenocranus felti
Species lautus - Stenocranus lautus
Species similis - Stenocranus similis
Species unipunctatus - Stenocranus unipunctatus
Species vittatus - Stenocranus vittatus
No Taxon nymphs
Family Derbidae - Derbid Planthoppers
No Taxon nymphs
Subfamily Cedusinae
Genus Cedusa
Species californica - Cedusa californica
Species edentula - Cedusa edentula
Species incisa - Cedusa incisa
Species kedusa - Cedusa kedusa
Species maculata - Cedusa maculata
Species mallochi - Cedusa mallochi
Species obscura - Cedusa obscura
Species redusa - Cedusa redusa
Species vulgaris - Cedusa vulgaris
Species widisca - Cedusa widisca
Species woodsholensis - Cedusa woodsholensis
Species zaxoza - Cedusa zaxoza
Subfamily Derbinae
Tribe Derbini
Genus Dysimia
Species pseudomaculata - Dysimia pseudomaculata
Genus Paramysidia
Species mississippiensis - Paramysidia mississippiensis
Tribe Cenchreini
Genus Neocenchrea
Species heidemanni - Neocenchrea heidemanni
Genus Omolicna
Species fulva - Omolicna fulva
Species joi - Omolicna joi
Species mcateei - Omolicna mcateei
Species texana - Omolicna texana
Species uhleri - Omolicna uhleri
Genus Persis
Species ferox - Persis ferox
Species arizonensis - Persis arizonensis
Subfamily Otiocerinae
Tribe Sikaianini
Genus Mula
Species resonans - Mula resonans
Genus Sikaiana
Species harti - Sikaiana harti
Tribe Patarini
Genus Patara
Species guttata - Patara guttata
Species vanduzei - Patara vanduzei
Tribe Otiocerini
Genus Anotia
Species bonnetii - Anotia bonnetii
Species burnetii - Anotia burnetii
Species caliginosa - Anotia caliginosa
Species firebugia - Anotia firebugia
Species fitchi - Anotia fitchi
Species kirkaldyi - Anotia kirkaldyi
Species lineata - Anotia lineata
Species mcateei - Anotia mcateei
Species robertsonii - Anotia robertsonii
Species uhleri - Anotia uhleri
Species westwoodii - Anotia westwoodii
Species undescribed-sp-nc - undescribed species North Carolina
Genus Apache
Species degeeri - Apache degeeri
Species californicum - Apache californicum
Genus Otiocerus
Species abbotii - Otiocerus abbotii
Species amyotii - Otiocerus amyotii
Species coquebertii - Otiocerus coquebertii
No Taxon var. rubidus
Species francilloni - Otiocerus francilloni
Species kirbyii - Otiocerus kirbyii
Species reaumurii - Otiocerus reaumurii
Species stollii - Otiocerus stollii
Species wolfii - Otiocerus wolfii
Genus Shellenius
Species schellenbergii - Shellenius schellenbergii
Species ballii - Shellenius ballii
Genus Sayiana
Species sayi - Sayiana sayi
Family Dictyopharidae - Dictyopharid Planthoppers
Subfamily Orgeriinae
Genus Acinaca
Species lurida - Acinaca lurida
Genus Aridia
Genus Deserta
Genus Orgamara
Species reducta - Orgamara reducta
Species acuta - Orgamara acuta
Genus Orgerius
Genus Ticida
Species dammersi - Ticida dammersi
Species miracula - Ticida miracula
Genus Ticrania
Species chamberlini - Ticrania chamberlini
Genus Timonidia
Genus Yucanda
Subfamily Dictyopharinae
Tribe Nersiini
Genus Mitrops
Species dioxys - Mitrops dioxys
Genus Nersia
Species florida - Nersia florida
Genus Rhynchomitra
Species lingula - Rhynchomitra lingula
Species microrhina - Rhynchomitra microrhina
Species recurva - Rhynchomitra recurva
Tribe Scoloptini
Genus Scolops
No Taxon Subgenus Scolops
Species angustatus - Scolops angustatus
Species cockerelli - Scolops cockerelli
Species excultus - Scolops excultus
Species grossus - Scolops grossus
Species hesperius - Scolops hesperius
Species immanis - Scolops immanis
Species perdix - Scolops perdix
Species pungens - Scolops pungens
Species sulcipes - The Partridge Bug
Species texanus - Scolops texanus
Species uhleri - Scolops uhleri
No Taxon Subgenus Belonocharis
Species abnormis - Scolops abnormis
Species californicus - Scolops californicus
Species fumidus - Scolops fumidus
Species pallidus - Scolops pallidus
Tribe Phylloscelini
Genus Phylloscelis
Species pallescens - Phylloscelis pallescens
Species rubra - Phylloscelis rubra
Species atra - Black Leaf-Leg
Species pennata - Phylloscelis pennata
Family Flatidae - Flatid Planthoppers
Subfamily Flatinae
Tribe Nephesini
Genus Flatormenis
Species proxima - Northern Flatid Planthopper
Species saucia - Flatormenis saucia
Genus Melormenis
No Taxon nr. leucophaea
Species basalis - West Indian Flatid Planthopper
Genus Metcalfa
Species pruinosa - Citrus Flatid Planthopper
Genus Ormenaria
Species barberi - Ormenaria barberi
Species rufifascia - Palm Flatid Planthopper
