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Tiny Eggs

Tiny Eggs
Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
September 29, 2020
Size: ~1mm
One of the eggs hatched. The resulting caterpillar is extremely tiny, as you would imagine. I have no way to keep it alive, as I don't know what it eats, so I fed it to a very tiny spider that I had also been keeping.

The eggs were very tough to remove from the trampoline netting, so several may have been squished as they were taken off. I'm not sure how many will hatch still, and even if they do, I don't know what to feed them.

Does anyone have any food suggestions?

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Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs Tiny Eggs

Moved from Trichogrammatidae.

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Best to try various leaves
Put in some oak leaves, some small and tender, some older, some maple and ash, some cherries and roses, some peas, some asters and goldenrods and dandelions, some grass, and see where they go. If you have enough choices, they should be able to find something they like and start feeding and then you will know. Not sure there is any way to tell what they might prefer from the eggs and hatchlings.

Food source
After trying every leaf I could find from every plant and tree, the big winner turns out to be grass.

Will they get their liquid requirements from the grass as well? With them being so small, I can easily see them drowning in a single drop of water.