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Leaffooted Bug - Acanthocephala terminalis

Leaffooted Bug - Acanthocephala terminalis
Deville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 7, 2008
I think this is a Acanthocephala terminalis complete with what seemed to be a very bothersome Tachinid fly egg. Poor guy kept trying to reach it with his middle legs.

Can anybody confirm this or correct me if it isn't...

Close up image of Tachinidae egg on this individual:

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Leaffooted Bug - Acanthocephala terminalis Leaffooted Bug - Acanthocephala terminalis

Moved from Frass.

Sorry guys and gals. I put these 2 images back because of the Tachinid egg and because this is a first BugGuide record in Louisiana.

If they end up in Frass again I promise I will leave them there :)

Silly part -
You had me at Tachinid egg, you lost me at first BugGuide record. (Jerry McQuire?)

You're an editor, here is the first BugGuide record for NJ, you can save it !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just kidding, don't unfrass it, I'm just being silly! :-)

Serious part -
The tachinid thing is cool (should the image of the egg be moved over there)?


can be frassed

Although I can certainly understand housecleaning...
These images were a 'first record for Louisiana' and currently the only other image from Louisiana (below) has also been marked **can be frassed**.

Please see;

If this image gets frassed then we have lost data in Louisiana.

Are data points not important or are the images horrid enough to forsake the data points?

Don't worry, I am not going to hold my breath until I turn blue because these were frassed :) I just like to understand. Massachusetts has 9 images posted and Illinois has 6 (only a few of which are 'keepers') but none of the images from those overrepresented states have been tagged as **can be frassed**...

Please don't put these back in the guide just because I commented. I would rather understand what is wrong with these images :)

I don't understand this frenzy of housecleaning either. There are other categories that need it more than this group (honeybees, some spiders, some butterflies). I see no harm in keeping some of the recently frassed images a little longer.
This particular one is interesting because of the parasite (Tachinid egg?) on its back seen in the other photo. I would put these two back if nothing else.

Moved from True Bugs.