Genus Ormenoides
Species venusta - Ormenoides venusta
Genus Petrusa
Species epilepsis - Petrusa epilepsis
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Selizini
Genus Cyarda
Species sordida - Cyarda sordida
Genus Euhyloptera
Genus Mistharnophantia
Species sonorana - Mistharnophantia sonorana
Genus Paradascalia
Tribe Siphantini
Genus Siphanta
Species acuta - Torpedo Bug
Subfamily Flatoidinae
Genus Flataloides
Species scabrosus - Flataloides scabrosus
Species signata - Flataloides signata
Genus Flatoides
Species enota - Flatoides enota
Genus Flatoidinus
Species punctatus - Flatoidinus punctatus
Genus Metcracis
Species fusca - Metcracis fusca
Species probably-new-to-the-us - Metcracis probably-new-to-the-us
Family Fulgoridae - Fulgorid Planthoppers
Subfamily Aphaeninae
Genus Lycorma
Species delicatula - Spotted Lanternfly
Subfamily Amyclinae
Genus Amycle
Species pinyonae - Amycle pinyonae
Species saxatilis - Amycle saxatilis
Species tumacacoriae - Amycle tumacacoriae
Species vernalis - Amycle vernalis
Genus Rhabdocephala
Species brunnea - Rhabdocephala brunnea
Genus Scolopsella
Species reticulata - Scolopsella reticulata
Subfamily Poiocerinae
Subtribe Poiocerina
Genus Alaruasa
Species lepida - Alaruasa lepida
Genus Itzalana
Species submaculata - Itzalana submaculata
Genus Poblicia
Species fuliginosa - Poblicia fuliginosa
Species texana - Poblicia texana
Subtribe Calyptoproctina
Genus Alphina
Species glauca - Alphina glauca
Genus Calyptoproctus
Species marmoratus - Calyptoproctus marmoratus
Genus Cyrpoptus
Species belfragei - Cyrpoptus belfragei
Species metcalfi - Cyrpoptus metcalfi
Species pudicus - Cyrpoptus pudicus
Species reineckei - Cyrpoptus reineckei
Species vanduzeei - Cyrpoptus vanduzeei
Family Issidae - Issid Planthoppers
Subfamily Issinae
Genus Agalmatium
Species bilobum - Agalmatium bilobum
Genus Issus
Species coleoptratus - Issus coleoptratus
Subfamily Thioniinae
Genus Aplos
Species simplex - Aplos simplex
Genus Fowlerium
Species acutum - Fowlerium acutum
Species productum - Fowlerium productum
Genus Picumna
Species chinai - Picumna chinai
Species maculata - Picumna maculata
Genus Thionia
Species bullata - Thionia bullata
Species elliptica - Thionia elliptica
Species obrienae - Thionia obrienae
Species omani - Thionia omani
Species quinquata - Thionia quinquata
No Taxon incertae sedis
Genus Balduza
Species bufo - Balduza bufo
Species una - Balduza una
Genus Exortus
Species fuscomaculosus - Exortus fuscomaculosus
Species punctiferus - Exortus punctiferus
Genus Kathleenum
Species cornutum - Kathleenum cornutum
Species sepulchrale - Kathleenum sepulchrale
Genus Paralixes
Species scutatus - Paralixes scutatus
Genus Traxus
Species fulvus - Traxus fulvus
Genus Tylanira
Species ustulata - Tylanira ustulata
No Taxon nymphs
Family Kinnaridae - Kinnarid Planthoppers
Genus Oeclidius
Species fraternus - Oeclidius fraternus
Species nanus - Oeclidius nanus
Family Nogodinidae - Nogodinid Planthoppers
Subfamily Colpopterinae
Genus Colpoptera
Family Tropiduchidae - Tropiduchid Planthoppers
Tribe Elicini
Genus Danepteryx
Species adiuncta - Danepteryx adiuncta
Species barbarae - Danepteryx barbarae
Species manca - Danepteryx manca
Species robusta - Danepteryx robusta
Genus Dictyobia
Species atra - Dictyobia atra
Species semivitrea - Dictyobia semivitrea
Genus Dictyonia
Species n-sp - Dictyonia undescribed
Species obscura - Dictyonia obscura
Genus Dictyonissus
Species griphus - Dictyonissus griphus
Genus Dictyssa
Species areolata - Dictyssa areolata
Species clathrata - Dictyssa clathrata
Species maculosa - Dictyssa maculosa
Species marginepuncatata - Dictyssa marginepuncatata
Species obliqua - Dictyssa obliqua
Genus Dictyssonia
Genus Dyctidea
Species angustata - Dyctidea angustata
Species intermedia - Dyctidea intermedia
Species valida - Dyctidea valida
Genus Misodema
Species reticulata - Misodema reticulata
Genus Neaethus
Species jacintiensus - Neaethus jacintiensus
Species fragosus - Neaethus fragosus 0
Species grossus - Neaethus grossus 0
Species maculatus - Neaethus maculatus
Species perlucidus - Neaethus perlucidus
Species similis - Neaethus similis
Species vitripennis - Neaethus vitripennis
Genus Osbornia
Species cornuta - Osbornia cornuta
Species arborea - Osbornia arborea
Tribe Tangiini
Genus Pelitropis
Species rotulata - Pelitropis rotulata
Genus Tangia
Species breviceps - Tangia breviceps
No Taxon nymphs