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Microdon megalogaster

Microdon megalogaster
Little River Regional Park, Orange County, North Carolina, USA
May 27, 2005
Size: circa 13 mm
Found perched on vegetation beside a trail.

Thanks to Eric Eaton for correction of the id--I had thought this was a Mallota.
And, thanks to Jeff Skevington for the species level ID on this--awesome!

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Microdon megalogaster Microdon megalogaster

Moved from Microdon.

Microdon megalogaster
Hi Eric. This is Microdon megalogaster. Very nice photos!


Ding,ding,ding,ding!!! We have a winner! Remember those creepy, slug-like syrphid larvae? Well, 'this' is what they turn into:-) Kind of makes up for their youth, eh? The overall fuzzy, bee-like appearance, paired with those unusually long antennae, helps ID these guys.

Thanks for correction!
Neat. I've seen a couple of these around as adults. I'll have to look for the larvae.

Patrick Coin
Durham, North Carolina

Microdon larvae.
Actually, the larvae might be easier to find than the adults. The slug-like maggots are found associated with carpenter ants, so next time you tear into a rotten log and expose a Camponotus nest, look for them. Meanwhile, please continue shooting the adults. Not many photos exist of North American adults. One species I have collected is a lovely golden color.