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House Centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata

House Centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata
Parsons Run, Duluth, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
July 1, 2004
Found in my house.

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House Centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata House Centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata

I hate these things. I live in France and I just moved to a house near a pond and we sometimes get them, in the bedrooms and the halls. They are way too creepy for me. Plus I found something people might find interesting : Techniques for eliminating centipedes from homes include drying up the areas where they thrive, eliminating large indoor insect populations, sealing cracks in the walls, and seeking the assistance of an exterminator.
That, and they bite. Yay!

We Have Them In Toronto, Canada Too!
When I moved from a lovely condo in downtown Toronto on the Harbour Front that was only 6 years old, to a beautiful East York, Toronto 80+ year old charming red brick single detached 2 story home, boy was I in for a big surprise. I never saw one of these suckers before until after the move and was totally shocked when one of these f'ugly creepy crawlers scattered across the floor. I actually screamed so loud it jumped! I noticed some creeping holly type plants close to my house with what seemed like egg pods on the stems so I cut them down and threw them out and now we don't have as many but the odd one is still around. I asked the former owner about them and she said that they come up through the water pipes! I did a bit of research and apparently they came over with Italian immigrants in their luggage when they came on boats. Both my parents are from Italy and when I was there a couple of times I never saw these bugs so I don't know if it's true. Anyways they are so gross and I hope there is a quick fix to get rid of them.

help me please
So we just moved into our new apartment a few weeks ago (above a restaurant of course) and, me and my roommates are sitting around in the living room watching a movie, when some sort of spider like figure scatters across our carpet like a dog burying its first bone. At first I thought this horrid insect was some sort of a scorpion, seems a little over dramatic I know but because of its pencil shaped body I didn't know what the hell this thing was. Was it a spider? Was it a Centipede? Or just another meatball that rolled of f the counter and made its way across the floor, until now. I found this website and it has helped me become extremely knowledgeable about these unique centipedes. I understand that these types of centipedes help kill off other insects including coach roaches, which I do not want! And I am exceptionally grateful for that upside; however is there any way to get rid of these things? Or is their seven year lifespan and 3 inch adult body containing fifteen legs going to consist of creeping on my walls in my bedroom at night while they all gather together underneath my dishwasher (convinced that’s where they live in my humble abode) and devise a scheme to attack me while I am helplessly asleep or showering with wife in the morning.

I'm glad for these little insect!
I know how you feel for I felt that way a few months ago until I did some more research on this critter and then saw what I saw this morning. These Centipedes are supposed to eat other insects in your home that you don't like! Well, I live in Colorado and I hate SPIDERS, I suffer from Aracnophobia. This morning I saw my freaky little Centipede eating a "Black Widow" and THAT MADE MY DAY! I will never kill one of these critters again! We have just become best friends!

Please help!
I can't stand bugs, I'm seriuos. I let them live if they aren't invading my space, but we all know how bugs/houses/barns go. I was in my kitchen last night, and this beige/long/skinny bug with lots of legs (actually it was a rather large bug) came racing out from underneath me. (He was so fast!) He ran towards my bedroom of course and now I can't find him! Can these bugs get that big? How do I get him out!?

house centipede Scutigera coleoptrata
Minneapolis, Minnesota

i saw one of these guys and it freaked me out. it was completely still for about 10 minutes. looked it up on here and found out it wasn't poisonous- thank god. i looked back up near my ceiling where it was and it was gone! i wish i saw it go so i knew where it was...

Scutigera coleoptrata (L., 17
Scutigera coleoptrata (L., 1758). This is believed to be a European species that has been introduced into North America by man and now occurs throughout the continent. It is often found inside houses in damp, cool spots, like in bathtubs, sinks & drains, and cellars.

How to get rid of these
I keep killing these creepy insects (house centipedes) in my apartment. I have lived in this area my whole life, but have never seen one until I moved into this apartment. They really creep me out!! What's the best way to get rid of them? Please let me know before I have a heart attack.

Thank you,

I don't know!!! If you find o
I don't know!!! If you find out before me, tell me! AHHHH! I'm a horse person, I don't deal with bugs!

freak show
we found this weirdo lurking in our shower late at night. it had many legs like a centipede, but they were long, like a daddy-long-legs spider, and bent like a grasshopper's. we had never seen anything like it before, so we decided to look it up. if we'd discovered a new species, we would've named it "the ben and lex apartment bug". but sadly, it is not. we caught it in a jar. it looks so bizarre, our cats can't stop staring at it.
-lex and ben

Won't some thin, short statured man please help me!
I'm a young, nubile, mid-twenties woman, and I over-react about teeny little bugs in my apartment. I need a big strong programmer man to sweep away these godforsaken bugs and sweep me off my feet. I like long walks on the beach and screaming at camera crews.

This little thing gave me a b
This little thing gave me a big scare. I was not for sure what to do with it when it crawled accross my papers at work. I am glad that I found it online after searching for some hours and I know that it's bite is not as big as I imagined it.

Just the same
I found the same bug as well.. I came to this site hoping to find out what kind it was and i did. I am going to try to upload my pics here.. thanks for your help..

Is it dangerous to handle?
I found a calm one that would sit on the end of my finger for long enough to tape it. And I just want to know if that was stupid?

You let that thing sit on your finger!? That is disgusting!!

See remarks on guide page
Click info above then look for the remarks section. In short, you aren't likely to get bitten because of their small jaws. If you are, it probably won't be of much consequence.

Nice image.
Nice shot, Troy. How did you get it to stand still?!:-)

I put it on a piece of paper and put something clear over it. Then it ran around like crazy, but eventually would calm down and sit still. Then I would carefully remove the cover and take some shots.

These things, above all, creep me out dearly :( no one has answered... how do you get rid of them? Are we left to the ole shoe stomp?! (That is if you can catch one). I too had never seen them until I moved into an apartment here in atlanta. I'm glad to find they lower my insect infestation... but so does Raid or the Orkin Man!

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